Taking Nutrisystem into the Real World

I was selected to participate in the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Program. I will be receiving free food and weight loss support in exchange for my participation in the #NSNation program.

Nutrisystem Weight Loss Week 13

With everything that’s happened in the past two weeks I knew that I wouldn’t be happy with what was on the scale this week. But after passing on my weigh in last week I knew I had to face the numbers and get on the scale.

Now it’s not as bad as I thought it might be. Only 1.2lbs up from where I was at the end of my 6 week challenge at the gym and after having so many “issues” happening at once. Plus my jaw is still sore since getting my wisdom teeth out. Ugh.

What I’ve seemed to master over the past two weeks is flexing with my Nutrisystem meals. Since having my wisdom teeth pulled I needed to be on a soft foods diet. That’s hard when you aren’t planning on it and haven’t received your next box of food with softer food choices.

So I’ve been able to use my knowledge of what each meal consists of (power fuels and smart carbs) and great choices to fill each meal I’m subbing for a Nutrisystem meal. And while I was not 100% on plan, I did try an stay as close to on plan as possible.

And now I’m back at 100% and know that next week’s weigh in will be in the right direction! Because there’s one thing I’ve definitely been sticking with… my workouts!

iWorkout Nutrisystem

Let’s see how far I’ve come:

My Weight Loss Journey

Week 1: -4.8 lbs

Week 2: -0.9 lbs

Week 3: -1.1 lbs

Week 4: -2.7 lbs

Week 5: -1.6 lbs

Week 6: +0.3 lbs

Week 7: -2.9 lbs

Week 8: -1.3 lbs

Week 9: -3.3lbs

Week 10: -0.2lbs

Week 11: -2.0lbs

Week 12: pass

Week 13: +1.2lbs

Starting weight: 209.8 lbs

Current weight: 190.4lbs

Total loss so far: 19.4 lbs!

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Disclaimer: I was selected to participate in the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Program. I will be receiving free food and weight loss support in exchange for my participation in the #NSNation program and weekly updates of my progress on Nutrisystem. Regardless, all opinions are 100% my own. Individual results will vary.

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  1. I know that you are not happy with your weigh in but the reality is you are still doing awesome! And sometimes life does happen and we have no control over things. It is great you are back on track this week!
    Amanda recently posted…Cloth Diaper Types & What We Are Considering to UseMy Profile

  2. We’ve all been there. Life certainly has a way of getting in the way sometimes. I’m proud of you for continuing to try and not giving up. Plus, the progress you’ve made is fabulous. <3
    Lindsay @ Laughing Lindsay recently posted…Super Fast Body Blast DVD Workout from Ellen BarrettMy Profile

  3. You are still doing great! Keep up the great work and glad to hear you are getting back on track!
    Leila recently posted…Summer Pool Time with Mommy Juice WinesMy Profile

  4. Somedays you’ll have weeks like this one, and the only thing you can do is just keep on trying. It’s hard when you have to check in each week on the scale because then you have to own what that number says and share it with the world. But you can do it! You were off to a great start, and your numbers are looking awesome.
    Jen recently posted…Chili’s Flatbread #Giveaway–Get Yours FREE!My Profile

  5. You’ve identified what went wrong so next week you can rock it. I know you may not like it but it’s nice to see what a real weight loss journey looks like. I get so tired of hearing about celebs who are paid to lose weight. I like reading about real results with real challenges.
    Sarah recently posted…Behind the Scenes with Vaseline Spray & Go MoisturizerMy Profile

  6. Weight loss is tough, I struggle with maintaining a healthy weight. It just seems harder to eat healthier, i guess that is were will power kicks in.
    Colby Shipwash recently posted…Behind The Scenes of The Lone Ranger – #LoneRangerMy Profile

  7. I think it’s pretty awesome that you’ve lost over 19 pounds! Keep up the amazing work… It’s not easy, but your determination is showing. There are going to be off weeks, we all have them… but it’s how we deal with those weeks after.
    Jamie recently posted…Spending a Night As Royalty at Medieval Times #adMy Profile

  8. You are rocking thing! And getting your wisdom teeth out is a nice excuse to get a pass IMO.

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