Upcycled Container Gardens: Housing Your Herbs

Upcycled Container Gardens Housing Your Herbs

Around this house, we try to repurpose and upcycle as many things as we can. If it can’t be composted or turned into something else, we try to donate. So very rarely do we end up with things that go in the trash. This makes for a great assortment of containers to be used in the garden.

When we picked up our chicks I knew we’d need a little home for them until they were big enough to go straight into our coop. At 3 weeks old they’d need to stay warm indoors so I picked up a metal bucket at our local hardware store.

Since I knew I would only be using the bucket for a short period of time I already had it earmarked for a project I’d wanted to do for quite a while… a stand alone herb garden!

Growing Chicks
I’m not sure if you know this but chicks, like children, grow like weeds! Seriously.

I turned around for a second and these cute little baby chicks are almost chickens at 2 months! But we still have 4 more months until they’re actually laying eggs (so I’m told).

Upcycled Container Gardens - growing seedlings

With so many things growing in our raised beds (like the broccoli that’s sprouting from our DIY K-Cup Seed Starters) we didn’t have any more room for the herbs I love to have on hand for cooking.

So it just made sense to have a container garden on the patio. What’s a better green work of art than a container garden?

Our next step will be to build a stacked container garden to house the strawberries we’ll be planting soon! How awesome does that sound? It’s as simple as taking this idea and stacking a few smaller containers on top of one another. Then planting in each tier.

Upcycled Container Gardens - cleaning out the container


Because our tub housed the chicks, I wanted to make sure that I cleaned the container very well before putting the soil and plants inside.

While some might question why I would clean out the container first – don’t people buy chicken manure? – the chicken poo that may be on the container hasn’t been composted yet. And I don’t want any bacteria that may have been left in the container to contaminate my plants.

But more on composting chicken poo later! Let’s get to this herb garden. First up – the chalkboard label.

Upcycled Container Gardens - DIY Chalkboard Label

 Upcycled Container Garden Chalkboard Label

What you’ll need:

  • 2 paper towels (can also use newspaper)
  • painters tape
  • chalkboard spray paint
  • metal container

What You Do:

1. Wipe down the area you wish to put the chalkboard paint on with an all-purpose cleaner. Then rinse the container out with water and let dry.

2. Grab two paper towels and cut each in half (4 half sheets). Then cut one-half sheet in half again. You’ll have 3 half sheets and 2 quarter sheets.

3. Using the painter’s tape and the paper towel pieces, create a square or rectangle space to spray paint the chalk onto.

4. Put extra paper towels under the container to protect the table underneath from paint.

5. Using the chalkboard spray paint, spray on two coats of chalkboard paint onto the container. Wait about 20 minutes in between each coat to allow them to dry.

6. Remove the paper towels and tape to reveal your chalkboard label. Write on it with chalk and display for all to see!

Upcycled Container Gardens - variety of herbs

Tips for Planting Herbs in a Container Garden

  1. Use good soil – find a soil that’s good for growing vegetables or use a good blend of soil and compost
  2. Depending on where you’re putting your container garden, consider the height each herb/plant gets and plant taller herbs in the back
  3. Plant what you know you already use now in the kitchen
  4. Make sure you are also giving your herbs vegetable food (found at any garden center)
  5. Place the container garden in a spot that will receive direct sunlight and make sure to water!

Upcycled Container Gardens with Chalkboard Label

What’s your favorite way to upcycle old containers?

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  1. What a great idea! I love to garden, but my yard isn’t really set up very well for it. I’ve been slowly moving to a grouping of containers that surround the house. I’ve been upcycling all the old pots that use to hold houseplants indoors to hold my veggies outdoors. I think I’ll try some of that chalkboard spray paint, that looks pretty nifty!

  2. Lisa Brown says

    I have taken glass jars and planted herbs in them, painted or decorated them.

  3. I like the idea of using a Coffeemate Creamer bottle to become a snack dispenser.

  4. I recycle whatever has a code that our neighborhood will pick up. And I reuse the other containers for storage.

  5. nicole dziedzic says

    I like reusing baby jars for small nick nacks on my desk, like for paper clips and tacs.

  6. Jessica To says

    We like to use old planters by decorating them and re-planting in them.

  7. steve weber says

    We recycle all sorts of cans and bottles and cartons and use them for arts and crafts for the kids and neighbors.

  8. Julie Wood says

    I use juice bottles to make my homemade laundry soap!

