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So in planning the party I didn’t even think twice about the weather. I mean, come on, it’s been beautiful for weeks now. Even feeling a bit summery for February. So I booked a jump house from San Diego Funhouse. And was sooo excited about it since E has loved every jump house he’s been in. Plus it was a great way to get all of that energy out of the kids expected to come to the party. What parent doesn’t want their kid to be completely exhausted from a party?

Our plans were all set. We had enough room outside to make the inside not as crowded and I wasn’t worried at all about the 40+ people I invited. I mean, it wasn’t like the 60+ people who were invited to his first birthday party… where it poured down rain and everyone was stuck inside 3-4 rooms of our small 1200 square foot house. Luckily Joseph was smart enough last year to put tarps up in the back patio to allow for some guests to go outside to get some air if needed. 50 people in a small house can really turn up the heat even when it’s raining!

Then I heard from a friend at another friend’s birthday party that it was supposed to rain on E’s birthday party day. What the heck? Why again?? Why me? I called the jump house rental guy and asked what their policy was regarding weather changes. He said as long as it wasn’t too muddy and unsafe than he could still set up the jump house but if it was raining he wouldn’t be able to set it up and would refund me the money we paid. This was a bit of a relief for me and I didn’t stress about the weather anymore. The weather forecast even changed to say that it’d be sunny for the few hours of the party so I felt even better about everything.

Until I read the forecast at 7 in the morning on the day of the party. Rain. All.Day.Long. No breaks 🙁 So I called and canceled the bounce house and was super sad about it. A few hours later we were putting the finishing touches on the house (and Joseph was re-creating the tarp enclosure in the back yard just in case) and I noticed that it hadn’t rained for a bit. Oh, and it was even a bit sunny too! So after a bit of deliberation and talking with Joseph and Aunt Louise I decided to call the bounce house yet again and see (30 minutes before the party) if they were able to come even though we already canceled.

The owner told me that he’d contact his driver and see if there was any way he could swing by. He called back to let me know that they could come!! But it would be between 1:30 and 2pm. That was ok with me! So they ended up showing up right as people were finishing up with their lunch. It was PERFECT. The sun was shining, the kids were having a blast and everyone was happy. Everyone came in for cupcakes and it started to rain again so we just covered up the jump house.

After cupcakes it was clear so we got the jump house going again and burned off some of those delicious cupcake calories. We got to keep the jump house until 5pm and used it until close to the very end when it started sprinkling… again.

I don’t know what I did but I was very lucky! Everything worked out perfectly and everyone seemed to really enjoy the jump house and the party. The jump house was super clean and in great shape and the customer service I received from San Diego Funhouse was phenomenal! I will definitely be using them again for all of our jump house needs 🙂

Oh, and a little background on ordering… I called to find out how to book a jump house and they said to just simply do everything online. I did and it was awesome. I did kind of worry about if the booking went through since I didn’t receive a confirmation email or a phone call but I did receive a receipt when I paid via credit card. But two days before the event San Diego Funhouse did call to confirm the rental and the drop off time so I really had nothing to worry about. And on the day of the party when I left a message to cancel I received a call back an hour later after leaving the message. When I called back to see if we could still get it I was able to get a hold of the owner on the second ring.  Definitely awesome customer service!!

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