Clear The Shelters: Tips On Adopting A Dog

This weekend we headed to the San Diego Humane Society to check out the Clear the Shelters event sponsored by NBCUniversal and Overstock. In an effort to help families find their newest furry member, this sponsored post features tips on adopting a dog. Adding a dog to the family can be such a great thing, if a good fit is found.

Clear The Shelters Tips On Adopting A Dog

As Scout, our coonhound, gets older I’ve been thinking a lot about getting a companion dog for him to make the transition easier when he does finally pass. When Jetta passed we were so glad to have Scout in our home. And since Scout is now older than Jetta when she passed, and is starting to slow down a lot, we know his time will come soon. So I’m adimate on finding the perfect pooch to add to our family zoo. However my husband thinks we’ve maxed out on the number of pets we can handle. I’m hoping to sway him over to my side once we narrow down the search.

When I heard about the Clear the Shelters event happening at our local shelter, I knew I wanted to check it out. The Clear the Shelters initiative, spearheaded by NBC and Telemundo local television stations, in partnership with, put on an amazing event this weekend at various shelters in the US and Puerto Rico to help find homes for the many many animals living in shelters. Finding forever homes for these animals was the main goal. And finding homes is what they did.

Clear The Shelters event at the San Diego Humane SocietyClear The Shelters event with NBC and Overstock


I took Norah with me as we visted the dogs, cats, and bunnies at the shelter and had a chance to see families find their perfect pet while we were there. It was magical seeing someone walk into a room to meet their newest family member. The joy, the emotion, and and the instant bonds that were made left my heart feeling full.

And I was drawn to one pooch while we were there. A 2 year old beagle mix who looked like he’d be the perfect match for my family. I got all of his information to bring home and discuss with my husband and the family. But by the time we headed out to see if the whole family felt the same way (including Scout) we found that he was already adopted. YAY for him!

The event here in San Diego was a success. I found out on the San Diego Humane Society facebook page that there were 283 adoptions today at their Gaines Street location and 741 countywide! I’m sure that number increased across the country. The animal shelter is the perfect place to find a dog. But there are a few things to consider when looking to add a furry member to ones family.

If you’re looking to adopt a dog, consider these tips before doing so:

Clear The Shelters Tips On Adopting A Dog - know the temperament

Tips On Adopting A Dog

Research. Research. Research.

Finding the right breed for your family is very important. Doing the necessary research ahead of time on the type of dog that will work best for your family will save both you and a dog from a potentially disasterous combo. Know how active a breed is, if they’re known for being escape artists. If they do best in a home with a yard or need lots of frequent walks. Being aware of a breed’s quirks can make it easier to narrow down what would work best for your lifestyle. And size is important too! When we adopted Scout he was a 3 months old little pup . But had HUGE paws. So even though his sign said beagle/coonhound mix, we knew he was going to be a large breed dog. More coonhound than beagle. If we weren’t prepared for his size we might not have had the resources needed for him.

Check The Local Shelters Frequently

Whether you’re looking online at your local shelter’s website, or heading into them in person, be aware that dogs go in and out of shelters quickly. If you’ve done your research and know what type of breed you want to get, make sure to act quickly so that you won’t be heartbroken to find that a dog has already been adopted out already.

Heed The Shelter Notes

All of the dogs at the shelter have a sheet of paper next to them that tell a potential adoptive parent about the dog. How active they are, if they get along well with other animals or kids in the home, etc. The shelters are good about watching a dog and seeing how they react to different situations. They will also note anything that might have happened before they received the animal. Make sure that you take all of this information in and are honest in your adoptive application about your home life and what type of situation the dog is getting into. If you have another dog at home, consider bringing them in to meet the new member before you adopt. And bring in the whole family. Kids and all. You want to make sure you see how the new dog reacts to these changes and people before bringing them home.

Prepare Your Home

Make sure that before you get your pup you have prepped your home for their arrival. Make sure your yard is secure, you have a leash, collar, dog food/water dishes, and a bed or spot for your doggy to sleep. Know in advance what you might need depending on the age of your new pet. A puppy may require a few nights of snuggling and letting out until they get used to going out the doggy dor you have or feeling comfortable sleeping in a new home. Just like having a newborn!

Adopting A Dog Is Forever

By doing your research, finding the perfect match for your family, and being prepared when you take your pooch home, you are sure to find the perfect match for your family and will spend many years happily reaping the rewards of the unconditional love a dog can give. But please remember that shelter dogs have already been abandoned or given up once before. So they need to know that you’ll be their forever parent and this will be their forever home. There’s no taking a dog back or returning them because it just isn’t working out. Know that you’re making a commitment to this animal to love and care for them. And they’ll love and care for you right back!

Clear The Shelters Tips On Adopting A Dog - cats too!Clear The Shelters Tips On Adopting A Dog - and bunnies!

Dogs aren’t the only animals at shelters! You can also find many cats, kittens, and bunnies ready to find their forever home too!

Overstock Pet Adoptions has helped pet lovers search for and adopt animals from thousands of shelters across the country. believes every life is valuable and has used their technology and resources to help save the lives of homeless and abandoned pets. You can find pets to adopt by looking at Overstock’s pet adoption pageOver 40,000 pets have found homes through the technology! How awesome is that? And you can find all of your pet essentials right on the site so you’re home is ready for your new family member.

Did you miss out on this year’s event? Mark your calendar for next year’s event slated for 7/16/16!

Is your family looking to add a new furry member? Have you considered visiting your local shelter?

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