5 Alternatives to Carving Pumpkins {Fun Kids Crafts}

Having small children can sometimes make pumpkin carving a bit difficult. So this year we went with something a little different and let the kids make a few varieties of pumpkins. Grab some glue, your potato head pieces, and even the paint and see what your kids do to create their Fall masterpieces!

If you’re in the same boat and are looking for great alternatives to carving pumpkins this year, here are our suggestions. 

5 Alternatives to Carving Pumpkins

1. Painting your Pumpkins

Instead of carving out a design, simply use a paper cut out to block out a design on your pumpkin and paint around it! Head on over to FormulaMom.com to see how we painted the castle pumpkin above.

Add Cinderella’s carriage by simply cutting out a few felt pieces and gluing them onto a fairytale pumpkin to complete the storybook tale.

2. Mrs Pumpkin Head

See how easy it is to create a Mrs. Pumpkin Head (Mr. Potato Head’s lady friend) with this easy and fun idea from Fabulous Finds by Tiffany.

3. Spider Web Pumpkins

With a little bit of spray paint and some puffy paint, you can create just about any design on your pumpkin with a great look! I created this Spider Web Pumpkin for our Amazing Spider-Man party that I’ll be hosting on Halloween this year. I can’t wait to see what my guests think.

4. Foam Sticker Pumpkins

When we went up to Mammoth Mountain a few weeks ago we got to decorate pumpkins at  Oktoberfest. Instead of letting the kids carve pumpkins, they had these awesome foam sticker kits they got from the craft store. Our kids made this pirate pumpkin and loved applying the stickers to the pumpkin.

5. Crayon Dripped Pumpkin

Now this has got to be the coolest looking pumpkin ever! Taylor Made Mama did it right when she made this Crayon Dripped Pumpkin. It reminds me of the drippings of a candle.

It’s definitely Halloweenesque and would go great for any decor. Plus I love that you could easily use all one color or be selective in the colors you use to go with a theme or style.

How are you decorating your pumpkin this year?

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  1. These are super cute! I’ve got to do some of them!

  2. LaVonne @ Long Wait says

    I just saw fun things for pumpkins yesterday at a pumpkin patch. I love that Mrs. Potato Head. They had one at the patch that makes your pumpkin look like a turkey. Very cute!

  3. I love the idea of using the potato head toys!

  4. About A Mom says

    These are all great but I am really loving the castle pumpkin! You guys really had some fun!

  5. LOVE MELISSA:) says

    These pumpkins are so cute!!

  6. Jennifer S. says

    Great ideas! Seems cleaner and safer than carving!

  7. The waxy crayon one is super!
    marie h.

  8. Great ideas. I carved two pumpkins yesterday and was so wore out. We are doing some of these next year.

  9. Great ideas! I love the idea of letting the kids paint!

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