  9. we use containers to keep garden tools or small toys.

  10. We reuses almost every container for something: storing craft supplies, diaper wipes boxes = crayon containers, lots of stuff!

  11. My favorite way is to use cartons and containers as planters or to hold my grandson’s art supplies!

  12. heather hayes panjon says

    I like to use old container as art and craft supplies.. we have used them to make bird feeders, starter pots for plants and piggy banks.

  13. I take old mason jars and I make beautiful candle pieces with them.

  14. Dawn Monroe says

    We always use our old coffee cans for used oil and painting. I think they are perfect for the painting use. My kids and grand kids use them for lightning bugs too.

  15. We upcycle a lot of different food containers and egg cartons for different things like art projects and for other uses.

  16. Jessica Beard says

    I like to use old containers for storing small craft items and my husband uses them in the shed.

  17. Jennifer Marie says

    I like taking used container and making them into craft supplies.

  18. Barbara Montag says

    I enjoy using our old containers for patio plants.
    thank you

  19. I put the coffee grounds from my K-Cups in my garden and use the empty K-cups for seed starters as well. We also reuse glass spaghetti and salsa jars to store leftovers.

  20. This seriously makes me want chicks… and to actually start my garden this year. I love your idea of upcycling what you already have around the house and just giving it a good scrub 🙂

  21. Heather Dawn says

    I use glass sauce jars to separate our school supplies.

  22. shelly peterson says

    I have used old containers for storing stuff, we have decorated some too.

  23. I learned last year that when starting my seeds, the birds would eat them so this year, we are using yogurt cups to start our seeds indoors and then will transplant them outside!

  24. we ask the grocr at the grocery store to use paper NOT plastic ! ! !

    thank you ! xoxoxo

  25. Elle P. says

    I reuse containers mostly to store things.

  26. Amber Campbell says

    I like to reuse containers for storing stuff.

  27. Kristin Goodson says

    I like to store things in old containers. I also like to look on Pinterest and get ideas on crafting with them. I love to spray paint and incorporate burlap wrap to decorate old bottles.

  28. Allison Downes says

    I like using them for plant containers and starting out herbs

    Thanks for the chance to win this

  29. David Holder says

    We use old containers for screws, nails. chalk, paint brushes, and anything else that comes to mind.

  30. I like to use old containers as storage for my kid’s toys.

  31. I like to paint our old pasta sauce containers to make vases.

  32. That’s such a great idea!!! Love the chalk area. I need to get a container to upcycle for herbs.. Last year, I had them in my regular garden and they took over! I’m definitely stealing this idea. 🙂

    • I know, right? That’s what happened in my last raised bed. So I got a little smarter. You may also want to consider stacking containers and have a tiered container garden. It works well for strawberries too!

  33. I use old coffee/tea cups as planters.

    LOVE your new herb garden!

  34. CR Williams says

    I love to use old containers for leftovers.

  35. Violet Brown says

    I love it!! I’m going to have my 2 year old granddaughter help me make this for her mom for Mother’s Day. Great idea! Thank you.

  36. Tabathia B says

    I like turning them into holders for pencils/pens and flower pots

  37. Courtnie says

    I like using old jars as vases.

  38. I love painting old jars and using them as vases or decorations around the house!

  39. PuffyBiggler says

    My favorite way to upcycle old containers is to use them for storage of anything and everything. Thanks for the giveaway!

  40. Geoff K says

    Definitely like to use old containers to make planters, as well as pen/pencil holders and bins for change or buttons.

  41. Adrienne gordon says

    I use them to store things in.

  42. Cynthia C says

    I reuse yogurt and cottage cheese containers to store leftovers.

  43. Kimmy Ripley says

    I plant seeds in old K-cups

  44. We use containers to keep garden tools

  45. Use an empty yogurt container as a measuring cup.

  46. Margaret Smith says

    Love your idea…we’re going to give this a try.
    I also like to use old containers for saving crayons, buttons, screws, coins and other small objects. Helps me and my family to stay organized.

  47. trisha kilpatrick says

    Most of our old containers get upcycled as new containers or as scoops. Some become craft projects.

  48. Allison lesley says

    I use a lot of old containers for craft projects with the kiddos.

  49. I love reusing boxes as storage containers. Jewelry, makeup, gifting

  50. Kristen says

    I save spaghetti sauce jars to store all kinds of things, like dry goods in the kitchen & screws in the garage.

