10 Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids

halloween craft ideas for kids

Looking for great ways to bring the upcoming Halloween season to life with your kids? Why not try your hands at these easy, creative crafts that they can do right along side you!

There’s something for everyone in these 10 Halloween craft ideas for kids.

10 Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids

Kids-Halloween-Crafts-Footprint-Ghost formula mom

1. Footprint Ghosts –

Get down and dirty with this adorable Footprint Ghost from Formula Mom. Simple, easy, and only 3 items needed to create it! Plus you can easily do this on craft paper and either use this as a card for a loved one or have it framed as artwork for the Halloween season.

2. Paper Plate Pumpkins –

Just like the footprint ghosts, this is a great hands-on craft for the kids that doesn’t take many supplies or time. So if your child looses interest in crafting fairly quickly, this Paper Plate Pumpkin craft we posted over on Formula Mom is right up your alley.

smarties DIY spider halloween treat mommy testers

 3. Smarties Spiders

Any craft that involves candy is sure to be a hit with the kids! And these Smarties Spiders over at Mommy Testers are just that. This is also a great way to get creative in how you pass out candy at parties as well.

Instead of a simple bag of candy, why not let the kids take home a cute Smarties Spider?! The best part? Smarties are the perfect candy for kids with allergies.

Painting Pumpkin on Doorstep

4. Painted Pumpkins –

One of my kids favorite crafts is painting their pumpkins. Sure, we still carve pumpkins a few nights before Halloween, but these Painted Pumpkins are cute, can fit any theme for a party, and they’re easy for the kids to do on their own without help.

5. Edible Pumpkin Playdough –

Did your mother ever tell you not to play with your food? Well what if it’s Edible Pumpkin Playdough like the kind About a Mom shows us how to make? Now that’s a different story! Am I the only mom who catches her kids trying to eat the playdough?

Spider Web Pumpkins 4

6. Spider Web Pumpkins –

Need another alternative to carving pumpkins? Try making these Spider Web Pumpkins and let your kids have fun creating their webs and spiders! Better yet, use a craft pumpkin instead and reuse the pumpkins year after year!

7. Googly Party Lights –

Turn any party into a Halloween party with these adorable Googly Party Light votives from About a Mom. Super easy to make and you can find everything you need from the dollar store! Now that’s awesome.

recycled-crayon-Skull-Picture fabulous mom blog

8. Spooky Skull Crayons –

Have a ton of broken crayons just lying around like I do? Well then here’s a simple way to use them all up! These Spooky Skull Crayons from Fabulous Mom Blog are simple, easy, and fun to play with! Talk about repurposing.

9. Mummy Luminaries –

This craft will definitely get you in the spooky spirit of Halloween. These Mummy Luminaries over at And Then There Were 5 are the perfect decor for in the house or on the front porch. Plus the kids will have a blast wrapping them up!

10. Very Busy Spider Web –

Taking it’s inspiration from a book, this Very Busy Spider Web craft over at Formula Mom is the perfect way to tie in reading with crafts. Plus you’ll have some spooky spiders and webs to decorate the house! Or at least the fridge door.

Do you decorate for Halloween?

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  1. I love the spider web pumpkin. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Really great list! My boyfriend’s favorite holiday is Halloween so I know he will love it when I share this with him. My favorites are the spiderweb pumpkin and foot ghosts!

  3. We used to do the footprint ghosts with my preschoolers when I taught. And if you dont want to do paint you can actually do baby powder and then spray the black paper with hairspray to set it!

  4. How cute. I love the Smartie spider and think I’ll borrow the idea for my table decorations with my grand kids this year.

  5. I haven’t done any decorating yet, but you’re getting me all excited to do some. These are darling ideas! Love the ghosts and spiders!

  6. Those Smarties Spiders are the cutest! I really want to make them for Cohen’s class at school for Halloween! 🙂

  7. I’m babysitting my 3 year old nephew next week – im plannign to try some of these w/ him! He loves arts and crafts projects.

  8. These are such GREAT ideas! My son will love doing all of these. We’ve only done the footprint ghost.

  9. Great list! We’ve painted pumpkins for the past several years and we also let the boys add stickers and glitter glue to them…

  10. FAB post!! I was just looking for ideas like these! CUTE!

  11. There are so many fun things to do with kids for Halloween! I can’t wait to paint pumpkins!

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