Mammoth Family Trip: Day Two

For our second day in Mammoth we planned on checking out some local sights and taking a hike or two. So after feeding the fish (again) we headed out to the bus station where they take you to Devil’s Postpile & Rainbow falls.

The view we woke up to

Fishies first thing in the morning

Feeding the fishies gold fish

Yes, my son tried to eat the flowers

And than picked one and kept stuffing it up his nose 🙂

Looking at the Mammoth

We got an 11:30 bus and they drove us through the area. It was beautiful and the wind felt great. E fell asleep on the bus but luckily I had him in the Ergo so it wasn’t too hard getting up and off. We started hiking to Devil’s Postpile and just as we got there E woke up! Perfect timing!

We took a few pictures and looked around the area. We let E eat some snacks and drink some water as he explored. He loved watching the birds, squirrels and other wildlife. And he especially loved the water.

Devil’s Postpile

Another shot

Daddy & E… Sadly all of the pictures of Mommy & E were blurry 🙁


I love my apple carrot crushers!

Enjoying the raging water below them

Testing out the calm stream… man was it cold!! But it felt good after our hike.

E wanted in on the action…

And loved it so much he wanted to get in

He would squat to play with the water and than kept grabbing his behind wondering why it was wet too 😉

So much fun!!! BTW… the ladies in the background were super nice and friendly with us. They had E laughing so much. They were in the middle of getting pictures taken out there and were “icing” their knees and ankles. They played sports and had all sorts of injuries (I’m definitely familiar with that!).

The snow made an M on the mountain!! Maybe it was on purpose?

Family picture in front of the Mammoth

A small hike in our backyard meadow (not even a quarter mile from the door of the condo) was a fabulous way to end our afternoon. We saw more wildlife and enjoyed the sound of the creek that ran through the meadow.

E LOVED hiking and looked so proud every time I looked back to snap a picture. He really is a little man now!

The view

He was so proud of himself on the walk… he did it all by himself! (and isn’t my husband handsome??)


Hanging out with Daddy watching the water

Why all the pictures, Mom??

Ducks! (as he’s signing duck)

Baby ducklings and their mom

Watching the ducklings


Come here, bunny, come here…

After our meadow walk we decided to go out and grab a bite to eat. MMMMM!

YUMMY buffalo burger from Burgers in Mammoth… if you go up you have to try this place 🙂 I fell in love with their bbq sauce (homemade… yes, I asked) and almost asked to buy some to take home but they didn’t have it jarred.

E sharing our milkshakes. They were kind enough to split one big milkshake into two manageable ones so Joseph and I could both partake (and switch off sharing with E).

After his busy day he was exhausted! Isn’t this bed cute??? It was built into a little nook in the wall and they even had a side protector so E wouldn’t fall out. Too bad I left my pillow (the one E’s sleeping with) at the condo 🙁

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