5 Places to Take Kids When It’s Raining

Are you going insane right now frantically thinking about how to entertain your kids after days and days of rainfall? Well surprisingly, right now here in San Diego we’re going through the same thing.

Because we live in sunny So Cal we normally don’t have to deal with rain but we desperately needed it. So instead of cursing at the fact that it is raining, I’m embracing it and figuring out places to take the kids when it’s raining. Because we all have to stay sane.

I was kinda surprised when asking my friends that there weren’t too many places to take them but if we got creative, alternate locations could totally work. And? A few of them are free!

Places to Take Kids When It's Raining - Aquariums5 Places to Take Kids When It’s Raining

1. Aquariums –

The kids love places where they can go and explore. They’ve been cooped up inside (ok… I’ll be honest, they’ve been playing in the mud in the back yard) so the aquarium gives them a place to go and look at the fun fishes and other marine life.

There’s also the cool educational aspect of it as well. Who doesn’t like seeing the jellys with the fluorescent hues or the octopus who might just ink at any moment. And since the majority of our aquarium is indoors we don’t have to worry about getting wet.

Don’t have an aquarium near by? Try a museum. Our local Natural History Museum or science center are places that my kids can explore indoors for hours and they enjoy being there.

2. Indoor Play Centers –

We have a great play center that my kids absolutely love. We even hosted one of my son’s birthdays there a few years back and were lucky that we did so because the previous year’s party at home was rained out.

Now these places can get pretty packed during rainy days but it is an option if you can deal with the amount of kids. Also make sure if it’s a weekend to find out if they’re open to the public on weekends. Some close for private parties.

3. Ikea –

If you have a store near you with a kid center, that’s the perfect place for your kid to head over and hang out with other kids while you get some mommy time to be at Ikea. It’s seriously a win-win. Unless they have a wait list and you are stuck with your kids in Ikea.

But there is a smaller play area in the food area so you can still enjoy some yummy meatballs while your kid plays for a bit. And the kid section by the food area is also a great place for them to play. I mean they put out all of the toys so it’s encouraged!

Another great place? Fast food restaurants with indoor play areas. Our go to is totally Chick-Fil-A! Not only do the kids have fun but I get to eat my original chicken sandwich and ice dream sundae (or a milkshake… so good!).

4. Indoor Malls –

Now indoor malls in Southern California are few and far between. But there are a few here in San Diego and those few all have indoor play areas for the kids. Parkway Plaza in El Cajon also has a double decker carousel too to entertain the little ones.

The play areas at the malls aren’t the largest but they’re still enough to keep the kids occupied and give them some playmates for an hour or two.

5. Movie Theaters –

Yes, it costs a little but going to the movie theater on a rainy day is  a great way to entertain the kids for a good chunk of time. Added bonus is when the movie theater is in an indoor mall so you can make the outing a bit longer by heading to one of the stores or restaurants around you without getting drenched.

Plus you can make a fun day out of it!

When all else fails I usually give in and take them to the dreaded mouse…. but that’s only when I’m desperate!

How do you stay sane on rainy days?

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  1. Great ideas! We also love going to pet stores – generally free and almost has the allure of zoo 🙂 We braved the mall this rainy weekend ourselves!

  2. These are some great ideas. We also like to visit our local museums on rainy days.

  3. oh I Miss IKEA! We used to go there all the time when we lived in Germany. LOVED that place. So did the kids. lol. The closest one to us now is 5 hrs away.

  4. Thanks for these ideas. It is raining today but sadly it will be followed by ice so we will staying inside.

  5. I live in So Cal too and yes the rain this past weekend was something else for us. These are great tips and they all sound like fun 🙂

  6. I LOVE saving movie theatre trips for rainy days. 🙂 That’s what our rainy day jar is for.

  7. We pack a lunch and take the train (The Coaster) on a roundtrip ride. We catch it in Old Town and take it to Oceanside – it has a 15 minute “layover” and it comes right back. Kids under 6 are FREE and a round trip adult ticket is $11! http://www.gonctd.com/coaster

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