DIY Car Tracks

This week we busted out a typical rainy day activity because we needed something to keep us busy but didn’t want to deal with the outside heat. So we decided to create our own DIY car track to play with our race cars.

My kids have a great selection of cars from tv show characters, to rescue trucks, to tractors and trains. But they get kind of bored with playing on their own with their cars. Sure they make believe that there are roads, tracks, and driveways but sometimes it’s much more fun to have a road already built so that your imagination can be used elsewhere.

Here’s how we turn our kids room into a large race track and how you can too!

DIY Car Tracks

What You’ll Need:

  • tape (we used electrical tape but any masking tape or colored tape will do)
  • vehicles with wheels
  • scissors

What you do:

1. Start out by choosing a starting point. Simply start laying down the tape in the shape you want to make for the outer line of the track.

2. Then grab your widest car and measure how far apart each line should be so that every car fits on the track.

3. By following the width (eyeballing is fine) and the outer line, create the inner line to finish up your roadway.

4. Now it’s time to play! Grab your kid(s), your cars, and your imagination and start racing!

4a. And don’t just think that this activity is for the boys! Girls love to race too!


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  1. You should do something with cardboard :)😏

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