When to Wean {Breastfeeding}

As my daughter gets closer and closer to 18 months of age I keep thinking about when we will wean from breastfeeding. From a young age we knew that she would be a difficult one to wean. I was even told by one of her pediatricians that she would more than likely nurse until she was three if we let her.

And you know what? That sounds fine to me!

Some days it can be hard. She wants to soothe and relax by nursing while I’m trying to do housework or take care of my son. She still nurses 5+ times a day although never longer than 5 minutes at a time unless its naptime or bedtime. So while it takes me away from the task at hand, it’s quick and then she’s ready for the next thing on her list.

I recently read a post over on Naptime is My Time on weaning your baby.  The post was part of a series from The Mommy Mindset where a handful of bloggers share their experience. I was relieved to hear that a few other mommies were in the same boat. Their kids just aren’t showing any signs of readiness even at 18+ months.

With my son I felt almost relieved when he finally decided he was ready to wean at 19 months. I was going into my third trimester with my daughter’s pregnancy and I honestly don’t think I was even producing much milk still. Plus he loved sippy cups (and took a bottle when he was younger!) which made a difference.

He happily stayed with family for a few days out of the week while I worked part time away from the home and was used to using his sippy for comfort instead of nursing. But since I’ve been home with my daughter she hasn’t had much experience with having to take her milk from a sippy. I have been told, however, that she happily took her milk when we recently out for a date night that didn’t end until well past bedtime.

I’m hoping that by following her cues and going with what feels right for both of us we’ll figure out a great time to wean. And while nursing can sometimes take a toll on me (my body tends to hold onto weight when I am nursing) I cherish this time I have with my babies. It’s definitely worth it in the end!

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