Here’s a Quick Way to Make Turkey Napkin Rings for The Kids Table

Looking for ways to make your Thanksgiving table festive? These turkey napkin rings will do just that! Grab a few supplies and get crafting!

Turkey Napkin Rings resized

Looking for ways to make your Thanksgiving table more festive? Well, these turkey napkin rings will do just that!

Plus it’s an easy craft to get the kids involved in and they’ll be able to tell everyone around the table how they helped.

This is a craft you can easily do ahead of time if you already have the napkins you’re going to use. So check one more thing off of your holiday list and start crafting!

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Turkey Napkin Rings close up

Turkey Napkin Rings

What you’ll need:

Turkey Napkin Rings materials

What you do:

1. Cut brown paper widthwise into 2″ strips. Cut as many strips as you need napkin rings. Set aside.

Turkey Napkin Rings cut strips of brown paper

2. Grab pipe cleaners and start making feathers. Bend pipe cleaner in half and then make two loops. Use ends to wrap everything together so the loops stay closed.

Turkey Napkin Rings making feathers

3. Repeat with rest of colors (I used 4 colors). Using the excess of one colored pipe cleaner, wrap all feathers up together.

  Turkey Napkin Rings attach feathers together

4. Using a light brown pipe cleaner, make a circle by spinning the pipe cleaner around in a spiral. Tuck in the end of the pipe cleaner so that it stays together and is not visible.

Turkey Napkin Rings pipe cleaner turkey head

Turkey Napkin Rings glue gun

5. Grab your glue stick or glue gun and adhere brown circle to the feathers. (side note: I became frustrated with my glue stick and opted for the glue gun but my kids used the glue sticks.)

Turkey Napkin Rings fold paper in half

6. Grab brown strips of paper and fold in half lengthwise.

Turkey Napkin Rings measure and cut paper

7. Wrap around napkin and cut off any excess (ends of paper should overlap by about an inch).

Turkey Napkin Rings tuck in ends

8. Tuck one end of the paper into the other end to secure it.

Turkey Napkin Rings glue turkey to napkin ring

9. Add a dab of glue on the seam of the tucked in paper and adhere turkey body to the napkin ring.

Turkey Napkin Rings glue turkey eyes and beak

10. Add googly eyes, beak, and anything else you might want to include onto the face of the turkey.

Turkey Napkin Rings close up

You’re all set! Now repeat this until you have enough napkins for everyone coming over. Once everyone is ready for dinner all they have to do is tear the back of the paper to access their napkins or simply tug the napkins out.

How awesome is that?

What’s your favorite turkey craft?

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This post was first published on October 30, 2013

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  1. What a great idea, I love it! I’m totally going to do this with my son for Thanksgiving (:

  2. That’s adorable and simple

  3. That is too cute. I wonder if something else besides hot glue would work so the kiddos could do the whole thing.

  4. These are adorable! The Thanksgiving table will look so cute with those napkin rings

  5. Those are so cute! Our thanksgiving already happened though but I’ve got it pinned for next year.

  6. I don’t think I have a favorite turkey craft, at least, not yet. Love what you did here. Pinned so I can try it later.

  7. Soooo ridiculously cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. My kids love projects like this that they can do themselves. Love how easy it is but totally cute!

  9. Hi! I was just popping over from the MomDot community to let you know I’ve featured your turkey napkin rings in my most recent post. We’re hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year and I’m going to have my son help me make these. They’re adorable.


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