  51. as a pen holder on my desk

  52. beth shepherd says

    I reuse milk jugs for my homemade laundry soap and to cut and use as scoops.

  53. The obvious craft, tote, BUT right now I love to add chalk paint and a quote to resell

  54. Debbi Wellenstein says

    One of the things I reuse is take out containers from the Chinese restaurant to send home leftovers with the kids.

  55. Holly C. says

    I re-use milk jugs to cover young plants in the early spring, just cut the bottom off 🙂

  56. breanna pollard says

    I love all old mason jars and decorate.

  57. Sarah Hayes says

    i love having old glass containers to hold essential oil blends in

  58. April Brenay says

    great for letting the kids help clean the car!

  59. I use leftover storage containers to add height and dimension in my food photography.

  60. Suzanne K says

    I repurpose containers for storage of all kinds of things, and even old soda bottles/milk bottles for mini green houses for my plants in the garden.

  61. I reuse butter and yogurt containers for leftovers.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  62. Love to take necked bottles of different color and shapes and cut and sand the edges to make cups and glasses.

  63. Amanda Sakovitz says

    I love putting spices in them!

  64. Deborah W. says

    I reuse old plastic containers for food storage in refrigerator/freezer. I also use old egg cartons to start seeds in.

  65. Ashley C says

    I don’t have a lot of use for containers and such… but, the one thing I do keep is like the lunch meat containers. They work good for keeping wet pet food fresh in the fridge, as well as left over food.

  66. Ironically we recycled old recycle bins to grow our tomatoes in.

  67. Thomas Murphy says

    I like to use old containers for storage.

  68. Brittney House says

    I like to use them as planters and pots for my plants.

  69. Birdiebee says

    I love to use old containers for gift baskets as well as beverage holders with ice during the summer months.

  70. I love using glass bottles as vases!

  71. Melanie MOntgomery says

    I use plasticbutter tubs as Tupperware.

  72. Stacey b says

    I use them as tupperwares until they’ll no longer able to be used.

  73. Peggy Rydzewski says

    I have stop using most plastic storage containers, we now use glass but i do save some for crafts with the grand kids.

  74. I love using old containers to make games and activities for my toddler. It’s amazing how putting cotton balls in and out of a painted coffee can can keep her entertained while I cook dinner!

  75. Tracy Robertson says

    I use old coffee cans to store all kinds of things, from coins to cookies and I use an old laundry basket as a bin for paper recycling.

  76. Bridgett Wilbur says

    I use coffee cans to store stuff in the house and in the garage.

  77. Melissa says

    I reuse baby food jars to hold office supplies like paperclips etc!
    thanks for the giveaway!

  78. Ashley C says

    I save old jars and spray bottles to make gifts or my own cleaning supplies


  79. We use the plastic ones like butter tubs or lunch meat tubs for food storage containers! We have alot of family get togethers, and everyone wants to bring stuff home. Before all my containers would be gone after the family came over….so now…I save these for those times so everyone can take leftovers home and I can keep my food storage containers! I keep any containers I can for gardening, and we use the potato chip cylinders to put beans or marbles in to make music!

  80. I like to use a lot of food cartons and boxes for fun art projects.

  81. Dawn Keenan says

    I teach engineering design to elementary school students, so when we are constructing, they can only use repurposed objects. Keeps the cost down and gives them an appreciation for recycling.

  82. I use containers to keep garden tools.

  83. Denise S says

    I use them to freeze things in or to pot plants.

  84. Mary Calabrese says

    We’re not really that creative. But we do re-use our flower pots each year.

  85. Katie K says

    I like to reuse glass jars (from sauces and such) as candle holder, bead holders or vases!

  86. Jeanine says

    I upcycle old containers by using them as storage bins.

  87. Denise M says

    we reuse formula containers to store art tools and small toys

  88. Dana Cerrito says

    I use coffee cans of all sizes (painted) to organize my desk

  89. Holly E says

    I love using old containers to grow herbs.

  90. I like to use old yogurt containers for starting seeds for my vegetable garden. I save them year round for that purpose.

  91. shaunie says

    I love to reuse containers to make containers for my pens and pencils and usually decorate and label them too.

  92. Eloquence says

    I cover old boxes in fabric / paper and sue them as decorative storage!

  93. I will take labels off old but beautiful tea tins and store other things in them.

  94. wen budro says

    I like to upcycle old containers for the garden, garage, or inside the home as a plant pot or terrarium.

