Lego Duplo Party {The Decorations}

I have been looking for a chance to throw a Lego themed party for quite a while. Pinterest has added to this obsession (along with a lot of other party themes I want to attempt).

HouseParty sent out an awesome hostess kit that included 4 Read & Build kits, a Lego Duplo poster (pictured below), Lego red plates, Lego Duplo napkins, and some awesome Lego goodies for my guests to take home including magnet frames, stickers, and a Lego Duplo fun guide.

I was excited to use my new large chalkboard and incorporated it into the party by copying the Lego logo on it with chalk. The logo was very simple and straight forward and I was pretty happy with how it turned out. I added duplo to the bottom and *almost* attempted to draw the Duplo bunny but didn’t want to mess anything up.

The decorations started with a garland of Lego bricks. I grabbed a stack of red, green, and blue 8×11 construction paper and cut 8×5 bricks out. I used the scraps to make circles (and used an HonestTea bottle cap as my template).

I adhered the circles onto the bricks with tape. Once I had enough of each color I used a hole punch to punch out the circles in the corners and strung the bricks up together with red yarn. I then hung the garland up in the kitchen where I was serving the food.

I added a little fun to the drink cups by turning each cup into a Lego head. Each cup matched the Lego guy I put on top of the cups .

In order to make a tiered serving tower I covered up a soup can with some construction paper and drew a Lego face on it as well to tie in with the theme.

To show off the Lego Duplo Read & Build kits I opened two up and put them on my dining room table. I grabbed one of my vases and added some blocks to make a colorful display. The kids were able to play with the new Read & Build storybook sets at the table and create fun animals as we read the Busy Farm story.

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  1. Oh my goodness, this looks like so much fun! My boys would adore this party!

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