Mommy and Me at the San Diego Zoo

My family is pretty lucky. Living in San Diego we’re blessed to have a few amazing places to visit with the kids to teach, learn, and enjoy ourselves. One of the most frequent places we visit in town is the San Diego Zoo. And we make it at least once a month for a special program I’ve been able to participate in, the Zoo’s Mommy and Me tours.

Each month the San Diego Zoo has a themed tour that teaches the kids something different about the zoo. We spend an hour discussing different animals, their features, where they come from, and fun quirks about them. Then we end our time together with a story and stickers!

Here are a few of the recent tours we took:

  •  Animal Ambassadors: What is an Animal Ambassador? Animal Ambassadors are animals that visit schools and community events as part of our educational programs. They also appear in our shows, Keeper Talks and during special tours. This month we will discover how important these Animal Ambassadors are to the Zoo and the ways they connect people with wildlife. As we explore Urban Jungle, you will see many of the Animal Ambassadors that live there. 
  •  Alphabet Bus Tour: B is for Bus Tour! This month, we are leaving the strollers behind as we board a bus and take a non-stop tour through the Zoo. Join us as we see our striped, spotted, and furry friends while learning letters in the alphabet (G is for Giraffes).
  • Children’s Zoo Tour: Wear some of your favorite colors this month of July as we invite you on a colorful journey through the Children’s Zoo. Kids can practice their colors, and moms will awe at some surprising facts about the history of the San Diego Zoo!

The last Mommy and Me tour we went on (the Children’s Zoo Tour) ended with a visit from a very special animal, this porcupine from South America!

Each visit takes us to a new part of the zoo. We get to explore a little bit, learn, and then are left to do what we’d like after our tour. This makes visiting the zoo stress free and easy. Especially with two kids. Instead of spending the whole day, we do the tour with the group and then afterwards we head to the children’s zoo to play, visit meerkats, and pet goats.

I couldn’t imagine a better way to see our zoo! We don’t stress about seeing this animal or that. We don’t feel exhausted because we didn’t have to trek around one side of the zoo to the other pushing a double stroller up hill. And we get to hang out with our friends! 

The San Diego Zoo also has an amazingly fun interactive site for kids as well at San Diego Zoo Kids. Visit their Mommy and Me section to learn more about the animals you visit at the zoo. You can even view the animals (including babies!) on the animal cams in the different animal habitats.

As we visit the zoo over and over again, my son has been increasingly interested in the jobs available at the zoo. Being able to speak with the staff, find out exactly what each person does, and how involved they are with the animals can help motivate my son to find out what he wants to be when he grows up. Sure he’s only 3 1/2 but sometimes a dream can start early on in life!

If you haven’t already joined a playgroup for your little one, I highly suggest it! Being able to connect with different locations around San Diego while bringing a large group means discounts, special tours, and much much more!

I found my playgroup by simply perusing the playgroups in our area on I’m sure if you check them out you can find one that fits perfectly for you!

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