Mia Francesca {A Family-Friendly San Diego Restaurant Review}

Having two small kids can prove to be quite a feat when it comes to dining out. Not only do we have to be very choosy about where we go, we also have to make sure thatthe items on the menu are “kid-friendly.” And by kid friendly I do not mean breaded chicken nuggets and quesadillas (not that there is anything wrong with a good quesadilla). I mean something that will actually appeal to my children, whether it be what I order and share with them or what I order for them to eat together.

This afternoon we were invited to head over to Mia Francesca‘s newest Del Mar Highlands location to taste a bit of what they had to offer. And boy was I glad we went!

Not only is their menu simple and fabulous, everything I tasted was delicious as well! We started out with a few appetizers for the table. There were two types of bruscetta, the first was topped with bruscetta, fresh mozzarella (like… made recently fresh!), and avocado, the other was sans avocado but loaded with cheese! Both were topped with fresh basil. So good!

Next we tried the calamari. Now calamari has been one of my favorite dishes for quite some time. Not only is it delicious, but paired with a tangy marinara it just hits the spot. My son has never had calamari but when I offered him some he quickly approved and gobbled down a few pieces. So happy he enjoyed it!

After allowing our tummies to settle from our tasty appetizers, we were brought our main dishes.

I absolutely loved the kids options. Simple and, for the most part, healthy as well! I ordered pasta with broccoli for my daughter and chicken with fries for my son, knowing he’d share some of his sisters broccoli. Both shared wonderfully with each other.

The one thing I did love was that the chicken I ordered for him was not breaded tenders. It was a full grilled chicken breast perfectly seasoned. I cut it up and he devoured what I offered him. The servings were large and I could probably get away with letting the kids split a meal next time but for now we have left overs for the week!

After being undecided for quite a while about what I was going to get I decided to go with the pizza of the day. As soon as I saw fontina cheese I knew I had a winner. A simple margharita pizza with pesto sauce made my day. Sometimes a slice or two of pizza just puts you in a good mood!

The other pizzas they had ot offer also sounded yummy as well and I know my husband will want to come with us to try a few more of the menu options later on. 

While this location is a bit out of the way for us, I’m looking forward to trying out the Little Italy location closer to home. And coming back to the Del Mar Highlands location when meeting up with  my family in North County. But for the 25 minute drive, lunch was totally worth it! Both locations can be found on their website here.

If you’re looking for a family-friendly restaurant with a great, relaxing atmosphere you have to check out Mia Francesca. The patio is the perfect place on a warm day to let the kids play a bit while enjoying a great Italian meal with friends and family.

You can find Mia Francesca Del Mar on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary lunch for myself and my children at Mia Francesca. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Mommy and Me at the San Diego Zoo

My family is pretty lucky. Living in San Diego we’re blessed to have a few amazing places to visit with the kids to teach, learn, and enjoy ourselves. One of the most frequent places we visit in town is the San Diego Zoo. And we make it at least once a month for a special program I’ve been able to participate in, the Zoo’s Mommy and Me tours.

Each month the San Diego Zoo has a themed tour that teaches the kids something different about the zoo. We spend an hour discussing different animals, their features, where they come from, and fun quirks about them. Then we end our time together with a story and stickers!

Here are a few of the recent tours we took:

  •  Animal Ambassadors: What is an Animal Ambassador? Animal Ambassadors are animals that visit schools and community events as part of our educational programs. They also appear in our shows, Keeper Talks and during special tours. This month we will discover how important these Animal Ambassadors are to the Zoo and the ways they connect people with wildlife. As we explore Urban Jungle, you will see many of the Animal Ambassadors that live there. 
  •  Alphabet Bus Tour: B is for Bus Tour! This month, we are leaving the strollers behind as we board a bus and take a non-stop tour through the Zoo. Join us as we see our striped, spotted, and furry friends while learning letters in the alphabet (G is for Giraffes).
  • Children’s Zoo Tour: Wear some of your favorite colors this month of July as we invite you on a colorful journey through the Children’s Zoo. Kids can practice their colors, and moms will awe at some surprising facts about the history of the San Diego Zoo!

The last Mommy and Me tour we went on (the Children’s Zoo Tour) ended with a visit from a very special animal, this porcupine from South America!

Each visit takes us to a new part of the zoo. We get to explore a little bit, learn, and then are left to do what we’d like after our tour. This makes visiting the zoo stress free and easy. Especially with two kids. Instead of spending the whole day, we do the tour with the group and then afterwards we head to the children’s zoo to play, visit meerkats, and pet goats.

