Spring Cleaning Tips With A Little Help

Spring Cleaning Tips

Being a mom of three has proven one thing… we have too much stuff. No, seriously. Between the baby’s items, the toys, and the clutter everywhere else I feel as if our house is just bursting at the seams. And we already moved to accomodate our expanding family!

So what can we do besides move? Organize.

Spring Cleaning Tips on Organization

  1. Stick To A Timeframe – when spring cleaning and organizing, give yourself a reasonable amount of time to finish your tasks. Try not to leave it open ended.
  2. Sort Into Keep, Toss, Give Away – I always sort as I’m cleaning first so that I can toss or give away anything we don’t need or use. Another great tip is to come up with a plan to remove anything not used in 6 months, or worn in 1 year, This helps remove any items just sitting aroud unused.
  3. Hire It Out – If the task seems too daunting, fing a local home organizer to help you with your spring cleaning needs.

Luckily, if you live in San Diego you could get a little help with just that.

If, like me, and you could use a little home organization, then don’t miss this week’s contest … one closet or room makeover by San Diego mom and home organizer, Beth Deig, of the Sorted Nest valued at $2,000!!!

Here’s how you enter for your chance to win:

1. Download the free and easy to use Close5 app

2. Post a photo of your messy closet or room to the Close5 Facebook Page here.

3.  Snag a FREE vendor space at the Family Swap Meet.

The Close5 Messy Closet Contest Winner will be randomly selected from the vendors selling at the Family Swap Meet and announced during the Swap Meet on Sunday, March 22nd. 

Good luck & don’t forget to spring forward this weekend!

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