5 Frugal Ways to Gift Wrap {Guest Post}

This past weekend I attended my future sister-in-law’s bridal shower. Like many showers I’ve attended, the couple was registered at a well known store that provided all of the necessary supplies for wrapping the gift we chose off of the couple’s registry. And since I’ve been to a few showers before, I knew that everyone else at the party, or so it would seem, would also have the same gift wrap provided by the store. So I decided to spruce up my package a bit to make it stand out.

By using the tissue paper the store provided I made a few tissue paper flowers following the tutorial I found on Martha Stewart Weddings. But I wasn’t the only one who decided to spruce up my package. A few other guests had the same idea and created some beautiful package decorations. And by making these flowers for the packages we also added to the uniqueness and beauty of the bride-to-be’s practice bouquet for the wedding rehersal.

Here are a few ways you can fugally wrap gifts with flair too: 

1. Reuse paper bags from the grocery store
Remove the bag’s handles, if any. Cut the paper bag down one side and cut out the bottom of the bag. Flip the bag over and use as you would wrapping paper.

To add a little color to the mix add a tissue paper flower or two. Or use some markers or paint and personalize the gift wrap.

2. Grab the comics
One of my grandfather’s signatures was his comic strip gift wrap. Just about any gift we received from him donned the faces of Garfield and Blondie. Not only are the comics in color, but they’re fun too! This is the perfect gift wrap for a birthday gift.

3. Roadtrip!
Remember those things we used to navigate the roads? Well they come in pretty handy when it comes to gift wrap. Grab those left over maps and start wrapping! They’re usually larger than your average piece of wrapping paper so they cover gifts rather nicely.

You can also make pretty bows out of them too. These would be a great addition to the paper bag gift wrap previously mentioned.

4. Painting a picture
Have any used paint cans laying around? Take off the label, paint the outside a solid color (or wrap with some scrapbook or craft paper), and add your gifts to the can. Place the lid back on and your set! Mason jars also make great gift giving containers.

5. Grab the fabric bin
Do you have any pieces of fabric left over from crafty projects? Grab those scraps and use them to wrap up your next gift. You can also sew up a fabric gift bag if you have the time. These are perfect for any size gift since they’re custom made.

Do you have any great DIY tips for gift wrapping? I’d love to hear them!

Danielle is a work-at-home-mom of two beautiful kids and writes over at the Simmworks Family Blog. She loves to blog about her family, healthy living, going green and crafting. Danielle would love for you to come visit! You can reach her on facebook and twitter as well. If you have any questions feel free to email her at simmworksfamily@gmail.com.

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