Is Vaccine A Dirty Word?

Is Vaccine A Dirty Word

There’s been big controversy about vaccines lately and moms over the years have had to make the decision to vaccinate their kids or to not vaccinate. With all of the hubub going both ways I’ve heard some ugly things being spewed from the mouths of friends and acquaintances that I thought I’d never hear.

And now with the recent bill being signed into law in California, things are heating up again. And moms aren’t going to have a choice anymore. Under the law, vaccinations would be required of children first entering public school, or when they enter seventh grade, after July 1, 2016.

Judgement has been cast and in my group of friends we don’t even bring up the V word for fear of becoming a pariah. But that shouldn’t be the case. Parents should feel comfortable having an open dialogue with their friends about the safety and benefits – or risks – of vaccines. Especially vaccines for life threatening illnesses that are live in the world today.

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Our family has chosen to go by a delayed vaccine schedule. We discuss vaccines at every well baby visit and make an informed decision when it comes to what vaccines are given and what vaccines are delayed until the next visit. And we don’t mind coming in in-between appointments for a shot only visit.

This means that our kids get every vaccine on the list, but when they are given is more spread out. I personally couldn’t handle giving 4 shots at one visit to my little ones so we have a 2 vaccine max at every visit. Then we come in-between appointments to get the other shots we need. Priority is given to the vaccines our doctor thinks is the most beneficial at that time. When we sit down with our doctor we discuss what illnesses are out in the population at the time and what will keep our children healthy. 

Diseases and viruses like measles and polio can prove to be devastating to those who aren’t immunized so there’s a benefit to keeping those immunizations up to date. But some parents don’t have the luxury that I do to decide on what vaccines to give and what to hold off on. Some children who don’t receive the proper immunization risk the chance of contracting these life threatening illnesses.

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I vaccinate my kids and see the benefits and reasoning behind making sure our kids are vaccinated, however I am also sad about this bill for many reasons. One being the open endedness. Who determines what ‘any other disease deemed appropriate by the state Department of Public Health*’ is? Will we vote on those or will the governing bodies determine those? Can we get titers for the kids before requiring a booster for a vaccine to determine if a booster is needed?

The fact that this list is also requiring a vaccine for an STD be given to our children bewilders me. Will they eventually require the HPV vaccine too? I sure hope not! Also, while I agree with the need for vaccines I can’t believe that this was created purely for the health and wellness of the masses. Is the government reaching a bit too far? 

Is vaccine a dirty word in your social circle? What are your thoughts on this hot topic and do you feel like you can talk openly about it?

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