  95. I like to reuse mason jars as yarn dispensers and drinking glasses.

  96. Donna Hufman Warrington says

    I reuse my little dixie cups (from the bathroom) for my seeds, I’ve been doing this since I was a child…

    I didn’t plant any veggies this year but I have a few flowers that are already coming up….

  97. Amanda B. says

    I like to reuse glass jars for snacks and candy that we buy in bulk.

  98. I use for storage and gifts!

  99. Amanda Morris says

    I love this idea of using old containers for planting so eco friendly:)

  100. Daniel M says

    storing food and plants

  101. Debbie C says

    We take old boxes and political signs and make cat houses out of them for the feral cats. That way they have a warm place that is waterproof.

  102. Linda O'Brien says

    We’re new to container gardening but have already reaped some rewards in the form of fresh vegetables. We’ve used everything from milk cartons to egg cartons fro sprouting and larger containers for growing. Haven’t started any herbs yet but definitely plan to soon!

  103. Julie Matek says

    We use empty tidy cats containers for our daughter’s toys. We also use sour cream, cottage cheese containers for Tupperware.

  104. Denise L says

    I like to make bird feeders out of old milk jugs and 2L soda bottles.

  105. Heather Garcia says

    I use empty containers to store craft supplies for my girls.

  106. Kathleen S. says

    My favorite way to upcycle containers is to use them to store things. I keep my various medications (vitamins, pain killers, bandages, ointment, etc.) in one of those square ice cream tubs. It keeps them all together and out of children’s reach on the top shelf in the kitchen! I also use ice cream pails to collect blueberries in late July…but those berries never hang around very long! 🙂

  107. MaryBeth says

    I’ve got a window planter box made from an old wooden pallet.

  108. i dont know im boring i just reuse them for food

  109. Ashley C says

    I take old oatmeal containers and use them as canisters to hold dry goods in my kitchen

  110. I try to reuse containers whenever I can or I make sure to recycle them. I’ve used Chinese food containers as food dishes for cats etc.

  111. Kamla L. says

    I use plastic jars from such products as peanut butter and instant coffees to separate, store or freeze batches of soup, sauces, chili ans such. Some sizes make perfect containers for taking home made soup to-go for lunch since the screw tops prevents spillage.

  112. Chris D says

    I use old milk jugs for planters.

  113. Tonya Atkinson says

    I have used plastic containers to mix and store plant foods and fertilizers.

  114. Jalisa Brown says

    I love taking old jars and using them for decorative purposes.

  115. Leigh Anne Borders says

    I use them as flower pots and other holders/containers for things like pens, scissors, etc…

  116. Paula V says

    I like to re-use my glass almond butter jars to store chicken/beef broth and freeze.

  117. Catherine Shaw says

    Recently I upcycled some pretty jam jars into containers for my makeup brushes!

  118. John Leahy says

    I store laundry and dishwasher pods in recycled plastic containers. And I recycle constantly.

  119. Stephanie Phelps says

    I up cycle baby food jars in my husband work shop to put screws and things in!

  120. Jen Haile says

    I like to use the pretty olive oil cans as vases for my flowers.

  121. My daughter and I reused Tim Hortons yogurt cups that they were just going to throw in the trash to start our flowers in for our little flower garden.

  122. Rosanne says

    My daughter in law uses them in her classroom

  123. I love to use chinese food take out containers to pack my lunch for school! They are perfectly good containers and can get many uses instead of being thrown in the trash!

  124. Soha MOlina says

    I use them to garden.

  125. Natalie U says

    I use old jars like spaghetti sauce jars to put cooking grease in

  126. Colleen Boudreau says

    I use them for organizing my vanity.

  127. We use all kinds of containers to plant in, use to put sewing odd and ends in, reuse for snack cups, put nails, nuts, bolts etc in clear containers, and even make toys out of some.

  128. I love using talenti gelato ice cream containers for storage. I have sea glass, sea shells, buttons, and more. I also reuse glass jars for food

  129. Maeghyn Koehler says

    I am just starting to upcycle there are some great ideas!

  130. Rebecca B says

    If the container is glass, I usually use it to make my own candles.

  131. Cathy Moore says

    My favorite way is to also use old containers and use them for planters in my garden!

  132. Wilma P says

    We recycle as much as we can but I also save toilet paper rolls, cereal boxes, odds and ends, etc. to do crafts with kids.

