Adventures of Flat Stanley {Sea World}

Our family was recently asked if we wouldn’t mind hosting for a few months. Flat Stanley hadn’t yet visited Southern California and was excited to participate in all of the fun adventures awaiting him. So we agreed to have him over until he returns to his classroom in March. We decided it’d be nice to track his visit and post pictures of everywhere he goes. He’s had quite a busy first month and he’s excited to see whats on the calendar for January. So far he’s visited Sea World, the San Diego Zoo, Coronado Beach and Disneyland. I’m hoping to post his adventures once a week in an effort to keep up with how busy he’s been.

This week I’m posting pictures of his visit to Sea World. We went during the month of December so Flat Stanley was in for a special treat… snow! You see it doesn’t snow much in Southern California near the beach so Sea World brings in their own snow for playing with. We got to build snow men, sled down a small makeshift hill and slosh around a bit. But snow wasn’t the only thing we saw. There were plenty of animals up and ready to show off for us as we made our way around the park.

Our first stop was to Turtle Reef where we got to see a handful of sea turtles of all sizes swimming around a beautiful aquarium with their tropical fish friends. We learned all about what different types of sea turtles ate as well as where they migrated to in order to lay their eggs. They were quite cool to watch!

After we got our fill of sea turtles we headed over to the Penguin Encounter. We watched as the penguins waddled around on land and then watched underwater as they sped around chasing one another. Boy did they move fast!! You never would have guessed they could move so fast from how they move on land.

Next we visited the Wild Arctic exhibit. We were able to see beluga whales (including a baby whale), a funny walrus who liked to spit his food out and then eat it again, and a very sleepy polar bear. We learned about the Arctic expeditions and got to view the cool equipment scientists use to observe the animals of the arctic. We also got to climb around in a polar bear den.

We also went to visit the Shark Encounter and played for a bit at the Bay of Play before heading out ofr the day. We didn’t get to see Shamu this visit since she was practicing for her next show but we promised Flat Stanley that we’d visit Sea World again before he left! Everyone was exhausted after our trip and we all ended the day by taking a nice long nap. Now that’s the sign of a good visit!

The only snow Flat Stanley will see on his visit!

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  1. LOL That’s funny. I love Flat Stanley. Looks like he had lots of fun!

  2. Randi Moncur says

    That Flat Stanley gets around! We also hosted him at one point, he rode on a (parked) red vespa in milan! haha. The turtle & stan is a great shot!!

  3. That was a fun day!


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