Making A Smooth Transition From Two To Three Kids

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This post featuring how we’re making a smooth transition from two to three kids is sponsored by Graco®

Making A Smooth Transition From Two To Three Kids

After having our second child we thought we were done having kids. Two was the perfect amount and we were blessed to have both a boy and a girl. But once my daughter hit age 3, the yearning for another little one hit hard. And after a LOT of discussions we decided to try for number 3.

Since the arrival of our little Norah we’ve learned a lot about making a smooth transition from two to three kids. We’re learning new things about the big kids, learning new things about ourselves, and, of course, learning new things about the newest addition to our family. 

Making A Smooth Transition From Two To Three Kids - naps in the swing

Naps Are Sacred – But No Need To Be Silent

One of the biggest transitions for the two older kids is making sure they’re aware of their baby sister when they are playing. And I have started to realize how much this little girl enjoys hearing her two older siblings play. Even when she’s sleeping she doesn’t seem to mind the rough housing and ruckus the other two make.

However sudden loud noises are something we have to watch out for. My son is known for all of a sudden bursting into a room with his action figures as they battle and fight. This means that little Norah can get frightened or startled while napping. Ethan is starting to realize what’s an ok noise level and when he needs to take playtime outside.

One thing that helps greatly is the the Graco® Simple Sway™ Swing. Not only does it have tons of features to help soothe and comfort baby, everything is packed into a compact frame design that takes only a small footprint in our home. Plus the music option soothes little Norah even as her brother plays loudly in the next room. 

Norah with siblings

Bonding Time Is A Must

Miss Molly is obsessed with her little sister. She’s a natural when it comes to helping her out and identifying her needs. She’s even tried to tell me when it’s time to nurse the baby. Because I don’t know anything according to her.

But while she’s overly assertive in her want to help out with the baby, my son is more reserved. So we’ve found ways to allow him to bond with his new baby sister and make him feel like a proud big brother. He’s now the go-to for calming Norah in the car. He’s a wiz with the pacifier and helping her take it to calm down when she’s done being strapped in.

He also still needs his time with Mom so I try and watch for the signs that he just wants to hang out with me and I hand the baby over to my husband or place her in her Graco® Simple Sway™ Swing so I can give him that time. 

Making A Smooth Transition From Two To Three Kids - safety

Safety Is Key

When it comes to all things baby we’ve had to re-evaluate our priorities and re-visit the key elements in having a new baby in the house. Top on that list is safety. Whether baby Norah is hanging out in her Little Lounger, SnugRide ClickConnect, or taking a nap in her Graco® Simple Sway™ Swing, we want to make sure that we’re looking out for her safety and using the proper buckles and straps to keep her snug and reduce the chance that she’ll fall out and hurt herself.

That also goes for the safety risks in our home. While she’s still too young to lay down on the floor and get into things, that’s right around the corner. So we’re coaching our big kids and making sure they know the importance of picking up after themselves. Especially those pesky legos!

Making A Smooth Transition From Two To Three Kids - Graco Simple Sway Swing

We are so lucky to have had such a smooth transition into three children so far. These past two weeks have been a dream with our new little angel and we’re so excited to watch her grow up to know her siblings and family.

We’re also lucky to have such a wonderful brand with great products to allow our newborn to enjoy her surroundings while staying safe and secure. For over 60 years, Graco® has built just about every product we need to carry us from the newborn stage, into infancy, and beyond. They are a leading innovator of baby and children’s products that provides solutions to help parents make smart choices while taking care of their little ones. 

As a busy work-at-home mom I don’t know what I’d do without the help of the Graco® products we use daily. They’ve definitely helped make a smooth transition from two to three kids possible. 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Graco®

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  1. All of your children are adorable. What a great swing, looks very comfortable for Norah.

  2. How precious are all of your kids! We’re talking about adding a second to our family and our son is almost 3.5 so we’ll definitely need all the tips we can get for making the transition 🙂

  3. I had a hard enough time with two….three would have terrified me! But, you all look like you have things down pat! They are all adorable!

  4. I found as a grandma there was even a transition for me to go from two to three grand kids. My daughter found having two older kids was a real plus in entertaining the baby but nap time was a little harder to catch since the two older kids were past nap time but still not comfortable to leave them unattended. I use to help out by stopping by to let her nap. Having great dependable baby equipment really made a difference.

  5. I found the big adjustment going from 1-2 kids. When #3 came along, we just went with the flow! You did bring up some very important points….Naps? What are naps?? Those are the things I dream about! lol

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