Knotts Berry Farm Camp Snoopy Celebrating 30 Years

Knotts Berry Farm Camp Snoopy Celebrating 30 Years

This past Saturday I took my family up to Knott’s Berry Farm for the first time ever. We were invited up to check out the recently revamped Camp Snoopy and Calico Mine Ride.

My husband and kids have never been to Knott’s Berry Farm and it’s been ages since I’ve gone so it was quite a treat for us all. And boy did they have a great time!

Knotts Berry Farm Camp Snoopy is celebrating their 30th birthday this year and in addition to some of the fun rides they already have, they’ve also added a few additional rides to the mix.

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Enjoying a Seaside Wellness Weekend Getaway in Del Mar

This seaside wellness weekend getaway in Del Mar was sponsored by the Del Mar Tourism Business Improvement District.

Enjoying a Seaside Wellness Weekend Getaway in Del Mar

As a couple my husband and I try to reconnect with one another quite often through date nights. But sometimes a couple really needs to get out. So when we were asked to enjoy a couples weekend getaway in Del Mar, I knew it would be a great way for my husband and I to enjoy each other’s company without the kids in tow.

A staycation so close to home is not only convenient, but is close enough that if we needed to we could have come home to the kids at any moment. However this staycation we were able to enjoy all of it alone. And it was awesome.

We were invited to stay at the quaint, unique Secret Garden Inn owned by Sulana Sae-onge and John Halper. John has hand-built the rooms and Sulana designed the interiors to match their names beautifully. The Secret Garden Inn’s secluded Tuscany, Oriental and Balinese decorated rooms cater to any romantic setting. The Penthouse suite is a honeymooner’s paradise with an expansive patio and outdoor fireplace.

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Touch Feel and Explore at SeaWorld San Diego Explorers Reef

SeaWorld San Diego Explorers Reef

Last weekend my family and I were invited to check out a sneak peek of the new Explorer’s Reef at SeaWorld San Diego. Not only did we get an up close look at the new entrance to the park, we also got to touch, feel, and explore all of the animals in Explorer’s Reef.

From the moment we arrived at the new entrance to Sea World I knew the kids would have a blast! And boy did they. With four salt and sea water tanks filled with sea life friends, the kids were in for a treat.

They were able to go from one tank to another to explore the feeder fish, horseshoe crabs, rays, and shark pups. Throughout the whole experience they both had huge grins on their faces. [Read more…]

Top 5 Things to Do at Legoland California When You’re 5

I received 2 tickets to Legoland Resort. All opinions are 100% my own.

Top 5 Things to Do at Legoland California When You're 5

A few weeks ago a very special boy celebrated a very big birthday. My son turned 5. And in celebration of this huge milestone birthday we headed to Legoland for the weekend. And he gave me the scoop on the top 5 things to do at Legoland California when you’re 5.

Because it’s a totally different experience from when you were 4. Or 3. No, seriously. It is. And it’s so much cooler!

Since it was his birthday we let him call the shots. He chose what to do, where to go, and where we ate. And we had so much fun! [Read more…]

Exploring the Boston Museum of Science {Boston Trip Day 2}

exploring boston 2013 day 2

On day 2 in Boston we decided to explore the city a bit more and took advantage of our City Passes. First stop was the Boston Museum of Science where we explored the various exhibits they had on display, played in the kids Discovery Center, and watched an electrifying lightning show.

The kids absolutely loved the experience and asked to go again almost every other day we were in Boston. This is a must visit museum if you have kids. From gears to dinosaurs to bugs and more, there’s something for everyone. [Read more…]

Our Search for the Perfect Lobster Roll in Maine {Boston Trip 2013 Day 1}

Our Search for the Perfect Lobster Roll in Maine

While in New England the one thing my mother in law and I knew we wanted to do was to find the perfect lobster roll. Now I knew  nothing of lobster rolls before but the one thing I did know is that you can probably find the best lobster roll in Maine.

So on our first full day in Boston after exploring Concord we hit the road and headed north.

To get to Maine from Massachusetts we drove a short while in New Hampshire. I didn’t notice a big difference between the scenery in Boston and the scenery in our short drive through New Hampshire but my mother in law remembers a lot more concrete vs. greenery in New Hampshire.

I’ll take her word for it! [Read more…]

Exploring Concord {Boston Trip 2013 Day 1}

exploring new england

Ah… New England! I had never been to New England and was excited to experience it in the fall. This past week we headed out together with the kids and my mother in law to Boston. To see the colors of the leaves change before our eyes and feel that crispness in the air was absolutely amazing.

The first full day we spent in Boston was quite the experience. And half the time we weren’t even in Boston! We left early in the morning for a quick drive and a little exploration.

The plan was to see if Minuteman Park was open. But with the government shutdown we knew there’d be a chance that we weren’t going to do that. And… we were right. We were greeted with signs at every parking lot entrance letting us know what was going on. [Read more…]

5 Must-Have Tools for Traveling

5 must have tools for traveling square

When you have the right tools for traveling a trip can be much easier. By taking the time to research what you might need and finding the perfect products for your trip you can save time, money, and hassle while on the road or in the air.

We recently took a trip to South Dakota to visit friends and found that our trip was made much easier with the help of a few essential tools. Read below to find out exactly how these five must have’s made our lives much easier! [Read more…]

Are We There Yet? Keeping Kids Entertained On-The-Go with Netflix Families

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Netflix.

Netflix Families in the hotel

With summer’s arrival and the influx of family vacations it can be hard to keep the kids entertained during the lulls of the day. But with Netflix Families we can bring our families together to enjoy some friendly entertainment all at the push of a button.

We’re currently on vacation enjoying the gorgeous Black Hills of South Dakota and to get here we drove to Vegas and then flew out to Rapid City. While on the road and in the hotel there were plenty of moments we turned to Netflix Families for great suggestions on what to have the kids watch. features several new categories including Family Movie Night, Are We There Yet and TV for Curious Kids. This was perfect for our road trip to Vegas as we enjoyed selecting some great options from the Are We There Yet row. Our kids favorite? Curious George 2 because they go on a trip too!

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Tips for Keeping Kids Entertained at a Restaurant

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Ever have that moment when you wonder why in the heck you thought it was a good idea to take the kids out for dinner? Get to the point where napkins are on the floor, the salt is spilled everywhere, and sugar packets are strewn across the table? Yeah… me too.

So we started to come up with a great ways for keeping kids entertained at a restaurant. While some might sound simple enough, they truly are great at distracting our kids long enough to bridge the gap between ordering our food and being served.

Keeping Kids Entertained at a Restaurant stacking creamers

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