Inexpensive Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

These inexpensive Easter basket ideas for kids won’t break the bank! We take a simple approach to Easter baskets in our family and are sharing our tips and tricks with you. 

Easter is right around the corner and if you’re like me you’ve been racking your brain trying to think of great things to put in your child’s Easter basket. We always try and keep it simple. We definitely don’t want Easter turning into Christmas or a birthday where we shower our children with more than a few gifts. And we want our children to learn that not every holiday is a huge gift-giving event. 

We’ve always used the same guidelines each year since our son was born… simple. The Easter Bunny will only bring what will fit in the Easter baskets (except for the eggs filled with treats that he hides everywhere). These Easter basket ideas for kids are not only simple but ones you can pick up at your local stores. 

This year is no different. I went to a few different places to score the awesome loot found in my kids Easter baskets this year but didn’t spend more than $25 per basket and were purchased at Target (both the Easter section and $1 section) & See’s Candies. Plus, many of these things hold dual purpose and can be used over and over again. 

Here are our Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Kids:

inexpensive Easter ideas for kids

Easter Basket Ideas for Boys

  • Mini LEGO packs – found at the LEGO store and at Target or other retailers (pictured)
  • chalk (pictured)
  • sunglasses (pictured)
  • bug catcher gear (pictured)
  • See’s mini chocolate bunny & duck lollipop (pictured)
  • DVDs
  • wristwatch
  • jump rope
  • bubbles (we LOVE Gymboree bubbles!)
  • Hot Wheels cars

Inexpensive Easter ideas for kids

Easter Basket Ideas for Girls

  • Mini LEGO packs – found at the LEGO store and at Target or other retailers (pictured)
  • chalk (pictured)
  • sunglasses (pictured)
  • hair ties (pictured)
  • lip gloss (pictured)
  • wristwatch (pictured)
  • bug catcher gear (pictured)
  • See’s mini chocolate bunny & lollipop (pictured)
  • DVDs

Inexpensive Easter ideas for preschoolers

We’ll be stuffing fun stickers, temporary tattoos and See’s jelly beans in the plastic Easter eggs as well to hide for our family Easter egg hunt before brunch as well. And since they just saw Peter Rabbit in theaters, we added some fun Peter Rabbit plush toys we found on Amazon here. 

What do you add to your child’s Easter basket?

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  1. Great ideas! Perfect choices without being ALL candy!

  2. What a great post! I went this route this year too. Instead of getting tons of candy, I got my little man one candy item and then actually bought him two bigger toys that I knew he would enjoy rather than just a bunch of little things.

  3. Too cute! I didn’t even know there were duck lollipops but the bug catcher…I sense that’ll be a big hit!

  4. Those are great ideas. We have a system we use. 1 item that is educational. 1 item just for fun. 1 fashion (boys it’s a new tie or a new suit if they’ve outgrown their current one- for church. For girls it’s a hair bow and a new easter dress). And then we have a little candy.

    For my kids when they were toddlers; the educational item was a DVD like Signing time or Veggie tales. Something that taught them something important. Or a new book they’ve been wanting.

  5. These are some really great basket suggestions. Thanks for sharing them! Have a very Blessed Easter!!

  6. What a great basket! My kids would love the mini-Lego packs. They aren’t a fan of bugs so the bug catcher wouldn’t work for them but I got them both butterfly nets which I know they’ll be excited about.

    • Did you find them in the $1 section too? We saw the butterfly nets as well but we still have some from last year (we did a gardening theme in their baskets last year).

  7. These look great. I love shopping the $1 Target bins. I have yet to put together baskets yet… procrastinate much lol! I hope your family has a very happy Easter.

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