I couldn’t imagine a better way to see our zoo! We don’t stress about seeing this animal or that. We don’t feel exhausted because we didn’t have to trek around one side of the zoo to the other pushing a double stroller up hill. And we get to hang out with our friends! 

The San Diego Zoo also has an amazingly fun interactive site for kids as well at San Diego Zoo Kids. Visit their Mommy and Me section to learn more about the animals you visit at the zoo. You can even view the animals (including babies!) on the animal cams in the different animal habitats.

As we visit the zoo over and over again, my son has been increasingly interested in the jobs available at the zoo. Being able to speak with the staff, find out exactly what each person does, and how involved they are with the animals can help motivate my son to find out what he wants to be when he grows up. Sure he’s only 3 1/2 but sometimes a dream can start early on in life!

If you haven’t already joined a playgroup for your little one, I highly suggest it! Being able to connect with different locations around San Diego while bringing a large group means discounts, special tours, and much much more!

I found my playgroup by simply perusing the playgroups in our area on Meetup.com. I’m sure if you check them out you can find one that fits perfectly for you!

5 Things That Keep Your Child From Sleeping

In our home one of the biggest struggles we have is sleep. From naptime to bedtime, sleep equals stress in this home. But with a few changes to our schedule, and advice from a sleep coach, we could easily change this around to a more peaceful outcome.

My buddy Kari over at Mommy to Elodie recently posted about her experience with sleep coach Lauren Boston and I must say that she gives me hope!

Lauren has kindly listed out a few things below that can help you troubleshoot just where you need to change things up. And with a sleep coach like her, I’m sure you’ll see a great improvement in your child’s sleep.

If you’ve experienced any of these items listed you may be interested in talking with Lauren more in depth to help change you child’s sleep for the better!

The 5 Things That Kept 
Your Child From Sleeping Last Night

1. Too late of a bedtime
Children need on average 10-11 hours of sleep at night for the first 9 years of their lives!Watch for your child’s sleepy cues in the evening (between 6-8pm, depending on their age). When they are rubbing their eyes, yawning or increasingly cranky these are good indications that it’s time for bed.

2. Nap deprivation
Too late of a bedtime and skipped short naps will create more night wakings and poor quality sleep – not to mention an overtired child! It might not be logical but its true! Sleep begets sleep. Make sure your child is having age appropriate naps so that they don’t get over-tired.

3. Your child was put down in his crib or bed already asleep
If you put your child to sleep by rocking, nursing, walking, bottle feeding or lying down with them, they become dependent on you to put them to sleep. When your child wakes during the night (we all do) they will expect the same thing from you in order to go back to sleep. Putting your child into their crib awake will help them learn how to fall asleep on their own.

4. Inconsistency is how you respond to your child during the night
If you are inconsistent in how you put your child to sleep and how you respond to them when they wake up, you may inadvertently create more crying! Consistency in sleep coaching is your key to success!

5. Underlying medical conditions 
Such as: asthma, allergies, reflux and sleep apnea. If you suspect your child is suffering from any of these conditions, talk to your pediatrician.


Lauren Boston is a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach and Postpartum Doula. She offers her sleep coaching services to tired parents all over the world.

Lauren was born in Los Angeles, raised in Canada, and now lives in San Diego with daughter Charlie, 2, and husband Jordan. When she’s not helping tired families you can find her enjoying time with her family, at the park, beach or enjoying other ‘San Diegan’ activities.

Anniversary Staycation {@HiltonSanDiego Resort and Spa}

We just celebrated our 5 year anniversary at the end of June.

5 years. 

How does that happen? Time just wooshing by like it was nothing. All of a sudden we’re 5 years into our marriage and two kids deep. I just am in awe of how lucky we were to find each other and create this amazing family.

In celebration of this awesome milestone we knew we wanted to do something special.

So I thought long and hard and decided that an anniversary staycation would be the best solution to celebrating in style! And what better place to do that than the place we spent our wedding night at?

The Hilton San Diego Resort and Spa is the perfect place to experience all of San Diego’s beauty in one place. From beautiful bayfront views to relaxing paths that wind through the resort, this resort has all of the amenities you are looking for when searching for the perfect place to stay.

When we first arrived at the resort we were pleasantly surprised to find a relaxing lounge area right outside the registration desk.

