5 Ways to Comfort a Sick Child

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5 ways to comfort a sick child

One of the worst things to deal with as a parent is seeing your child sick. The only thing you can think about are ways to make them feel better. And having ways to comfort a sick child can be quite helpful in these situations.

There’s a routine I go about when trying to comfort my kids when they are sick. Doing things that are familiar to them seems to make them the most comfortable.

That’s all I want for my sickies, for them to feel comfortable and secure knowing that mama’s going to take care of them. So here’s how I do it…

5 Ways to Comfort a Sick Child The Croods

5 Ways to Comfort a Sick Child

  1. Snuggle up – make sure you have a large throw blanket on hand to snuggle up with your little ones.
  2. Grab their favorite movie – one thing that will actually calm my kids down enough to rest when they’re sick is putting on their favorite movie. That would currently be The Croods in my home.
  3. Make some soup – while my husband prefers my chicken noodle soup when he’s sick, the kids just like the noodles and broth. So I make sure to strain out the veggies and chicken when I ladle up their bowls.
  4. Properly medicate – once you determine what’s wrong with your child, make sure they’re comfortable and then give them the medicine they need (depending on their age) to help make them feel better.
  5. Follow up with the doctor – if the kids start showing new symptoms, fever worsens, or anything changes I have the pediatrician’s number on speed dial to get a consultation before bringing the kids in.

5 Ways to Comfort a Sick Child Mucinex

How do you comfort your children when they’re sick?

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  1. When my girls get sick, it’s time for snuggles and hugs. At our house is mandatory chicken soup night if anyone starts sniffling. 😉

  2. Every couple months I make a big batch of bone broth in the crock pot (http://www.pinterest.com/pin/17803361000501942/) and freeze it in ice cube trays. When we have a case of the sickies coming on, I pull that out, heat it up, add some fresh carrots and star shaped pasta and allow to cook for a while. That typically clears us up REALLY quickly!

  3. For some reason, my kids won’t touch soup, but we definitely have a lot of hugs going around. Hugs and lots of fluids!

  4. We just went through the stomach bug in our house. The only good part about the kids being sick is they love to cuddle.

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