Living Room Decor Ideas To Think About with Mohawk

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Living Room Decor Ideas with Mohawk

One thing I had a bit of a problem with when we moved into our new home was figuring out how to decorate each room. Luckily with a little time I was able to search some living room decor ideas to find the perfect layout for our new living room.

It may have taken us almost 6 months but we took our time to find pieces that fit our lifestyle and our space. Two things that I think are very important when furnishing and decorating a room.

We started with looking at pieces of furniture that would fit the space and then started looking at the colors that would work in our room. Everything pulled together nicely and now we have a lovely entertaining space for guests.  [Read more…]

5 Tips for Cleaning The House Before a Party

This shop featuring 5 tips for cleaning the house before a party (including floor cleaning) has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #CleanForTheHolidays #CollectiveBias

5 Tips for Cleaning The House Before a Party

This weekend we celebrated my daugther’s 4th birthday. We were able to schedule her birthday party on her actual birthday and she couldn’t be happier. But with just moving into our home this summer we weren’t sure if we were ready to host a large party just yet.

Luckily I planned in advance and did a lot of the pick up and deep cleaning ahead of time – including hiring a maid the week before to do some of the chores I can’t really do easily in my third trimester of pregnancy.

But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t have to clean up right before the party due to little people running around the house doing their thing beforehand. So today I’m sharing my tips for cleaning the house before a party.  [Read more…]

3 Ways to Create a Sustainable Home

This post featuring tips on ways to create a sustainable home is sponsored by Pure Energies

3 Ways to Create a Sustainable Home

Once we moved into our new home the one thing I wanted to get up and going was my garden – including a compost bin and rain barrels for water. Then I realized that our home didn’t even have gutters on the house!

Before moving forward with my garden I had to figure out what we needed to do to create a sustainable home now that we’ve moved. And while it all won’t happen overnight, we now have an idea of what needs to get done over the next few months or years.

After we tackle these we’ll be looking at if we’re ready for chickens! Now that will be an adventure.  [Read more…]

Fall Harvest Table Centerpieces

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Fall Harvest Table Centerpieces

It is Thanksgiving weekend and in just a few days we’ll be sitting around the table at my brother-in-laws house enjoying a wonderful meal with family. But that doesn’t mean I don’t create fall harvest table centerpieces at home as well.

I love creating a festive feel in the home and enjoy coming up with fun ideas to share the holidays with my family. I always look to the table centerpiece and mantel as my creative outlet to explore fun ideas during the change in seasons.  [Read more…]

Car Care: Tips to Keep Your Car Organized

We’re sharing tips on how to keep your car organized using Rubbermaid Backseat Mobile Organizer products from Walmart, as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #WalmartAuto

Tips to Keep Your Car Organized - if you have little kids, you know how messy they can be! Here are some tips to help. #WalmartAuto

Before having kids I had no clue that car care would completely change once the little ones arrived. Now that my kids are older I’ve started to realize why cars are now coming out with vacuums built into them. OMG these guys are messy!

Luckily there are some great solutions to keep your car organized and make sure that the “stuff” that kids bring in either find a home or find their way back out of the car.

I’ve come up with a few tips to make sure this happens in our family car. And I’ve made sure that the kids are involved every step of the way. I mean it is mostly their mess we’re organizing so it’s only fair!  [Read more…]

Kids Cleaning Tips: How to Get Kids to Clean Their Own Rooms

This shop featuring Kids Cleaning Tips has been compensated by #CollectiveBias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #EurekaPower

Kids Cleaning Tips How to Get Kids to Clean Their Own Rooms

Getting my kids to clean anything, let alone their rooms, used to be a struggle. But then I started thinking smarter and have finally found a solution that works for us!

By making cleaning part of our daily routine and making it fun I’ve been in to tap into my kids inner creativity and let them take the lead when it comes to cleaning their rooms.

It also helps that I make them in charge of where things go as well as what things they’re allowed to keep in their room – within certain limits. By limiting they types of toys and “stuff” they can keep in their rooms we’ve eliminated the clutter we used to find in their rooms.  [Read more…]

5 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Fleas in your Home

5 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Fleas in your Home

We ran into a little problem last week. Our poor Scout got fleas for the first time in his 12 years and we had no clue where to start with treatment! Since we moved next to a home with 3 other dogs we knew it was a possibility but we were hoping we’d get lucky and not have to deal with it.

Luckily we were able to find some great ways to eradicate the situation and, hopefully, reduce the chance of fleas returning again in our home. But if they do, we’ll be ready!

Here’s what we did to tackle our flea problem in our home and on our beloved dog. [Read more…]

5 Tips for Cleaning The Bathroom in 10 Minutes

5 Tips for Cleaning The Bathroom in 10 Minutes #TryZep

Have I ever shared my little secret? You know, the one about how I hate cleaning. Especially cleaning the bathrooms. In an effort to deal with the inevitable I’ve come up with these tips for cleaning the bathroom in 10 minutes so I don’t have to deal with it for very long.

