Great Car Care: How to Make an Old Car Run Like New

I spruced up my old car using Armor All products from Walmart, as part of a sponsored post featuring how to make an old car run like new for Socialstars #WalmartAuto

Great Car Care How to Make an Old Car Run Like New #WalmartAuto

It may come as a surprise to many but I still have my first vehicle. And it still runs great! But figuring out how to make an old car run like new didn’t come easily. It took a lot of regular checks and maintenance.

Luckily my husband came into my life shortly after I purchased my truck and helped me by reminding me of the fact that cars need things like oil changes regularly. I started to pay more attention to that little sticker that the oil change place put on my windshield.

And then when I hit a coyote on a late night driving home to the boonies and my truck was put out of commission he jumped at the chance to help fix and rebuild the truck. By learning more about the vehicle inside and out we were able to make sure it was getting everything it needed to stay in tip top condition once fixed. 

Great Car Care: How to make an old car run like new - my first vehicle

Even thought we have two other newer cars, our 20+ year old truck is one that we use for the heavy lifting. And it played a large role in our recent move. Luckily my husband has shared a few tips on exactly what to do to assure that an older car stays in good shape.

To make sure you’re doing everything you can to make an old car run like new you should do the following every few months:

  1. Check transmission fluid level and top off if necessary.
  2. Inflate tires to recommended PSI (check manual).
  3. Check drive belts and replace if necessary.
  4. Clean windows inside and out for better visibility and make sure to replace windshield wipers when needed.
  5. Check all lights – break lights and blinkers – to make sure light bulbs aren’t burned out.
  6. Check the air filters and replace if needed (this is sometimes done when you get your oil changed).
  7. Stay on a regular schedule with oil changes.

In addition to assuring your older car runs like new, it’s also helpful to show it a little TLC.

Great Car Care with Armor All #WalmartAuto

By using a great car wash like Armor All® Premium Wash & Wax + Protect I can not only Not only clean and create a great shine, but it also helps to protect the car from water spots and marks. That means an easier upkeep for me!

I also love to make sure that the interior of my car stays clean to make sure that the plastic and steering wheel don’t crack or wear down. I’ve been using Armor All® Pure Linen Protectant Spray on the truck’s seats to help keep them fresh and clean even when one of the kids insists on eating In-N-Out on the way home from a trip to the hardware store with dad.

Then I grab the Armor All® Disinfecting Wipes to clean an disinfect the interior to remove any of the ketchup smudges or other gunk that ends up in the cab. You can find these products and more, at a Walmart near you or online at

Great Car Care How to Make an Old Car Run Like New with Armor All #WalmartAuto

With a great running vehicle that’s clean inside and out, I foresee another decade of use out of our truck. Hey… who knows, Ethan may want it when he starts to drive!

Do you have an older car? How do you keep it running like new?

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  1. I had my last car for 10 years and would still have it if we hadn’t traded it in the for the mini van! Regular maintenance really helped keep it running and I’m hoping to do the same with the van and have it for the next 20 years!

  2. I love how you casually say “And then when I hit a coyote on a late night driving home to the boonies”

    We recently traded in my 14 year old Subaru. Lots of love is sure to keep it running for it’s new owner!

  3. Yes, our Honda was bought new the year we married, in 2003. Our van is a 2002 and we just purchased the same van again, 7 years old but it has 120k less miles. I agree, regular maintenance is the key.

  4. I hate cleaning, but there is something about cleaning a vehicle that just makes me happy! It’s like getting a new car without the price!!

    We have newer vehicles, thank goodness, but we still need to remember to maintain them!!

  5. I bought my Acura new in 2004 and this year, it’s getting replaced. I love it and wouldn’t part with it except it’s approaching 200K miles and with the number of road trips I take a year, I want something with better gas mileage. Regular maintenance and not being hard on my SUV has helped it last this long. I hope the next owner loves it as much as I do!

  6. We do. My husband has had is truck since we moved to Louisiana right after we got married. It’s paid off and he maintains it. Great tips.

  7. Elden Gatley says

    I agree that you should check the drive belts. I’m sure they could get pretty worn over time. This could probably pose a danger while driving.


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