  133. Steph D. says

    I just old jars for vases and I decorate them. I have also re-used shoe boxes after painting them for cards and keepsakes.

  134. I like to make crafts out of milk cartons.

  135. I use glass jars to store ingredients and also to make yummy overnight oats for my breakfast.

  136. Julie L says

    I’ve made some candles out of glass jars.

  137. I like to save up glass jars and make candles in them. They’re also great to store things like buttons and pins.

  138. Lindsey L says

    I re use my Mom’s old planters after I painted them!

  139. Tracy Melhinch says

    I always start my seedlings in them…egg cartons, or chinese takeout containers are ideal!

  140. John Leahy says

    I use old coffee cans to store tea bags. The tea doesn’t seem to mind.

  141. Pamela Gurganus says

    My favorite way to upcycle old containers is I use them to hold everything…from pens and pencils to hair clips, nails, batteries, change, etc.

  142. David c says

    I like creating crafty things in my old containers.

  143. xty cruz says

    I put some color to it with paint

  144. Maria D. says

    I like to save larger containers to hold toys and other household things. My favorite laundry basket right now is a sturdy cardboard box, go figure!

  145. Melissa Teears says

    I use Glas jars to put snacks, cereals and pasta in.

  146. Robin W says

    My little niece and I have a lot of fun taking oatmeal containers and covering them with everything from cloth to paper to paint. They make great containers for toys, crayons, pencils…all kinds of things.

  147. I really like using old candle jars and use them to hold fresh flowers!

  148. Rebecca Orrb says

    We reuse baby food containers and mason jars that are no longer good for canning. I plan to use our old rubbermaid totes for veggies this spring and summer.

  149. Claudia says

    I like to recycle glass gars and store dried grains on them, Thank you!

  150. amanda wynant says

    i re-use small jelly jars for my kids’ juice glasses.

  151. Christine Marsh says

    I use milk jugs as mini green houses for seed starting. I use old yogurt cups to start seeds as well. We use compost we make to fertilize the garden and we use long stick from our trees that have fallen to make trellises for climbing vegetables. We also start our sweet potatoes from the ones we buy at the grocers in the fall.

  152. kristen mcclary says

    my favorite way to reuse containers is we crush our cans and we spray pain them and we have a little area in our yard right near the porch that we put them in and we make them seasonal. so for easter its neon colors for christmas red and green. and they are really cute they look like little colored disc’s.

  153. Saundra McKenzie says

    I use jars- pickle jars, mayo jars, etc- spray paint them and put lots of different things in them to store.

  154. Heidi S. says

    I love to take empty wine and beer bottles and turning them into vases, candle holders, and lamps!

  155. Trisha Burgess says

    I love up-cycling old containers by making crafts out of them!!

  156. Patricia F says

    I never would think to use chalk board paint on metal. Great idea! I have been wanting a herb garden for 10 years and now I do not have any more excuses. Thank you!

  157. My favorite thing to make is bird feeders from milk containers.

  158. I reuse old candle jars to store dog treats and other little items!

  159. Sherrie C. says

    We use upcycled containers for everything, including storing change, nuts and bolts, art supplies, and miscellaneous items.

  160. I certainly reuse containers but I also try to buy a single large container vs the more convenient single serving size. This is less expensive at the store and also leaves me with a more useable size container.

  161. I sometimes store extra food plants in them.

  162. plant herbs in them

  163. heather says

    I love to paint old containers and use them as planters.

  164. We reuse glass jars for our own pickling and other food storage needs.

  165. Deb Pelletier says

    Use out in the garden , and too feed birds. Also use in the winter to put sand on the ice.

  166. We use old containers for storage like nails,screws, plants etc.

  167. I love to take square tea tins and do chalkboard paint on them. Perfect for organizing a ton of things!!

  168. jeannine s says

    I use them as planters, pencil holders, baskets for easter

  169. Dandi D says

    I like to use them for organizing spaces in my house!

  170. Caitlyn says

    Depending on the type of container, sometimes I’ll use them to store leftovers.

  171. I like using large plastic ice cream buckets to store bulk flour, rice, sugar and beans.

  172. Angelica says

    I love using coffee canisters for.. everything. Storage especially. Just cover them with fabric and pain the lid, they’re good to go. I’ve also made rabbit feeders out of them.

  173. Angela W says

    We upcycle a lot of our glass jars. Love the upcycled herb garden.

