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DIY Shamrock Shirt with 4-Leaf Cover Stamp

When the kids are home on a weekday because school is out we find an excuse to craft! And with St. Patrick's Day right around the corner, we decided to make a festive t-shirt for my daughter to wear to school on the holiday. With a cardboard roll, some q-tips, and green paint, you can easily make a shamrock shirt in 30 minutes.  And, if your child is as excited to craft as mine was, you may also end up with a rainbow and pot of gold over your four leaf clover too! Painting with q-tips is … [Read More]

Minecraft Valentine’s Day Miner Printable

Have a Minecraft fan at home? Print off these Minecraft Valentine's Day Miner Printables for your kid to personalize and pass out in class! You know how I've mentioned a few times before how obsessed my son is with Minecraft? Well in an effort to continue the tradition and make handmade valentines for the kids, I wracked my brain to try and think of ideas to make Minecraft valentines. I couldn't figure out what to use as the treat, edible or non-edible. And then as my son was building … [Read More]

The End Of An Era: Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker

The time has come to end this long legacy with the final chapter and the last movie in the Star Wars trilogy. The last installment, while entertaining, did not answer or explain much of what the first movie started. What could we expect in this third act? I was actually pretty excited to see how they would wrap this arc up, but I did so with cautious optimism. Here is the verdict: it was a satisfying conclusion and I enjoyed it. We find that the First Order is in firm control and asserting … [Read More]

Frozen 2 In Theaters This Week!

After watching the trailer nearly every night for the last few weeks the day had finally arrived for our four-year-old to watch the highly anticipated sequel. I think this was one of the first movies that she sat through without squirming around and asking to sit in my lap so I think she enjoyed what she saw. Elsa and Anna return for another adventure that explores their family’s past triggered by forces that push everyone out of Arendelle. The story reveals more about the land around … [Read More]


Ways to Save at the San Diego County Fair

The fair opens this week, Friday June 1st and runs until Wednesday, July 4th and my family couldn’t be happier to once again attend the fair and make awesome memories. But with so many things going on right now, and so many other activities happening, we have to be frugal when we think of the activities […]

Should I Take My 8 Year Old To Avengers Infinity War?

Are you a little curious as to how Marvel will interweave all of the superheroes introduced over the years into one cohesive movie? I envisioned an epic journey where each hero would propel the core group forward but was pleasantly surprised at what was presented. Interweaving Storylines With Action, Humor, and Character If you have […]

The Perfect Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Toddlers in Playgroups

Check out these perfect Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for toddlers when you’re planning an egg hunt for your playgroup. We’ve been planning playgroup egg hunts for years and have nearly perfected the art of the perfect playgroup egg hunt! And we’re sharing all of our tips today!  I am not sure if you know this […]

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