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Frozen 2 In Theaters This Week!

After watching the trailer nearly every night for the last few weeks the day had finally arrived for our four-year-old to watch the highly anticipated sequel. I think this was one of the first movies that she sat through without squirming around and asking to sit in my lap so I think she enjoyed what she saw. Elsa and Anna return for another adventure that explores their family’s past triggered by forces that push everyone out of Arendelle. The story reveals more about the land around … [Read More]

Tissue Paper Jack-O-Lantern Preschool Craft

With Halloween right around the corner, these tissue paper jack-o-lanterns are a fun and easy project to do with any preschooler. It combines quite a few different skills including cutting, staying in the lines, and gluing the paper down. This craft is very similar to the paper plate pumpkin we made. We’ve been working on fine motor skills and the steps taken to make this craft definitely helped her practice those skills. Plus, the kids love crafting with glue!   TISSUE PAPER … [Read More]

Easy Ways to Dye Easter Eggs with Toddlers and Preschoolers

3 Ways to Dye Easter Eggs with Toddlers and Preschoolers

These 3 Ways to Dye Easter Eggs with Toddlers and Preschoolers will make egg dying fun for the whole family!  This year our preschooler is ready to jump in with both hands and really have fun dying Easter eggs. We did a few experiments of our own last year to find 3 ways to dye Easter eggs with toddlers and preschoolers that are not only fun but easy too! And as an added bonus, you probably have all of these things in your home right now. How's that for awesome?  My … [Read More]

Easy DIY Princess Peach Dress for Kids + Super Mario Party

We're huge Mario fans in this house. And even bigger Nintendo fans. So when we were sent a copy of Super Mario Party for our Nintendo Switch, we had to celebrate in style. What better way to celebrate than to dress up like Princess Peach? Plus? This easy DIY Princess Peach dress for kids is not only super cute, it's so simple to make with the right tools! So if you're looking for an easy Cricut project to do for your little ones, this is the one for you. Once you're done making it, take the … [Read More]


Ways to Save at the San Diego County Fair

The fair opens this week, Friday June 1st and runs until Wednesday, July 4th and my family couldn’t be happier to once again attend the fair and make awesome memories. But with so many things going on right now, and so many other activities happening, we have to be frugal when we think of the activities […]

Should I Take My 8 Year Old To Avengers Infinity War?

Are you a little curious as to how Marvel will interweave all of the superheroes introduced over the years into one cohesive movie? I envisioned an epic journey where each hero would propel the core group forward but was pleasantly surprised at what was presented. Interweaving Storylines With Action, Humor, and Character If you have […]

The Perfect Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Toddlers in Playgroups

Check out these perfect Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for toddlers when you’re planning an egg hunt for your playgroup. We’ve been planning playgroup egg hunts for years and have nearly perfected the art of the perfect playgroup egg hunt! And we’re sharing all of our tips today!  I am not sure if you know this […]

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