  174. M Lee Klein says

    I like to glue stuff to upcycled containers that I have too many of. Like pencils, markers, straws, etc.

  175. I like to put plants in mine.

  176. I love using empty tea tins for growing herbs!

  177. Heather V says

    Diaper boxes covered in fabric make cute storage

  178. I reuse glass jars as vases.

  179. David Fultner says

    Oh have a green house and start from seed. We use everything we can.

  180. we use mason jars for everything. oh and old 5gal tubs…. they turn into all sorts of projects!

  181. I like trying to reuse everything. We have recently been turning milk cartoons into wallets. The kids really like this project.

  182. Shea Adams says

    I wash and reuse old containers whenever I can and however I can.

  183. Jessica Vaughan gengler says

    I reuse glass bottles at my house.

  184. Amanda Rauch says

    I like using canning jars to hold my tea and cocoa-looks pretty and doesnt take up too much room on the counters

  185. Carmen Q says

    Into planters

  186. I always use old containers as planters for seedlings and little plants

  187. Lisa Walker says

    We use empty jars for nails, screws, and other small items as a secure storage option. It is especially great since we have small children and there’s no worry about small pieces laying around.

  188. I am very excited for summer fun times.

  189. mega blumenthal says

    I recycle cans and jars and use them for other projects.

  190. Wendy R. says

    Love your container garden! I reuse a lot of containers as art supply storage and paint holders.

  191. We like to repurpose containers as gift baskets and book bins!

  192. Kerri Amenta Marsh says

    I reuse wipe containers to hold the endless art supplies we have.

  193. I am not very crafty but my mother uses old bottles and jars for art and decorating supplies that she uses with our kids

  194. I like to turn old wine bottles into hummingbird feeders

  195. Susan Christy says

    I use them for storage and planting starts.

  196. Lorena Keech says

    I use large glass jars to store pantry staples.

  197. I super excited for this.

  198. Janice Cooper says

    I got this from my mother-in-law, using them as flower boxes or pots in our flower garden.

  199. Stephanie Galbraith says

    My kids use them to paint on and create art.

  200. I like to recylce old containers by using them to store my daughters art supplies

  201. samantha ramos says

    I love using old containers as storage for toys and things around the house!

  202. Allison S. says

    We hold on to old cardboard boxes and re-use them when we need to ship something.

  203. Danielle says

    I use old containers for different projects around the house for storage, or bird feeders, or planting

  204. James Robert says

    I use what I can for my nails, etc for home, recycle what I can wsith plastic and cans and my kids are on a kick to keep containers to use for their crayons, etc.

  205. Erica B. says

    Would use for storage.

  206. I use old mayo jars and store my homemade laundry detergent in them.

  207. I’m excited for summer funsies.

  208. haylee tiner says

    I love using containers for storage & organization. One thing I do is use a golfers coffee containers, those big red ones & if I cook with grease at all or any oils I put all the grease in there so it can be filled up and disposed properly at that time. Also I love to put a creative spin on containers and turn them into flower vases.

  209. Michelle Levine says

    I often host dinner parties. I use my old containers, and take out containers to give guests left overs to take home.

  210. We use containers to store outdoor toys in.

  211. Brooke Boyd says

    I love to dress up the outside and use them as centerpieces or a flower vase! I even made a cell phone holder for the wall!!!! Thank you for this amazing chance!

  212. I use jars to organize nuts and bolts, and I use milk jugs for seed starters- i just cut off the top half

  213. Paula Hafner says

    I’m planning on using the old pan from our water heater to either make a succulent garden or a fairy garden. I can’t decide. I might even combine the two. I also use the plastic formula can (I have a daycare) to organize toys and to put some small toys for in the car in. They clean up easily. They’re also the perfect size for those fun pads with crayons that they sell in Target’s dollar Spot for a dollar. A large container will hold several.

  214. I save plastic and glass containers for extra food storage. I love talenti gelato and those containers are perfect for my sewing things.

  215. Danielle Marie says

    i like turning them into vases or planters. much better than a normal pot.

  216. Samantha Duzinskas says

    I use old metal buckets and containers as planters. I have a few old milk containers as decor in the garden as well. I used our old A frame swing set as a trellis support in the garden for stringing beans and the grapes to grow on .