No, seriously… 10 minutes once a week and my bathroom stays clean. And since it’s so quick, I can wait till the last minute to give in and clean so it’s over shortly after I start.

Want to know my secrets? I’m sharing them below.

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5 Tips for Cleaning The Bathroom - all in one cleaner #TryZep

5 Tips for Cleaning The Bathroom in 10 Minutes

What you’ll need:

5 Tips for Cleaning The Bathroom - bag on door #TryZep

What you do: 

1. Use a bag – Hang the bag from the door and empty the contents of the bathroom’s waste basket into it. Set wastebasket aside and pick up any rugs, clothing, etc from the ground.

2. Spray and let products sit – Spray disinfectant/cleaner into toilet and then, after picking up bath toys and setting aside, spray All-Around Oxy Cleaner and Degreaser in tub. Let sit while cleaning the rest of the bathroom.

TIP: Throw the bath toys on the top rack of the dishwasher to clean and remove any soap scum or gunk from them! Since I always have a load of dishes to do before company comes over, it works out very nicely to fill the bottom rack with dishes and top rack with toys.

3. Spray disinfectant on floor – No need for a separate floor product! Sweep (discarding dust, dirt, etc into bag on door) and then get your mop wet inside the sink or tub. Spray disinfectant on the floor and mop. Rinse out the mop with fresh water and mop again. Use a microfiber towel to dry the floor.

5 Tips for Cleaning The Bathroom - Zep disinfectant #TryZep

4. Clean sink THEN toilet to use the same towel – Now using the disinfectant, spray down the sink, countertop and mirrors. Clean with microfiber towel tackling the mirrors first, then the counter, then the sink and faucet.

Once the sink is clean, move onto the toilet. Clean the top of the tank first, then the top of the toilet seat. Then move through each layer getting down to the rim (make sure to fold the towel in on itself as you go along). Put microfiber towel in pile of towels to be washed.

Then use the toilet brush to clean the inside of the toilet. Flush toilet.

5. Wait to do the tub last (or not at all) – The worst part of cleaning a bathroom, in my opinion, isn’t the toilet but the tub. All the mildew, grime, soap scum. Eew! So when I leave the product on the surface for a bit it has some time to work itself in.

And when I’ve cleaned everything else I then pick up the scrub brush and start scrubbing things down. Then I rinse everything off and let it air dry!

Throw the bag in the trash, put away the cleaning supplies, toss the towels (bath towels and microfiber cleaning towels) in the wash, and you’re set with a clean bathroom!

5 Tips for Cleaning The Bathroom - supplies needed #TryZep

What is your top quick cleaning tip?

DIY Birdhouses – Turning Inspiration into Reality

Easy DIY Birdhouses for Kids

About a year ago we started our house search by heading out to a few model home tours. We were trying to gauge how much we’d be able to get with our budget but we were also looking for home decor ideas as well once we did move into another home.

While at one of the model homes we saw some adorable birdhouses on posts that I knew I wanted to replicate once we found our home. So I grabbed a photo, showed to my husband, and he got to work using our new Arrow Fastener staple gun we received for review to finish everything off.

DIY Birdhouses inspiration

While our birdhouses aren’t on posts, my husband just added some platforms on our fence for our pumpkins for Halloween. After building the birdhouses with the kids (my son loves helping out in any way he can) we perched them on top of a few of the platforms.

This was a great project that we got the kids involved with and we can’t wait to figure out what the next project will be.

Our master plan? To make various birdhouses in different designs to go on the rest of the platforms once Halloween has passed. What do you think?

Easy DIY Birdhouses for Kids - birdhouses on the fence

DIY Birdhouses

What you’ll need: 

  • 3 boards of 6′ x 8″ cedar fence board (dog eared top is ok)
  • 1 – 1/2″  wooden dowel
  • 1 roll 10″ aluminum flashing
  • Snips for cutting metal
  • wood glue
  • 1″ or bigger brad nails/or an Arrow electric brad nailer
  • table saw (makes it easier for some cuts, but only required for making shingles)
  • A couple of packages of wooden shims (for shingles if no table saw)
  • jig saw
  • 2 1/4″ hole saw and a drill
  • Arrow T50 stapler
  • T50 9/16″ Arrow staples
  • T50 3/8″ Arrow staples
  • Behr paint stain samples (in colors of your choice)
  • foam brushes
  • chip brushes

What you do: 

Easy DIY Birdhouses for Kids - measuring and cutting

1. FRONT/BACK: Use the provided templates below as a guide. Take one of the fence boards and lay it down flat on a table. Start at the bottom of the board, use a ruler and pencil and sketch out the shape of the front of the bird house on the board.

At the top of the sketch, cut the board straight across so you have a piece that only needs the angles cut out to complete. Take this cut piece and lay it on top of the remaining longer piece.