So while I was taking care of securing the room keys and confirming our dinner reservation, my husband was sipping some cool, cucumber water and relaxing on one of these awesomely padded wicker chairs. He was ::this close:: to asking where he could buy some for our patio!

We walked around a bit after getting our room keys and checked out the pool area. We weren’t going to be doing any swimming that night but planned on coming by in the morning with our kids.

We were also able to check out the Olive Bar and the hotel’s restaurant, Acqua, as well as scout out other dining options.

Once we opened our hotel room door we knew we were going to enjoy our evening. The view alone was breathtaking! And the cool breeze that enveloped the room as soon as we opened our sliding glass doors to the balcony were heavenly.

We loved the size of the room. It could easily accommodate a roll away bed or crib if we were traveling with more family.

I have a thing for hotel toiletries. Although as of late I’ve been quite picky about what hotel’s toiletries I use. The Hilton San Diego did not disappoint. As soon as I opened up the lotion and smoothed it on my arms I knew I’d love the other products offered!

The size of the bathroom was perfect! More than enough room for 2 people to move around comfortably to get ready for a night out.

And I found out later that night that the water pressure in the shower was perfect. I was able to take a hot shower with great pressure after we returned from our dinner out. I also didn’t feel claustrophobic either, which can happen at some hotels. 

Once we were dressed up and ready to go out we headed to the resort’s restaurant, Acqua, for a special Anniversary meal.

Stay tuned for my post on our dinner experience on Date Night 411 coming soon!

After we wrapped up dinner we heading back to our hotel room to meet our daughter. Along the way we enjoyed the sunset and the gorgeous waterfront surrounding us.

A few moments after our daughter arrived, the fireworks show at Sea World San Diego started. We were amazed at how bright and clear the fireworks were from our balcony and enjoyed the whole show without interruption. We might have to book a room next year just for the 4th of July celebration!

After a very restful sleep on our large king bed we woke up and put on our bathing suits to take advantage of the quiet, sunny morning.

We arrived at the pool and were greeted by a family of ducks coming out of the water. My daughter immediately wanted to get in the pool and be just like the baby ducks. We splashed and played in the gradual entry side of the pool before heading over to the kiddie pool.

My daughter happily ran to the balls and pool noodles that filled the kiddie pool. What kid wouldn’t want to play in such a fun area? I absolutely loved the surrounding views of the pool. We were able to see the beach, the bay, and the boardwalk easily from the pool while laying out and drying off. And the sound of the waterfall in the background made everything perfectly serene.

We worked up quite an appetite swimming so as soon as we were (mostly) dried off we headed to the restaurant again for breakfast.

The Hilton San Diego also has a great cafe, Aroma, that’s perfect for the coffee and pastry on the go while you head out to check the San Diego sites around you. I highly recommend trying one of their delicious lattes. Perfect for that morning pick-me-up!

All in all we had a wonderful stay at the San Diego Hilton Resort and Spa. The laid back, relaxed atmosphere added to our celebration and the fabulous kid-friendly service made us want to come back with the whole family soon!

Next time we’ll definitely be planning a whole weekend away so that we can truly enjoy all of the resort’s amenities.

Interested in booking a few nights away?

And don’t forget to like the San Diego Hilton on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to get the latest in deals, discounts, and events!

Have you stayed at a Hilton? What was your experience like?

Disclaimer: I received a discounted rate on our room and complimentary dinner for review purposes only. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. All opinions are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.

True Food Kitchen: Delicious Food and Kid-Friendly Atmosphere {San Diego Restaurants}

Move over Nordies Cafe, I think I’ve found my new lunch spot at the Fashion Valley Mall.

True Food Kitchen, the brainchild of Dr. Andrew Weil, is a new restaurant chain that follows the principals of Dr. Andrew Weil’s Anti-Inflammatory Diet & Food Pyramid. It’s health conscious meets eco-friendly and the results are amazing and tasty food!

When we arrived we were greeted with a wide open room filled with smiling faces, both the diners already seated and the staff at the restaurant seemed excited to be there. And while we didn’t have to wait at all we noticed the cucumber basil water offered to guests who might not get seated right away. I’m pretty sure we’ll be enjoying this yummy water soon when we return with my husband because this restaurant is going to be packed in no time!

I requested a booth to help corral the kids and make it easier for them to enjoy their meals without having to resort to using high chairs and was seated in a perfect corner booth that gave the kids both room to play a bit and eat their food.

