Revamping Old Kitchen Cabinets

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Revamping Old Kitchen Cabinets

The only drawback to the new house is the kitchen. We’ve added rooms, bathrooms, and storage everywhere else but our new kitchen kinda sucks.

Now this may be because I was slightly spoiled at our old house. I was able to design my dream kitchen and had plenty of space to store all of my gadgets, pans, and baking sheets.

Since we’re downsizing to smaller cabinets, less space, and an older kitchen I will be making a few changes to make it more appealing to our family. And the first thing I tackled was the shelf liner.

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Make Managing Your Home Easy with HomeZada

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HomeZada managing your home

One thing I’ve found about home management is that you can never be too organized. And utilizing technology to help with that organization is key. So when I was asked to check out HomeZada, a home organization solution that helps homeowners manage everything about their home in one place, I knew I needed to see what it was all about.

And after playing around with it for a few weeks I have to say that my home is running much more smoothly. I have reminders set for pest control, house cleaners, our twice a year carpet cleaning, and other important appointments to make for the home. But I’ve also been able to do much more! [Read more…]

Christmas Tree Delivery in San Diego with HouseCall

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Christmas Tree Delivery in San Diego with HouseCall

Has an app ever delivered a Christmas elf to your front door with your Christmas tree? No? Well an app hadn’t done that for me either. Until I downloaded HouseCall. And what happened after that was nothing short of a Christmas miracle.

You see, with my husband and I working long hours, and all of the other normal holiday chaos that ensues, we hadn’t yet had a chance to head over to the Christmas tree lot to pick up our tree. So when I was asked to review the HouseCall app AND found out that they had a Christmas tree delivery service I was sold.

I mean, who wouldn’t want a tree delivered right to their door? But then I found out that not only was a tree delivered, but it was delivered by an elf (make sure to put in this special request!). [Read more…]

Simple Master Bath Upgrade with the Rejuvenator Shower Head

Our master bath was in desperate need of a facelift. We hadn’t touched it since we moved in and we needed to do something to make it more enjoyable. So I decided to spruce it up a bit and make some changes. Including installing the Rejuvenator shower head I received for review. And let me tell you, I was so glad I did!

And while this wasn’t the only thing we changed in the master bath, it’s the only thing I’m seeing results from right away. Plus? It took my husband all of 10 minutes to install. And most of that time was spent getting the packaging off.

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31 Days to Organize Your Home

31 days to organize your home

While most years I vow to get back on track and start eating healthy, exercising, and losing weight, I want to start this year different. I want to make the healthy eating, exercising and losing weight a way of life, not a resolution. So I’m resolving to organizing my home. And I’ll share with you my journey and the tips along the way.

Below is a list of what each day will tackle. Then as we complete each day I’ll link up to the post that gives helpful tips and solutions to completing the task. I’ll also delve in more to what else you can do in each room and on each day.

31 Days to Organize Your Home

Day 1 – 3: Start with the Kitchen

  • Organize the cupboards – throw out what you don’t use!
  • Re-arrange the items on the counter to reflect what you use and utilize
  • Organize and clean out the pantry – go through everything and throw out any expired foods or anything ripped or torn
  • Organize and clean out the fridge – same rules as the pantry.

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My Wonderful Walls Daffodil Wall Decal Brightens Up Any Room

My Wonderful Walls Daffodil Wall Decal

This past week I’ve finally seen an idea I had a year ago come to life. I’ve transformed our playroom closet into the ultimate work area. Plus there’s enough room for my craft and sewing items as well!

In order to spruce the space up I not only painted the walls but also added some wall decals from My Wonderful Walls. The daffodil wall decal will brighten up any area and took literally a few minutes to put up. How’s that for a quick change?

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Creating a New Home Look with Glidden Paint

Glidden Paint cans

One of the most inexpensive ways to spruce up a home and make it feel new is to grab some paint and freshen up the walls. Not only does new paint make the space feel new, it also can be a great way to change up the look of the room. By playing with colors and picking out something different than what was there before you can change the whole dynamic of the room.

I’ve wanted to turn our playroom/office into something more for quite a while. I was frustrated with the space we had and knew I needed to change a few things around in order for it to work properly for us. Plus we are seriously lacking in storage.

So I set out to find the perfect solution. And I did! We have converted the closet in the playroom/office into an office/craft area that not only provides the storage I need for all my crap craft supplies it also gives us the space to create and work as well.

And with the condition of the walls in this room we knew some fresh paint would do the space wonders. I grabbed a few quarts of Glidden interior paint and saw a gorgeous transformation of what was to what is.

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