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Tips For A Gassy Baby

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Tips for a Gassy Baby

We’re almost 6 months into our new lives as a family of 5 and I have to say that it’s gone a lot smoother than I thought. Sure the baby doesn’t really take a bottle well, and the older two smother her just about every single waking minute of the day, and travel logistics just got a little more complicated. But for the most part I’ve only seen our lives grow richer. Richer with love, compassion, and joy. Oh yes, definitely joy.

With the first few months of having our youngest, there were challenges. I’d constantly get worried when she’d puke, again, after nursing. But always non-challant or with a smile on her face (for those of you who aren’t parents… they call that a “happy puker”). And just like with the other two, for a few weeks we also dealt with tummy troubles. Little gas issues that would leave her squirming and crying in discomfort. Luckily I knew exactly what to do and what to get to soothe her tummy.

Tips for a Gassy Baby - quick, natural relief

Each of the other kids had tummy troubles until they were about 8 weeks as well. I quickly learned about the world of gas relief drops and gripe water. And any time we went anywhere, even as they got older, we still brought our Little Remedies with us in the diaper bag. The same holds true for this time around.

As we prepare for a week of fun family-filled staycation adventures, I know exactly what I’ll be packing along as we visit local theme parks, zoos, parks, and pools.

Do you have a gassy baby? Here are some tips from registered dietician Bridget Swinney:

Tips and Tricks for a Gassy Baby

Having a brand that I know and trust on hand keeps parenting a bit easier when we run into tummy troubles. Little Remedies® Gas Drops quickly relieves tummy pain from excess gas. It’s a safe remedy to gently ease stomach discomfort or bloating. And my little one always ends up with a smile on her face when her tummy stops hurting.

And during our witching hour when the little ones were newborns, the Little Remedies® Gripe Water was the only thing that would ease tummy pain for them. Natural, effective relief for your baby’s upset stomach. This duo is always in my diaper bag.

How was your transition to multiple kids?

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