Back to School Savings with Walmart Savings Catcher

I shopped savvy and scored on huge back to school savings using Walmart Saving Catcher, as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #SavingsCatcher

Back to School Savings with Walmart Savings Catcher #SavingsCatcher

My oldest is starting Kindergarten this year and I’m actually doing quite well with it. He’s ready. I’m ready. And we’re getting excited about the next year.

One thing that’ll be new to us is shopping for back to school supplies from a list the Kindergarten teacher provided for us.

Even before my kids went to school I always loved stocking up on back to school supplies during this time of year because of the huge discounts you can find. I’m also kinda obsessed with school supplies and love a well stocked craft area. 

Back to School Savings at Walmart #SavingsCatcher

The only difference between last year and this year is that I didn’t have to scour the ads to find the best deals. Because the new Walmart Savings Catcher does that for me!

In their effort to strive to have the lowest prices, Walmart has created Savings Catcher. With Savings Catcher, after you shop, you can submit your receipt and have Walmart scan competitors to find the lowest advertised prices.

No shopping around required!  If your purchase price was more than the lowest price found, you get the difference on a Walmart e-Gift card.

Back to School Savings with Walmart Savings Catcher - school supplies #SavingsCatcher

Saving with the Savings Catcher is as simple as 1-2-3!

  1. Head out to Walmart and shop for your school supplies (or anything else you need – 10 or more items will maximize your chance of having an item matched by Savings Catcher)
  2. When you get home head over to the Savings Catcher website and enter in your receipt number.
  3. Wait for your savings to be processed and your e-Gift card to be sent out!

Back to School Savings with Walmart Savings Catcher - emailed right away #SavingsCatcher

Once I entered my receipt number on the site I was sent a confirmation email with an estimated time for processing.

In two days I’ll know how much I saved on my shopping trip and then I can head back with my son to purchase some school uniform clothes and use my e-Gift card to purchase them!

Back to School Savings with Walmart Savings Catcher - ready to go to school #SavingsCatcher

Now my son is well stocked and all ready for Kindergarten. Lets bring on this new adventure.

How do you save on Back to School supplies?

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  1. Normally I save on Back to School supplies by running from store to store, trying to get the best deal. I love the idea of the Walmart Savings Catcher so I can get everything I need at one place & at the best price.

  2. I have gotten some pretty great deals at wal-mart… They are the best place for back to school shopping.

  3. We’ve used this for both school and homes needs! Super handy for sure!

  4. Walmart is the best, especially for back to school supplies. They have EVERYTHING, and it’s all so cheap! Glad to find another WM lover! 🙂

    Diary of a Debutante

  5. I didn’t know this was available! What a great feature to save on school supplies. I always stock up too!

  6. That is really cool! I love shopping at Walmart for Back to School items, they have everything we need.

  7. Brilliant that they came up with this. When I was there the other day I saw they have an email receipt app so you never lose another receipt. I have to say I’m always impressed with their Back to School prices even if I don’t personally like Walmart they have things I have not been able to get elsewhere. Now that they are getting smart with technology saving processes for consumers, let’s get Walmart smart about their employee wages and benefits. I used to belong to a union so this issue is near and dear to my heart. I literally did not step foot inside a Walmart for years…. then I became a sahm.

  8. I’ll be shopping at Walmart during my state’s tax-free weekend. 🙂

  9. I love back to school season, just for the school supplies. Which for me are craft supplies… 🙂

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