Holiday Entertainment: The Perfect Movie Stocking Stuffers for Kids

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movie stocking stuffers for kids

One of my go-to stocking stuffers for kids are DVDs that they’ve been asking for all year. Some of my favorite ones are from their favorite TV series because we can take them with us on vacation or play their favorite episodes whenever we want.

Lucky for me we just received three movies in the mail that are perfect for my kids! So I’m stashing them away to give to Santa. He’ll have no problem putting them in their stockings knowing that they’ll get such use out of them.
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Family Movie Night with Disney’s New Releases

Family Movie Night Ideas

Every weekend our family loves to get together and have a movie night (or afternoon). We always let our kids pick a movie out that they want to watch together. And the only rule is that they have to choose a movie both want to watch. That can be harder than it sounds.

So we’ve started limiting their options of movies to 2-3 titles that we pre-select for them. They are pretty quick to agree on a film once the choices are limited down. So when I received Minnie’s The Wizard of Dizz for review I knew that our next family movie night selection would be an easy choice for the kids.

Then a few days later I received Oz The Great and Powerful on BluRay and had a great idea. Why not combine family movie night with date night at home? The kids watch their movie first, then we put them down for bed, and we enjoy our movie!

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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Quest for the Crystal Mickey on DVD

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Quest for the Crystal Mickey

We are a Disney-loving family and are quite obsessed with anything Mickey. The kids are huge Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fans and love watching the show before they head out for school in the morning.

So when we got a copy of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Quest for the Crystal Mickey on DVD in the mail to review, they were more than excited to watch it!

I decided to make a fun family night out of the occasion and had my husband pick up pizza (while I made a Nutrisystem pizza for myself) and I popped some popcorn to enjoy while we watched the DVD together.

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