Preschool and Potty Training

Ever since my son turned 3 I’ve had a hard time figuring out what to label him as. He’s not quite a toddler but isn’t in preschool. Yet. He starts in the fall but is more than ready right now. He’s social, loves to read and learn, and is obsessed with the idea of going to school “like a big boy.”

But since he has to be potty trained before he can go, we’re doing what we can at home to pique his interest. Since we’ve gone over this hump before I’m dreading starting again even more. But I know that if I just jump in as soon as he starts showing more interest then he’ll pick it up right away. He understands the concepts; he just doesn’t want to lose the control.

But once he’s potty trained what’s next? Preschool, growing up, lots of change.

This past weekend we went to an inflatable slide/jumpy place called Inflatable World. My son had been begging us to take him and invite his cousin to join us for weeks and finally I gave in. Most of the slides seemed a bit too big for him so he stuck with smaller jumpy areas that he seemed more comfortable with. But then he decided he wanted to go branch out and try a slide out.

With a little help from his aunt he got up the wall and after a bit more encouragement and maybe a little shove he went down the slide. Once he was down he was all smiles. But he did make it clear that he did NOT want to go on the slide again. He tried. That’s all that mattered.

I don’t see myself as the bawling mother waving good bye to her baby on the first day of preschool. But maybe I will surprise myself and be overcome with emotions. I mean this happy, energetic, amazing boy was once a teeny newborn in my arms not able to do anything for himself.

Now I have to put my faith in complete strangers to help raise him and teach him. Its like I’m the one with the control issues now.

Its not that I’m afraid or apprehensive about leaving him at preschool either. I am looking forward to a few days a week with only one child. For some reason I have fantasies of days filled with cleaning and working without constantly being interrupted. And naptimes. Naptimes that don’t abruptly stop when one or the other child wakes up or has to be put down.

I know, I know… total fantasies.

Preschool is right around the corner. Potty training is inevitable. And eventually both of my children will be taught by people other than myself and my family. It’ll be hard to get used to but it’s something that’s coming up quite soon.

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  1. Oh I don’t think that feeling ever goes away, or maybe it changes into a different form of “control.” My son is 6, and I still feel like someone else is being with him for his “firsts.” 🙂 Hugs..

  2. I was so emotional during our oldest daughter’s preschool process. When we went for meet the teacher night, I cried the whole hour we were there and then on the first day, I was crying so hard my husband didn’t let me say goodbye so I didn’t scare her. Thankfully he was there because the last thing I wanted was her to worry because of my sobbing and he was able to happily lead her in to the classroom after saying bye.

    I was also about 4 months pregnant at the time so I’m not sure if pregnancy hormones had anything to do with it but being a stay at home mom and almost never leaving my children, preschool was hard for the first couple weeks!

  3. I used bubbles to potty train my kids but there are different techniques that work for different kids. I know how you feel about your son going to school. I even feel that way about my grand children going to school. My daughter chose a pre-school with a monitor in the classroom that we could watch her youngest at play. It helped to make us feel we were still in the loop and enjoy his activities.

  4. East9thStreet says

    I can so relate! My daughter will be 3 in August and just the other day I looked at her and asked her when she grew up. She looks like a little girl, no longer the chubby baby I remember. Instead of clinging to my side she now runs off and joins the big kids.

  5. Potty training is SO HARD! We are still dealing with our 5 year old son. It stinks. My daughter was so much easier. Good luck with everything!

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