Quick and Easy DIY Bats {Simple Cricut Vinyl Projects}

Quick and Easy DIY Bats - Simple Cricut Vinyl Projects

When I was asked to test out the new Cricut Explore I don’t think I waited a few seconds before responding back with a resounding YES. One thing I love about the Cricut Explore is how simple and easy it is to use.

Making simple Cricut vinyl projects like these bats makes holiday decorating a breeze. I simply look up the images I want to cut out in the design space and add them to my template. Then I load the machine and off I go!

Simple Cricut Vinyl Projects - bats on Cricut Design

When I first started playing around I realized that signing up for the Cricut Image Library Subscription (only $9.99 a month or $99.99 for the year) made total sense. I was able to find this bat design by simply searching for “bat” in the images.

By using the same image and changing the size and position, I was able to get 6 bats (2 medium, 4 small) out of one 12×12″ sheet of vinyl.

In order to keep the bats in this position I had to select all of them and weld them together so that when I went to print they didn’t end up on different sheets.

Simple Cricut Vinyl Projects - cut out vinyl

I love that I have a Cricut Vinyl Sampler to try out the colors first before purchasing a large quantity of one color.

Setting up the Cricut for each cut job is simple and easy. By simply adding the vinyl to the mat, loading it in the machine, and following the prompts on my screen to cut out my design.

Simple Cricut Vinyl Projects - Cricut Explore cut preview

Moving the dial on the machine to the product I’m using makes setting the cutting blade to the right settings easy and painless.

And with all of the tools available, I am set to weed the pieces of vinyl I’m not using off the mat once the design is cut out, use the spatula to lift my design off the vinyl backing, and use the handy scraper to press the vinyl onto my clean windows.

Simple Cricut Vinyl Projects - Cricut Explore settings

Simple Cricut Vinyl Projects - cutting vinyl

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Cricut Explore Giveaway Winner

DIY Bat Window Decals Simple Cricut Vinyl Projects

 What would you make first with your new Cricut Explore machine?

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  1. Diane Harper says

    I would love to make sh and tumblers for gifts.

  2. love making cards.

  3. Hmmm… I had so many ideas and now that I’m forced to recall them, I’ve got nothing! I would definitely do something for Christmas. Probably something for hubby’s mom or grandma (since they are still on my shopping list!)

  4. Paula DeBoer says

    I would make some Thanksgiving and Christmas cards for my family

  5. Allyson Tice says

    I would make wall decals with my kiddos names and birthdates on them!

  6. I would make my Christmas cards for this year…

  7. I so need a Cricut in my life!! I would make a lot of the decor for my 2 daughters joint birthday party that I am in the middle of planning for.

  8. jennifer raven says

    Id love a cricut… I want to make thank you gifts for my church family. My husband had to have a mass removed from his chest and the outpouring of prayers and good wishes from them pulled us through a very hard time!

  9. Dorothy Wilburn says

    I’d love to win one – then I could do the Awesome Print and cut!!

  10. I would make signs and window decals for childrens hospital to cheer up the children.and families.

  11. The first project would be using this machine to make some awesome Christmas cards for family to send out for the holidays.

  12. Virginia C. Wilson says

    Write thank you cards for all the police n firefighters in our area. They give so much and yet we only appreciate them when we need them instead of showing appreciation all the while. I hope I am never in need of their services. Over the years when an officer coming in after me I just pay for their lunch. No better way to spend $20. I also like making cards for nurses at our local hospital.

  13. I would make Christmas Cards!

  14. If I won, I would give it to my mother-in-law because she’s really creative and would love it. I bet she would make her own greeting cards first!

  15. Jeane Campbell says

    I have a friend who is having their first baby. So I have a Baby Scrapbook to make. I’d put that Cricut Explore to work, for sure!

  16. Sharon Schoepe says

    I would make Christmas cards and decorations

  17. christmas cards

  18. I would make some Xmas gifts

  19. I am a huge Cricut fan…I always borrowed my sister’s though. I need one of my own. I would start making Christmas decor and decor for my girl’s Snoopy party!

  20. Faetta Call says

    My first project will be Christmas Cards, then I will mostly use it for Church Projects.

  21. Super cute. Pinned for next Halloween!

  22. I would make Christmas decorations.

  23. Christina A. says

    I would make Christmas cards!!

  24. I am hosting Thanksgiving at my house this year so I would make Thanksgiving table decor!

  25. The first thing I would make would be a flag banner for my daughter’s room.

  26. I’d make Christmas designs for cards.

  27. I would make snowflakes.

  28. I would make Christmas cards and gift tags with this 🙂

  29. Noooo…I didn’t win! Well I am happy for Leila 🙂

  30. mikal shone says

    i never liked bats but thse vinyl DIY cut creatures are so cutee

  31. mikal shone says

    those DIY bats are cute instead of scary…

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