Growing Healthy Eaters and Snap Peas from Seed

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Growing Healthy Eaters and Snap Peas from Seed

My son is obsessed with the outdoors. He’s the ultimate bug catching, fossil digging, mud puddle making boy. It’s pretty hard to get him indoors so we try our best to keep him busy. Since I started up our garden beds again he’s been begging to plant his favorite snap peas in the front yard. How can a mother say no? And growing snap peas from seed is fairly easy.

I handed him a trowel, some gloves, some Miracle-Gro Organic garden soil, and some snap pea seeds. And what he did next was pretty darn awesome. Not only did he plant the seeds, but he proceeded to water them daily, check them for bugs, and give me progress reports on their growth.

This experience definitely made me one happy and proud mama. He’s learning how to grow his own food and he’s requesting more and more variety in the seeds he plants. Growing Snap Peas from Seed with Miracle Gro

I think what I’m most impressed with is the fact that my son will try just about any vegetable if he grows and picks it. And if he doesn’t like it he simply doesn’t eat it. There’s no complaining at the dinner table when a variety of veggies are put in front of him. He simply takes what he likes and eats!

Before we started our garden it was hard to get him to try new things. I definitely think that through the growth in our garden we’ve also been able to grow healthy eaters. When a health, convenient snack is right within arms reach it makes sense to just pick off a snap pea instead of running inside to ask for “junk” food.

Growing Snap Peas from Seed - full grown producing plants

Now our snap peas are full grown and really producing. My kids pick off a handful as they’re walking to school and when they come home. Plus, when they have friends over they always bring them over to the garden to grab some snacks to try. I love that my kids are starting to rub off on their friends.

The next crop my son is growing is corn. He and my husband planted it a few weeks ago and it’s already starting to sprout! I’m excited to see his success with his next gardening adventure. I love that my little healthy eater is getting so interested in our gardening beds and taking the lead with his own beds.

Growing Snap Peas from Seed and Picking to Eat

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What do you grow in your garden?

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  1. that is awesome, I plan on doing a garden with my kids over the summer. Looks like yours is producing nicely!

  2. We are huge gardening fans. I have all sorts of things growing in the yard now that spring is here and can’t wait til summer when I can start harvesting. I can’t wait to follow along…love seeing what other people are growing!

  3. I am loving that your son is enjoying his garden. Plus it looks so pretty along your fence.

  4. I love that you get the kids involved.

  5. I love gardening with the kids Danielle too. You guys look like you’re having a great time out there too, your garden looks beautiful. We planted pumpkins this year from seeds and oh-boy they are a-growing!!!! I love seeing the kids excitement as they grow and by Sept we have pumpkins 🙂

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