  217. This is a super cute idea! I use Talenti gelato containers for DIY sugar scrubs!

  218. I love the container planters. Would love to do these this year.

  219. I love using old yogurt containers as seed starters.

  220. Ashley B says

    We use the bigger containers for collecting rain water for our plants and smaller containers for drums, plants and chalk buckets!

  221. leslie lundeen says

    I usually use old containers to start my seeds in,

  222. Would use for toy storage

  223. Julie Waldron says

    My husband uses empty coffee containers for nails/screws.

  224. elizabeth marie says

    This is great idea for those of us that don’t have a lot of yard space, or in my case where it’s all rocky.

  225. Nataly Carbonell says

    I use them to keep my plants in the yard.

  226. Janine H says

    We reuse some containers to store leftovers, (like cool whip container)

  227. Laura Royal says

    I love reusing containers for organizing at my desk like pen holders or in bathroom to hold make-up brushes.

  228. Katie Hyatt says

    I mainly use old containers for storage

  229. Birdiebee says

    I love to reuse jars to store kitchen and bathroom items in as well as use for vases, drinking glasses, etc.

  230. we recycle baby jars and plant our seedlings in them they grow perfect and we just pop them in the ground when they get big enough to plant..

  231. Jennifer Williams says

    My current favorite way to upcycle old containers is to turn them into toys for my toddler! Sometimes no work is needed other than a good clean; it’s amazing to see what he comes up with!

  232. I use old containers for storage of craft items.

  233. Katie Maroney says

    I use yogurt containers in my classroom for paint or other craft supplies.

  234. Crystal Mexico says

    I use old baby wipe containers for everything! I reuse mailing packages to mail out items, reuse milk jugs and pretty much if it’s on Pinterest, I’ll use it! LOL.

  235. Melissa Douglass says

    I use old containers to store leftover food!

  236. I use lots of empty bottles and things like that for pen/pencil holders or makeshift kuzzies. Thanks for the giveaway!

  237. joan olson says

    when I paint I put extra paint in clear jars so they are easy to see when I need again. I also use old jars (I clean and decorate them) for small gifts

  238. joe gersch says

    i upcyclye milk containers by planting herbs in them

  239. Theresa F. says

    We love to plant herbs in mason jars, put them in cup holders in our car, and use them for traveling across the country when we go tent camping .

  240. jenn giannetto says

    i like using baby food jars for small kids toys or herbs.

  241. Rachel P says

    I like to start seeds in cardboard egg cartons. When ready to plant in ground, just soak the egg carton and it will break down.

  242. Ceinwyn R says

    I love using old containers as gift baskets or ways to tidy up odds and ends around the house.

  243. Evelyn Goettner says

    I upcycle containers into herb planters and bottles and wipe containers are used for art/school supplies and toys.

  244. Jillian Too says

    I love re-using mason jars for my oatmeal.

  245. Melissa Mazzur says

    I love using glass jars to plant my windowsill garden!

  246. Raina DelRio says

    I love turning containers into planters, vases or candleholders.

  247. jules m. says

    last year we spray painted the black containers that plants come in and planted some seeds in them

  248. Theresa Smith says

    I like to use the peanut butter jars that have the red lids to hold all kinds of things in my kitchen and since my kitchen color is red it works out perfect.

  249. Jennifer J says

    I use old containers to store leftover food and dog food. Thanks!!

  250. Eguiver yol says

    We use old containers to store herbs

  251. Carolyn Daley says

    My aunt uses mangoes from my grandmother’s tree to make mango jam. We upcycle our glass jars to put the mango jam in as gifts to family and friends. Glass jars and even plastic containers are also nice to use to organize and store crafts.

  252. I used empty milk containers to store water, used those heavy duty orange juice bottle to used for fresh brewed tea, I reuse egg cartons for my fresh eggs from my chickens.

  253. sheila ressel says

    I use pasta jars to store dried beans, grits and rice.

  254. Katherine Newton says

    I use glass food jars for everything from drinking out of to storing things in. I try to look at everything before I toss it or recycle it and find another use for it.

  255. Jennifer Herman says

    i like to reuse them by decorating them and then I store my make-up products in them.

  256. Mary Cloud says

    We used to love to turn old baby food jars into fun snowglobes that we made ourselves

  257. We have used old buckets and containers and giving them a face-lift with paint, and then use them for storage or decorative pieces.

  258. Susan Smith says

    I have used old containers for storing stuff and decorating them to put plants in..

  259. John Herman says

    I use them for my nails and screws and various work items.

