Creating a Summer Bucket List For Kids

This summer my kids are finally old enough to truly enjoy summer. They’ve already had quite a few fun experiences and we’re only a few days into summer. So we decided to write down all of our fun ideas and create a summer bucket list for kids to help keep track of everything we want to do.

If you have kids and want to get them involved in planning their summer fun I definitely suggest having them involved in writing them down. Whether on a huge chalkboard like we did or by creating a notebook like Stacie of did with her daughter.

I made sure to keep the kids involved and asked them what they wanted to do. When they were vague or unclear I simply asked a few questions to determine exactly what they wanted to go do.

Here’s what we decided on:

Summer Bucket List Fair Fun

Our Summer Bucket List for Kids

1. Fair fun and food at the San Diego County Fair

2. Beach/Park playdates at Fanuel Park

3. Pool time with friends

4. Ice cream outing at Mariposas

5. San Diego Staycation with family

6. Cousins fun at Sea World

7. Road trip to Vegas

8. Flying to South Dakota

9. Visiting with Grandma Tammy

10. Cousin’s sleepover

11. Playing with Washington cousins

12. Watch Cousin Aaron play hockey

13. Take Scout to Dog Beach Coronado

14. Family bike ride

15. Swimming at the rec pool with Grandpa Steve and Grandma Cathy

16. Explore the Zoo with friends

17. Family fun at Belmont Park Mission Beach

18. Visit to Inflatable World

19. Bowling fun at East Village Tavern & Bowl

20. Lizard hunting at Lake Murray

21. Splash in the front yard sprinklers

22. Sidewalk chalk art day

23. Walk along the San Diego Embarcadero

24. Visit Seaport Village San Diego

25. Go to a baseball game at Petco Park

 How will you be celebrating summer with the kids?

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  1. I love how you involved the entire family in your bucket list even your dog gets a special fun trip.

  2. Great list! I plan on spending as much time outside as possible with my kiddos this summer, at the pool or beach! 🙂

  3. I love how the entire family is involved in the bucket list! We just had a family weekend at the cabin, and more outside time is a must since the weather has been a little cooler than normal.

  4. Ummmm…. can I come stay with you? 🙂 We JUST moved a few weeks ago, so our plans are sporadic right now as we get settled. But, I LOVE this idea! I want to go kayaking, but it’s been so hot I think we’d roast on the lake.

  5. I really want to make a bucket list with my kids, but we’ve got so much else we have to do this summer 🙁 Hopefully next year I’ll do it!
    It looks like you and your kids are going to have a wonderful summertime!

  6. Love the idea of making a summer bucket list! I don’t have kids but we plan to go up to our family cabin, see fireworks, go bowling with my kid sister, go camping, and go to a drive in theater (i’ve never been to one yet!). Maybe more, but those are the must-dos for now 🙂

  7. That is a great idea. This way they are responsible for making sure that we don’t forget anything.

  8. Oh what fun and a great way to work together towards some fun goals… thank you for sharing

  9. What a fun list!!! I’ll have to do one for my son for our local attractions 🙂 Thanks for the idea!

  10. I’ve created a list – not called a bucket list but something similar!

    Check it out!


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