What to Know Before The First Day of First Grade

The first day of first grade can be scary but with these simple tips for first graders, you can make it easier on your child. 

Back to School Tips for First Graders, first day of first grade prep

We are in full back-to-school mode right now in our home and prepping for the first day of first grade. We have the uniforms purchased, are buying supplies off our school supply list, and are making sure our kids are ready to head back to school at the end of August.

While I’m ready for the kids to be back in school, I want to make sure they’re prepared for the transition from summer fun to school mode. Throughout the summer we’ve been reading, working on sight words, practicing our math skills, and writing out our adventures.

But there are a few more things we can do to prepare the kids for their return to school. Especially my daughter who will be going from Kindergarten to First Grade. 

Below you’ll find some great back to school tips for first graders and what you should know before the first day of first grade.

Back to School Tips: What to Know Before The First Day of First Grade

While going back to school can be a scary time for some kids, you can prepare them by reading some books on what they can expect.

The night before the big day, have a checklist all ready to go so nothing gets forgotten or left behind at home.

Have your child help you make & personalize some of their school supplies and accessories, like a pencil box, their own hand sanitizer or personalized notes that you can stick in their lunch box.

Going from Kindergarten to one of the bigger grades can be a big change but creating a before and after school routine will definitely help!

Since there will be more homework this year, keep everything organized and in a quiet place with a DIY Homework Station.

For some kids, first grade means it will be the first time they’re eating lunch at school. Having a list of foods that they love and will eat is a huge help!

If you have the opportunity, take a tour of the school before school starts. Seeing where your child’s classroom is, where they’ll line up & where they’ll eat lunch might calm any nerves. If you’re able to meet the teacher before the first day, that’s a great bonus, too!

During summer, we tend to let our kids stay up a little bit longer. Two weeks before school, start having your child go to sleep at their new bedtime and practice getting up at the time they need to get up, too. It’ll make the first week of school a little easier.

A lot of what kids learned the year before is lost over summer. Help them to do some fun learning activities and it won’t even seem like “homework”, but will help them to maintain what they learned in Kindergarten. Sight Words | Reading | Math

And to get YOU ready for your child heading into first grade, learn tips & tricks from other parents that have been in your shoes before.

How are you preparing for back to school with your first grader?

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  1. Thanks for sharing my night before school checklist. I should be somewhat of an expert by now since my baby is starting high school. My tips for back to school for first grade? Get in a routine as soon as possible. First grade is the first time that you’ll see all kinds of learning levels and personalities emerge. It can be a challenging year. Best of luck!

  2. Thanks for the tips. Gosshhh my daughter will be a first grader. Time flies so fast.

    She’s really excited now.

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