  260. meeshelll says

    I love this idea! Also, chickens are amazing pets and a huge money saver. My mom has about 50 chickens and she has enough eggs to sell in front of her house and makes a killing from it! They’re also super educational for this little ones. My little brother has learned a ton of valuable lessons from taking care of them. Enjoy!

  261. we use our coffee containers to organize our garage

  262. Michelle S says

    I upcycle old jars for organizing craft supplies.

  263. laurie murley says

    I always use last year pots to plant this year plants

  264. Jennifer Reed says

    I love to use old unique containers to store my tools and gardening supplies in my shed.

  265. paint and use as pot for plants

  266. Angela Cisco says

    My mother in law works at a greenhouse. The containers they ship seeds in function well as food storage containers after a good wash. They just throw them out so she brings them home and we use them to store food.

  267. I use recycled containers in my garden as planters but also for holding tools, potting soil or other garden supplies.

  268. Rachel Freer says

    I keep butter containers to use to pack leftovers for lunches.

  269. Julie Minton says

    I start my seeds in recycled plastics.

  270. I like using glass jars for storage, vases, drinking glasses, etc.

  271. Rachel Mauffray says

    I like to use them to hold my craft items.

  272. I like using them for art supplies.

  273. I make old containers into bird feeders.

  274. Stephanie Larison says

    I use them as kid toy containers.

  275. I use them to make homemade cleaners

  276. Tish Wilson says

    My way to upcycle containers is to spray paint them and use them for storage.

  277. Francine Anchondo says

    I use old containers to hold my craft supplies

  278. Michelle D says

    I am using some old buckets and pots to grow potatoes in this year. It works great!

  279. Water storage from rain runoff.

  280. Lisa Davis says

    I use plastic grocery bags to pick up after my dog.

  281. Emily B. says

    I like to let my kids use old jars and containers to plant seeds and seedlings in.

  282. Oh my gosh I love this post! So informative! Unfortunately I have not upcycled any containers for my garden YET but after reading this I have a lot of great ideas! Thank you!

  283. Legos. Several re-used containers with labels on them saying what color legos they are. Also, have some re-used containers for miscellaneous parts and bits that we can’t figure our where they go. Just in case we figure out where they go.

  284. Sarah Harding says

    i like to use old baskets that i get at garage sales to plant flowers in.

  285. I’ve always wanted a small herb garden and this is the perfect idea for starting one! The chalkboard paint really dresses it up nicely! Beautiful idea and great job!! I like to take small glass jars that I’ve saved and cleaned, glue jute around them to the top, and plant succulents, cacti or even root cuttings in them. They are so pretty! I use pimento, olive and minced garlic jars. They also make nice mini gardens or terrariums without the jute. Thank you!!

  286. Katherine says

    I reuse yogurt containers for paint

  287. Dorothy Deakyne says

    I re use frozen juice containers

  288. heather s says

    I use them to hold tools and supplies

  289. Laurie Emerson says

    I recycle egg cartons by painting them and making them into mini herb gardens. i also recycle cans by painting them, putting holes in them and place battery operated tea lights underneath them. They line our walkway and make it so pretty.

  290. We use recycle paper, and containers for different storage containers around the house!

  291. Lisa Garner says

    We love using old planers and painting them with chalk paint to make personalized planters.

  292. Beverly Metcalf says

    I use used paper cups to start my seeds in and transplant them to the veggie garden when the weather is warm enough for the plants to grow. I love your idea for a herb garden. I need to plant one on my back deck. Thanks for having this contest.

  293. I use yogurt containers for seedlings.

  294. Diana Branco says

    I mostly reuse containers to store other things. Though occasionally they get used for art projects and toddler activities.

  295. I use old containers to store my children’s toys, crayons, and pencils.

  296. Trisha McKee says

    I use old containers for housing small items such as bobby pins or nails. Labeled and are easier to find and have at a moment’s notice.

  297. Kim Reid says

    I like to recycle glass sauce jars to store beans, rice and pasta.

  298. Tammie Venne says

    we use old containers as storage containers instead of buying tupperware

  299. Brian E. says

    Thank You for the giveaway… we upcycle plastic half gallon milk jugs by converting them to scoops to use with pet food, fertilizer, koi fish food, etc.

  300. I reuse just about everything. I use a variety of glass jars for everything from pasta to nails. It’s so nice to be able to see exactly what is inside and for many things not even a label is necessary.


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