I was excited to try a few different things on the menu but first my son had a specific request. As soon as the waitress asked us if we needed anything he ordered orange slices. No looking on the menu, no checking to see if they actually had orange slices available. He had a craving for orange slices and wanted some to start his meal.

I was so pleased when I heard the hostess say that grabbing orange slices and quickly realized how easy it was to meet the demands of a stubborn 3 year old. They had fresh, organic produce ready and available to serve for every meal and even offered fresh squeezed juices and cocktails. A chef easily sliced up an orange and had it over to my impatient son in no time.

When a restaurant caters to my 3 year old like True Food Kitchen did, it makes me want to come back again and again and invite friends and family along with me.

We ordered a starter of shrimp pot stickers (my favorite!) since Daddy wasn’t there to veto the spicy dish and asked for a few minutes to decide on what we wanted as our main course. I was excited about the menu options and honestly wish I could have chosen more than one dish. Luckily this location is super close to the house and in the mall so I can come back and enjoy more yummy meals in the near future.

I finally decided on what we would have and settled on a Teriyaki Brown Rice Bowl to split between myself and my daughter and ordered a Almond Butter, Banana, and Strawberry sandwich with carrots for my son. He actually ordered for himself for the first time. I was so proud.

To check out the other selections for lunch time check out their lunch menu here

When the food arrived at our table it took all the willpower I had not to dig in right away without taking pictures. But I couldn’t stop my son for grabbing a carrot stick and biting before I snapped a shot.

The three sticks they gave him were gone in no time and as soon as the waitress came around again he quickly asked for more carrots before I could stop him. This time they brought out a whole plate of whole, organic carrots in various shades of orange and purple for him to gnaw on. He was in heaven!

Once we finished our meal we were given the dessert menu. It was so hard to choose but we finally decided on a flourless chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream. I requested the ice cream on the side so the kids could dive in on their own.

Little did I know that my daughter would take “diving in” to a new, literal level.

She wanted nothing to do with the ice cream and instead enjoyed the chocolate cake with Mommy. She has such a sweet tooth!

From the atmosphere, open and relaxed, to the food, organic and sustainable, to the amazing service I can definitely say that we will be coming back to True Food soon. And while the pricing is a tad higher than what we normally pay, we’d gladly shell out a bit more for their food.

If you’re in San Diego and looking for a fun, kid-friendly, delicious place to eat head on over to Fashion Valley and check out True Food. You won’t be disappointed!

What tasty options would you want to try for lunch from True Food?

Disclaimer: Our meal at True Food was complimentary. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. All opinions are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.

Girl Time {The Importance of MNO}

Over the past few months I’ve come to realize the importance of girl time.Not only does it bring me out of the house and away from the kids but it also allows me to form and build on relationships with my peers. I’m able to have adult conversations without wiping a nose or chasing a kid. And I get to meet new people too!

So how do I make this happen. It’s simple!

  1. Write it in on the calendar
  2. Remind the husband the night before
  3. Run out the door

This past week I was able to attend an awesome launch party for The Pulse SD at Whiskey Girls. Not only were there delicious Pulsetinis from Smirnoff, but the entertainment from Lucient Dossier Experience was amazing to say the least.

I was able to sit back, have a glass or two of wine, and enjoy some girl time with my good friend Kari and her sister (not to mention the fabulous ladies we also hung out with). We had fun, danced, acted silly and Kari even managed to talk her way into scoring a swag bag. What that girl will do for free stuff! I kid, I kid!

And I always make time for SD Mom’s Night Out. Not only are these events fabulous, they’re always at a different venue and feature different companies as well. The most recent event at Bliss 101 had chair massages, wine from Whole Foods, Skinny Shots, swag bags, and more. Plus the famous raffle! This time if you purchased $20 worth of tickets you got double the amount!

These events are definitely networking in disguise. Not only do I get to spend time with my girlfriends but I get to branch out and network with other moms and businesses as well all in one location. Much easier than trying to talk via email or online.

Then there are fun events that I get to partake in. Recently I won tickets to the advanced screening of What to Expect When You’re Expecting. We got some pretty nifty shirts, boxes of prenatal vitamins and some hemorrhoid wipes. Never know when you’re going to need those, right?

Aside from the goodies, I got to chat with friends beforehand and enjoy a hilarious movie! Usually I go to the movies with my husband so going with girlfriends is a much different experience!

