Italian Sausages and Rice {Dinner Recipe}

Italian Sausages & Rice

Last weekend we hit Costco for our weekly run. We go at least once a week to pick up the staples; milk, eggs, meat, veggies, fruit, juice, and snacks for the kids and my husband. But we also like to peruse their samples of the day in case anything catches our eye.

There has been many an item I’ve sampled at Costco and than later have become hooked to the product. First time I tried Fage? I was given a sample of a whole yogurt cup! I never looked back at the other greek yogurt brands I used to love.

Well that day we were able to sample two awesome products. The Spaghetti Factory Italian sausage and Seeds of Change Quinoa and Rice blend. These two were no where near each other when we sampled them but as soon as I tasted both I knew they belonged together.

Pair that with the fact that I am buried over my head with fresh swiss chard in the garden and you have this delicious dish. Seriously… one of the best dishes I’ve made in a long time. You definitely don’t have to use the exact brands I used but if you don’t have access to the Seeds of Change rice I recommend adding a clove of garlic in with the mix. You can never go wrong with garlic!

Italian Sausages and Rice - a great weeknight dinner

Italian Sausages & Rice

Heat olive oil in a large skillet. Add italian sausage and sear on all sides.

While sausage is searing, cook rice in microwave (you can also use 2 cups of leftover rice). Set sausage aside to rest and add onion and carrots to the pan. Cook for 3 minutes.

Cut sausages diagonally and add back to the pan to cook fully. Add swiss chard and chicken broth. Cover and cook for another 3 minutes. Add rice to the vegetables and cook another minute or two until everything is incorporated. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Serve with a great glass of red wine and enjoy! (try not to finish the bottle or else you might start blogging about feelings you never thought you’d share publicly)

Serves 4 | 10 WW+ Points

Do you have any favorite go-to items from Costco?

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  1. That looks super yummy!

  2. looks delicious! mangia!

  3. Melanie Ski says

    That looks really good. We dont have a cosco around. The swiss chard in it looks yum. I do make some stir fry’s to put over rice with italian sausage like that, but I think I will try to utilize a different rice and add the swiss chard!

  4. Sarah Lynne says

    That looks really good!!! My Husband would love it!!

  5. Really great ideas.Looks Fabulous…

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