Days of the Week

Driving to school this morning the kids and I went over the days of this week. It’s always funny to me that they have to go over what they’ll be doing for the week on Mondays. They want to know not only what they’ll be doing but where they’re going and what day each event takes place.

Even though for the majority of the year we’ve been going to the same exact place every single day.

It always starts with the same question on Monday morning, “When’s my Off Day?”

Their Off Day is Saturday. Then comes Church Day. Then my daughter’s Other Off Day and my son’s School Day. They each have a School Day Tuesday-Thursday and then Friday is Aunt Louise Day for my daughter while my son goes to school. And then the cycle starts all over again. And I know why they want to know. I get it. Off Days are something I count down to as well. A time where our whole family is together at home. And we can do things with each other. And sleep in.

Days of the week - off day

But throughout these past 9 months each week has been exactly the same. Sure there are fun things thrown in between. A birthday party here, a fun day at Legoland there, or a school or sporting event. And each Monday for my daughter is something different. Zoo trips, playdates, Sea World, beach days, etc. It doesn’t matter. Even if nothing exciting is going on they want to know.

As we continue the countdow to the end of the school year I’m kind of getting nervous at getting these questions. Because it won’t be “When’s my Off Day?” being asked. It’ll be, “Where are we going to day? What are we doing?” And I’m pretty sure it’s my fault.

I’ve always been a schedule person. Needed to have something written down on the calendar to make sure I actually do go somewhere. Or else I’d forget events I already RSVPed to. Or I just wouldn’t go to things that I casually considered. I literally have to write in lunch out of the house or a workout to MAKE me get up and do it. Because I’d just get sucked into the next work project or article. And I wouldn’t get out of the house.

It helps though. I can look on my calendar and know what’s going on. With me. My kids. My husband. My life. And I get a little joy, satisfaction, out of filling out my calendar. Similar to how I feel about filling out my content calendar for this blog. Knowing that I have a plan, even if things change, calms me. And I don’t stress.

So when my kids want to know what day it is. If it’s a School Day, an Aunt Louise Day, or an Off Day, I go through the days of the week with them. Because it’s calming. And we all know what’s going on that week.

Do you schedule your days of the week?

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