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Three weeks ago my son took it upon himself to start going pee pee on the potty “like a big boy” and boy were we surprised! When we realized what was happening we knew we had to jump into action. And that meant getting the proper tools in place to make things as easy as possible.
The first step we took was to look for other options for potty seats. 

We had a little potty we bought when he first started showing interest but we put no thought or research into the decision. We just headed to the store and purchased something.

Boy I wished we hadn’t. 

You see… these potty seats can be a tad… messy. The “shield” really doesn’t shield anything and the well does not hold a lot! Well, at least a not for my heavy wetter.  We were cleaning up more than we did when we changed diapers (and pull ups).

So the quest for a solution arose.

When I received the opportunity to test drive the Joovy Loo potty chair I jumped on it!

Not only is the design of this product superior to what we have, it’s also super comfy (or at least that’s what my son tells me). As you can tell from the side by side comparison, the Loo not only has a wider seat, there’s more cushion for the tush when sitting down. It’s not as narrow and doesn’t confine the user to the sea (there have been a few times my son has actually gotten STUCK in his old potty seat.

Funny… but not.

Cleaning out the seat is so easy that even my son does it without getting pee everywhere. Since the pee shield is larger than the average shield, the place where you pick up the seat  gives you enough of a grabbing area to assure that you aren’t touching anything icky.

See the difference in the pictures above? What you might not see is how much deeper the bowl is on the Loo, and how much taller the pee shield is.

The watertight design and clean white color allows for a simple swipe of toilet paper in the bowl to clean it out. We see everything that’s in there and there are no nooks or crannies for things to hide out in.

And when you dispose of anything in the bowl, there’s no empty hole leading to your flooring underneath… there’s actually a completely sealed inner bowl! So if your kid has to go again, or you have another child lining up behind the first, there aren’t any messes on the floor underneath the seat.

My kids kindly tested this out for me without me even having to ask! 

My daughter may or may not have removed the bowl to let her dolls use the restroom in the playroom. She couldn’t pick up the whole toilet so she just brought a piece of it.

Since my son began using his seat my daughter has begun telling us when she goes to the restroom as well! With a quick ‘Poopoo’ announcement she races to the bathroom, takes off her wet diaper and sits on the potty herself. She doesn’t actually pee pee in the potty yet but she’s getting the idea!

I may have my hands full over the next few months. But that was a given.

I just love that my son now runs to go use his potty and is excited about using it too! And over the past two weeks he’s gotten quite good at doing everything all by himself. My little man is growing up! And just this morning he asked to pee on the big potty standing up. How awesome is that?

It won’t be too long before my daughter is the one using the Loo. And we’ll be prepared.

The Joovy Loo is also the perfect portable potty. Especially in the early weeks of potty training when a child doesn’t have quite the control they need to hold it until a parent can find the restroom, keeping the Loo in the trunk or back of the car can prove to be a huge relief for a potty training child. And it’s the perfect potty to take along when camping or traveling.

Ever been on a road trip? Those gas stations are NOT the prettiest places to pee.

The Loo is much prettier. And cleaner too! How awesome is the name? I find myself calling it the Loo whenever my son asks to go to the restroom. “Oh, you mean the Loo? Sure! Lets go…”

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  1. This Loo sounds great. I like that “stuff” can’t get caught in the nooks and crannies. It also looks really easy to just toss in the tub for a good scrub down. I’ll definitely keep this in mind for #2!!

  2. I’ve never seen this one, and it is such a great feature that inner bowl! I will have to get this for the car!

  3. Tiffany Revels-Cruz says:

    I really must have one of these when baby Sean starts learning to potty. My goal is to have all Joovy products one day. They are so easy to clean and look so sleek and modern. Love love love.

  4. My daughter is starting to show interest so thanks for the comparisons!

  5. Oriana from Mommyhood's Diary says:

    This looks great! I am going to check all Joovy products. Thanks for sharing.

  6. AMBER EDWARDS says:

    that potty chair is definitely better than the potty chairs I used with my boys! I like it a lot!

  7. That looks much better than the old potty chairs we used for my kids (now teenagers). I always hated having to deal with public toilets when they were little, too.

  8. Woah! I love the side-by-side comparison shot. It really shows how superior the Joovy product is.

  9. They are really perfecting these potty chairs to be so easy to use and clean.

  10. Janet W. says:

    I love your comparison photo. Definitely a better design with the Loo!

  11. Jan Messali says:

    The wider, rounded seat does look much more comfortable. Great to take on outings.

  12. RebeccaWM says:

    Love that you posted a side by side-by-side shot. You can really see how the Loo is better than the typical potty seat! I love that it’s easy for a child to empty. We are just starting potty training, and I know she is gonna want to empty it herself sometimes!

  13. Tammy H. says:

    I like how different the Loo is from other potties. My son doesn’t like his so I;m entering to win the Loo!

  14. Laura Love says:

    This loo looks great. I love how modern it looks, almost like sculpture. More importantly, I am glad that it is easy to clean.
    lajohnson555 at yahoo dot com

  15. Ashley Suzanne says:

    Congrats! I love the it is child friendly!

  16. Meghan Finley says:

    I love that it looks so easy to clean. That’s my least favorite part

  17. Alexandra Pitcher says:

    Love the design. Simple and great to hear its comfortable. Oh and easy to clean; that is the worst part.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Gonna have some great products to get once it’s potty training time

  19. Seyma Bennett Shabbir says:

    These would be perfect to travel with!! Great idea!

  20. Cassandra Eastman - eastman520 says:

    Great review! I love how you did the comparison! This looks like such a neat little potty chair, would love it for my daughter as soon as she is ready to train!

  21. wyguymom says:

    We’ll be needing this soon!

  22. Completely ticked by the round design. So modern looking!

  23. Like that it works well with boys. I have a grandson who will be needing this soon. It looks just the right size too! Thanks for your great review! Rita Spratlen

  24. Sweetkisses13 says:

    This looks a lot easier than the other potty. I’m glad to have read this.

  25. rebeka deleon says:

    this looks way easier to pick up than the potty i used for my son.

  26. Sylvia Esparza says:

    My youngest granddaughter is just starting to potty train. I think if she had her very own chair (she has been using the one her older siblings used) she would use it more. Looks sturdy and easy to clean.

  27. Alisha Hodges says:

    I like the simplistic look of this. It looks simple to use too.

  28. Christa Krebs says:

    Nice! And it looks like the kiddos don’t mind using it at all… which is always a big plus in our family!

  29. ooo i love the design it looks so easy to clean

  30. when they’ve got to go, they’ve got to go! This is a great option!

  31. Coupon Slavy says:

    The potty seat looks so much more effective than what I have now. The shield doesn’t do much, but that shield looks higher.

  32. It looks very useful.. I’m potty training twins right now.

  33. We are getting close to starting potty training. It would be great to have a 2nd potty chair for another room. This one looks great!

  34. Danielle PB says:

    We’ll be needing one soon. My daughter has just started telling us when she goes, right after.

  35. I agree. I love the Joovy Loo. I love the deep bowl and high splash guard. Great website
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