Craft Stick Christmas Tree

craft stick christmas tree

Remember when I shared with you what my daughter wanted us to make the other week? Well she also requested we make a craft stick Christmas tree as well after we finished with our snowmen. Since we already had everything out I figured why not?

She had such a fun time coloring the sticks, and gluing everything together, that she completely forgot about the cookie she asked for when we first started. Now that’s a win!

As we were crafting I snuck some carrot sticks and apple slices on the table and she happily munched on them non-the-wiser. And we now have some awesome Christmas trees to fling at gift to people.

Craft Stick Christmas Tree

What you need:

  • Craft sticks
  • Green and brown markers
  • Pom poms, buttons, and beads to decorate
  • Glue
  • Ribbon or Twine (optional)

What you do:

Color three craft sticks green (for the tree) and one craft stick brown (for the trunk).

Glue three green craft sticks to form a triangle.  Glue one brown craft stick to the back of the tree to form the trunk.

Decorate tree with pom poms, buttons, and beads. Add a loop of twine or ribbon for a hanger if you want to turn your tree into an ornament or hanging decoration.

craft stick christmas tree 2

Do you put up a tree for Christmas?

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  1. I do put up a tree at Christmas.

    Thanks for sharing this cute craft!

  2. So cute and so easy! I think we will be making these next month so we can use them as decorations around the house in December!

  3. I can’t believe it’s time to start posting about Christmas. We always put up a tree, sometimes real, sometimes fake. Maybe this year we will put up a real one.

  4. We do put up a tree. We have a fake Charlie Brown tree my husband bought on clearance that I despise so last year I just went and bought a real one myself. I love Christmas and love a real tree, or at least a nice fake one.
    Cute craft idea!

  5. We do put up a tree and it is one of my favourite traditions. I am excited that my boys are older and will be more interested in participating this year.

    Love this craft – super cute and great to give as gifts to grandparents!

  6. what a nice and easy craft for the little ones to put together!

  7. yes we put of a tree. And these look so easy to make

  8. That is really cute and easy, bookmarking for a craft day with the kids!! They’d love to make these!

  9. so cute! my son would like to make them


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