Peppermint Holiday Ornaments

Peppermint Holiday Ornaments - easy to make and fun to display!

Are you looking for a festive and frugal ornament idea? Then why not give these melted peppermint holiday ornaments a try?

Using just a few crafting supplies, you can make your own, perfect for decorating your tree or for gift giving. Here is how you can get started crafting a set for yourself!

Peppermint Holiday Ornaments

What you’ll need: 

  • White and red swirl peppermint candies ($1 a bag at Dollar Tree)
  • Metal cookie cutters
  • Cookie sheet
  • Ribbon for hanging
  • Hot glue, glue gun

What you do:

1. Begin by unwrapping your candies and setting them in a pile. This way, they are ready for use.

Peppermint Holiday Ornaments supplies

2. Place the cookie cutters on the cookie sheet. Use only oven safe, metal cutters.

3. Drop the unwrapped candies into the cookie cutters. You want them to fill as much of the surface as possible but avoid stacking them up too high. There is no need to grease or spray your pan or cutters before use.

Peppermint Holiday Ornaments candies in cookie cutter

4. Place the tray in the oven at 350 degrees for 7-10 minutes or until the candy turns to liquid.

5. Remove the tray and allow it to cool.

Peppermint Holiday Ornaments melted

Now, carefully pull the cookie cutter from the cookie sheet and pop the candy out. It should have taken the shape of the cookie cutter. Remove any rough edges or extra candy that may have melted out of the sides.

Add a dab of glue to the back of the melted mints and press a ribbon to it for hanging. Once it is dry, your melted peppermint ornaments are ready to be displayed or given as gifts. Gather your supplies and give these melted peppermint ornaments a try!

Peppermint Holiday Ornaments

What’s your favorite Christmas craft?

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  1. What a wonderful idea. I’ve really got to try this! Thanks for sharing.


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