Grand Re-opening of The Home Depot Genesee

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This is a sponsored post by me on behalf of The Home Depot.

The Home Depot Genessee Grand Re-Opening

As self-proclaimed weekend warriors, my husband and I find ourselves at The Home Depot quite a bit.

So much so that our kids know the layout of the store about as well as they do Target (yeah… we’re bad about that one too!).

The Home Depot garden center

Because my husband is so hands on and loves to fix stuff around the house, there have been many opportunities for our kids to watch and get hands on experiences of their own as well.

So when we were invited to attend the Grand Re-opening of The Home Depot Genesee and participate in the kid’s workshop we knew they’d be excited.

The Home Depot remodel

A Fabulous Renovation

The new look and feel of the Genessee store is absolutely amazing! From shiny clean floors, great displays, and new signage, the place looks great!

I have to say that the larger aisle numbers is a huge improvement to what was once there. We were easily able to navigate through the store and find exactly what we needed.

And there is always plenty of help waiting for us if we needed it. We were greeted by many wonderful Home Depot associates ready to help us find what we were shopping for.

The Home Depot spin to win

The Home Depot balloon animals

The Home Depot Grand Re-Opening Celebration

The fun didn’t stop at the newly remodeled store. The Home Depot did a little celebrating in the parking lot as well!

We had a fabulous time enjoying the various vendor booths, spinning the prize wheel and having balloon animals made.

The kids also took part in a scavenger hunt that had them searching the store for clues and answers.

With the help of the Home Depot app we were able to find all of the answers and the kids turned their scavenger hunt lists in for fun prizes.

The Home Depot kids workshop

Hands-On Kids Workshop

The kids also were lucky enough to enjoy the hands-on experience of building their own fooseball table at the free kids workshop the Home Depot hosted.

Now we’ve participated in these workshops in the past and each time the kids amaze me with what they can do.

These workshops are perfect for kids ages 4-8 and are held at various Home Depot locations. You can check out with the next kids workshop at your store will be held by visiting the Home Depot’s website.

My kids can’t wait to come back for the Despicable Me workshop on July 6th!

The Home Depot gluing fooseball together

The Home Depot building a fooseball table

With everything we need for our weekend renovation projects and our garden bed we can’t wait to come back and get the supplies we need to tackle more projects.

We’re already planning a master bath remodel, purchasing a new front door, as well as tackling some landscaping later on this year and The Home Depot Genessee has everything we need for each of our various projects.

We’ll also be sharing how we built our vertical garden planters in the near future. All of the supplies, including the palettes, were from The Home Depot.

And Homer, well, he’ll be seeing a lot of us and our mini Homer.

The Home Depot homer

The newly reopened Home Depot Genesee now features a 40,000 square foot Outdoor Garden Center, larger kitchen and appliance showrooms, a millwork showroom, an improved Pro-Desk and expanded tool rental.

It also provides workshops and events year-round that the whole family can participate in. Please visit for more information.

What’s the next project you are going to tackle?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by me on behalf of The Home Depot. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Looks like they did a great job of remodeling! Love the Home Depot mascot! I didn’t know they had one!

    • My daughter wasn’t too sure of him and shied away every time she saw him. I thought it was hilarious that her hat was covering her eyes just like his does in the photos. I totally didn’t even notice that till after we got home.

  2. Oh that would be so much fun to visit a reopening of a Home Depot, or an opening! I love all the kids projects they offer. I have a lot of projects I want to get started on, but time is getting in the way. I am going through Home Depot Withdrawals!

  3. My kids absolutely LOVE to shop at Home Depot. They love the garden center and that they can be so hands on. I guess it is because we have been remodeling our house since they were born so we visit often 🙂

  4. fun! Love Home Depot! They offer some wonderful classes and my kids love the kids classes too!

  5. This looks like fun! BTW – I never heard the term “Weekend Warriors” and that made me laugh because that is totally us lately.

    • We’ve been weekend warriors since purchasing our fixer upper home! Some weekends we take off but for the most part there’s just an endlist list of projects we tackle.

  6. They re-opened just in time for summer projects. Yay for you! I have a few garden projects in the works right now, so will be dropping into The Home Depot later this week.

  7. Oh yes, I know my Home Depot well too. 🙂

  8. I hope my mom doesn’t read your blog because she’ll be mortified I said this but they have carpet in their BATHROOM. Seriously, it’s leftover from the early 80’s which is even grosser since I have 2 brothers! So, my brothers and I have decided that we’re sending them to dinner some evening and ripping it out and replacing it with tile. They can be mad at us later. 🙂

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