Clamp or temporarily screw the pieces together so that you can cut out the front and back pieces in one shot. Use the jig saw and follow the lines. You should now have the profile of your bird house cut.

Easy DIY Birdhouses for Kids - tip cutting wood

SIDES: Now cut two simple rectangles to form the sides and connect the front and back pieces. The profile of the bird house will determine the height of the side. The width should be about 4″. This width will allow your roof to overhang the sides later.

ROOF: Take a fence board and measure 8″ from the end. It generally will look better if you make this cut with an angle on it so you get a nice tight peak. It does not have to be exact. Take your jig saw and set it to about 30 degrees for template 1 and 25 degrees for template 2. Make the cut. Set aside the piece you just cut and return to the left over board. From the cut end with the angle on it, measure 9 1/4″. Return the saw back to 0 degrees and make the cut.

DETAIL: Template 2 has a simple cut out affixed to the front for some extra dimension. Just trace out the design on another piece and cut it out with the jig saw. To make the small roof detail on this piece, use the same technique for making the roof. The width on these pieces is only 1″. Adjust the length to what you feel looks best. Template 1 has some trim applied. It is approximately 1/2″ X 1/4″ wide. A table saw was used to make these, but you could use the jig saw to carefully rip a 1/4″ (x 24″) off the edge of a fence board to end up with 1/4″ x 3/4″ pieces.

SHINGLES: Optionally you can go the extra mile and cut out approximately 60 shingles.

  • Option 1- If you don’t have a table saw you might consider using a pack of wooden leveling shims and cutting them down.
  • Option 2- Using the table saw rip three pieces the full length of the board to 1 1/2″ wide. Next, take the three pieces you ripped and turn them on their side (the short edge should be down on the table). Adjust the blade so that it is about 1/4″ away from the fence. Run the pieces through so that you are splitting them in half. You then have 6 – 1/4″ x 1 1/2″ strips. Stack then together and start cutting them into 2 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ “tiles.” If you don’t have a table saw you might consider using a pack of wooden leveling shims and cutting them down.

Birdhouse Template #1

Birdhouse Template #2

Easy DIY Birdhouses for Kids - measuring

2. Assemble birdhouse pieces with wood glue and brad nailer

Easy DIY Birdhouses for Kids - assemble and sand

3. Sand birdhouse smooth

Easy DIY Birdhouses for Kids - drill circle opening

4. Using hole saw, drill hole for opening

Easy DIY Birdhouses for Kids - stain tipEasy DIY Birdhouses for Kids - stain birdhouses

5. Using Behr paint stain samples, let kids stain the houses. Use different stains for the trim to allow it to pop.

TIP: To save a little money and play with multiple colors check out the Behr paint stain samples at the Home Depot (this is the only place we’ve found them so far). You can have them tinted to any Behr paint stain color. And you don’t have to pay $15+ for a quart of stain! We do the same thing with small paint samples for other wood craft projects.

Easy DIY Birdhouses for Kids - measuring shingles

6. Gauge the length of the shingles and trim you want to use and cut to size. (shingles and trim are whatever you prefer – our shingles were 1 1/2″ x 2 1/2″)

Easy DIY Birdhouses for Kids - staple shinglesEasy DIY Birdhouses for Kids - hammering staples

7. Using Arrow Fastener stapler, staple shingles to roof of birdhouse from the bottom up. Use a hammer to assure staples are flush with wood.

Easy DIY Birdhouses for Kids - painting shingles

8. Paint shingles in a contrasting color stain.

Easy DIY Birdhouses for Kids - add metal peakEasy DIY Birdhouses for Kids - hammer metal straight

9. Measure and cut aluminum flashing to size to cover peak of houses. Secure with Arrow stapler and hammer into shape.

Easy DIY Birdhouses for Kids on the fence

10. Drill a 1/2″ hole under the large hole for dowel perch. Add wood glue to one end of the dowel and put into hole. Once dry and secure, place birdhouses onto platforms and wait for birds!

Do your kids love building with wood?

Candy Corn Inspired Tablescape + a Starburst Wrapper Napkin Ring Tutorial

This shop featuring a Candy Corn Inspired Tablescape plus a Starburst Wrapper Napkin Ring Tutorial has been compensated by #CollectiveBias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #SweetOrTreat 

Candy Corn Inspired Tablescape + a Starburst Wrapper Napkin Ring Tutorial

Fall is FINALLY in the air (it was actually 65 this morning when I dropped the kids off!) and that means I’m ready to bust out the Fall and Halloween decor to get the house ready for the kick off of the holiday season.

It doesn’t matter that it’s still 80 degrees in the afternoon. It’s time to push Summer aside and welcome Fall with open arms.

Last year I made these candy corn candles so this year I wanted to create a full tablescape inspired by them. [Read more…]

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