Perhaps some of the most fondest moments of getting out with the girls is gathering with friends who come to visit San Diego after moving away. Whenever any one of our book club buddies comes back we always make a point to schedule something awesome to spend at least a few hours chit chatting like they never left!

Breakfast at Snooze? Heck yes! Good friends who’ve been together for 5!! years already? Do you really have to ask?!

Do you get out for a night (or morning or afternoon) with the girls?

Where to Pick Strawberries in San Diego {San Diego Family Fun}

Where to Pick Strawberries in San Diego

The one activity I’ve been dying to do with my family is go strawberry picking. I’ve said year after year that we were going to do it and then just didn’t follow through. So for Mother’s Day my husband asked if I wanted to take the kids up to the strawberry fields to go strawberry picking. And I quickly said yes!

We made our way up the 5 freeway towards Carlsbad and just stopped at the first U-Pick Strawberries sign we found. We didn’t do much research beforehand that I know of other than to find out how much it was so we had enough cash on hand.

When we got there we parked, paid for our small bucket. Then after a quick run down of the rules we made our way to the strawberry plants to get picking.

Where to Pick Strawberries in San Diego Carlsbad Strawberry Co picking strawberries

The kids quickly jumped on board and started picking and eating like crazy. Until my husband noticed the moldy strawberries next to the ones the kids just ate and picked. So we became the pointers for the kids and showed them which ones to pick.

Where to Pick Strawberries in San Diego eating strawberries

My son was quite excited about the whole “eat as many as you’d like” and quickly had a ring of red around his lips and on his fingers. I highly recommend bringing baby wipes with you as you pick the strawberries!

Where to Pick Strawberries in San Diego eating strawberries at Carlsbad Strawberry Co

After traipsing up and down just about every row, the kids were too exhausted to walk back to the car alone. So my husband scooped them up and carried them. He quickly learned why the owners recommend wearing old shoes after putting the kids down at the car… his shirt and pants were not only covered in strawberries but caked with muddy dirt as well. The sign of any great adventure!

So if you are interested in picking some strawberries this season I highly suggest that you check out where your local U-Pick strawberry farms are. They’re great fun for kids and adults alike! Next year we’ll definitely be checking out the other strawberry fields around town.

Where to Pick Strawberries in San Diego strawberry fields

Where to Pick Strawberries in San Diego

Carlsbad Strawberry Co. – Camarosa Strawberries
Located on Hwy 5 at Cannon Road in Carlsbad
Open 7 days a week, 9 am to 5 pm

PO Box 479,
Carlsbad, CA, 92018-0479

U-Pick Fields open April 17th through June, perhaps as late as July 4th weekend.
Prices: $8.70 for a 1 quart bucket, $17.00 for a 3 quart tub (think fried chicken tub size), Cash only

Temecula Valley Strawberry Farms
Click here for current open hours, days, dates, and directions.
Open Friday-Sunday 10am-6pm

5452 5th Street,
Fallbrook, CA 92028

U-Pick Fields open March 15 pm to August 30.
Price: $4 per pound, Cash, Check, Debit cards, Visa/MasterCard accepted

Heritage Farms
Call for picking hours

21345 San Pasqual Road,
Escondido, CA.
(760) 746-8822

Have you gone strawberry picking with your family? What do you make with the strawberries you pick?

Grin & Share It Photography {San Diego Family Photographer}

Tessa of Grin & Share It Photography has been doing our family photos since before we had kids. The first photo shoot we did with her was actually a gift for my mom for Christmas. All 6 of us kids were in the same place at once and I knew I had to capture that on camera. I’m pretty sure the pictures brought my mom to tears. Tessa was just starting her photography career.

Tessa then took my maternity photos with my son, followed by newborn, 6 month and 12 year photos. The same were taken for my daughter – newborn, 6 month and now a family session that will take the place of her 1 year photos. And every time Tessa shoots our family I am amazed at what she comes up with. Her photos are absolutely stunning.

Now I’m not talking about our family and how we photograph. No, I’m talking about the lighting, the feel, the way the photos capture our true essence as a family. And that is why I will continue to go to Tessa for our family photos year after year. She knows how to get those shots that stop you and make you fall in love with your kids and your family all over again.

Not only is she a great photographer but she is also a professional. She also is a great resource for figuring out what to wear, where to do your photo shoot and has some great ideas for photo props, etc. If you have a vision I’m pretty darn certain that she can make it come true. From a sofa on the beach to a classroom in her backyard, she has the creative eye to make beautiful and artistic portraits to treasure forever. 

If you are in the San Diego County area and need a good family photographer I could not recommend Tessa enough! She simply is the best and I have the pictures to prove it! If you would like to see more please check out Grin & Share It Photography’s blog and facebook page. You’ll find great information on her mini sessions and other specials she has going on by becoming a fan. If you have any questions or want to book a session with her check out her website here.

Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way for writing this post. All opinions are 100% my own. I only promote products and businesses I believe in 100% and will always disclose this information to my readers.  

Best Start Birth Center San Diego {Review}

When I learned that I was pregnant for the second time I knew I wanted to pursue other options when it came to where I gave birth. The experience I had with my son was not my ideal situation and I wanted to make sure that I did everything possible to make sure I would receive the birth I dreamed about. Yes, I know that sounds crazy but I just knew I could give birth naturally with no intervention and wanted those around me at that time to believe so too.

I went in search of a birthing center that not only allowed for a natural birth but was also covered by my insurance. And that’s when I learned about Best Start Birth Center San Diego Best Start is the only state-licensed, nationally accredited, free-standing birth center in Southern California. That means they are not part of a hospital or HMO. They are a private practice owned and operated by midwives. They have physicians associated with the practice whom we consult with and refer clients to as needed, but they are not here for deliveries — it is the midwives who do the deliveries. Best Start is also the only state-licensed, nationally accredited facility in San Diego offering Water-birth.

Best Start Birth Center

When I went in for my first appointment I was immediately set at ease. I received a tour of the facilities, met a few of the midwives there that day and got to know the reception staff and nurses. I would come to find out that they are a tight knit group who work very well with each other. Every time I called in or had a question or concern at an appointment I was quickly helped and given great information and answers. I never felt like my concerns weren’t important nor did I think that anyone was hurrying me up or brushing me off. I was important and they cared as much about my pregnancy as I did. My best interest was their concern.

Each time I went in for a prenatal appointment I would see a different midwife. They do this so that you get to know each midwife at the practice. The midwives rotate who is on call so when you go into labor you don’t know who’s on call until you call in. As luck would have it the only midwife I didn’t get to meet due to schedule conflicts (I always had to make my appointments for certain dates and some midwives were off on those dates) was the midwife who would deliver my daughter.

But that wouldn’t matter. From the first few moments I met Brita on the day I came in to deliver my daughter I knew things were going to be ok. Throughout the birth both Brita and her birth assistant were reassuring, calm and empowering. I wasn’t sure if I could get through my natural birth without my trusty doula and best friend by my side (like at my son’s birth) but with these two women I knew I could. Every step of the way they were there to guide me. They offered me different suggestions and positions and never once said I had to do anything. They let me decide what I felt most comfortable with and when I needed direction the most they helped me out.

Being placed in mommy's arms 5

As soon as my daughter came into the world I knew I had made the right decision in going with Best Start Birth Center. She was immediately placed in my arms and was allowed to stay with me for a bit. Then she was taken to be measured and weighed while I delivered the placenta. I then tried to get her to latch on before handing her over to Daddy while they sutured me up (yup… I tore!). The whole time we were there after giving birth she was in the room with us either in my arms or in Daddy’s arms. My son came to visit two hours later with my mother-in-law with lunch in tow and four hours after that we were headed home.

Coming home from the birthing center

Two days after I gave birth a nurse came to my home to check on me and the baby. She offered help with breastfeeding and gave me great suggestions for different foods to eat, teas to drink and how to overall care for myself while caring for a new baby. At my 6 week check up I was greeted by congratulations and smiles while everyone oohed and aahed at my new daughter. I felt as if I had come full circle from the first time I visited the birthing center seeing the new mom next to me waiting for her 6 week appointment. If I decide to get pregnant again I will more than likely be turning to Best Start to deliver my third child.

To read my full birth story go here. And if you are considering a birthing center for the birth of your child and have more questions please feel free to contact me at any time!

Bates Nut Farm 2011 – A Family Tradition

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but I love traditions. And when I had kids I knew I wanted to create some traditions with my little family that we could continue to do every year. One of those traditions was going to a pumpkin patch every year. And not just any pumpkin patch, Bates Nut Farm. Ok… so no, it’s not called Bates Pumpkin Patch but this farm is a great location for family fun during the Fall season.

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