Simple 5-Ingredient Skinny Margarita Recipe

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partida skinny margarita

The Super Bowl is this weekend and many love to celebrate with their favorite drinks. Obviously these includes an adult beverage (so if you’re under 21 you need to stop reading now) and usually that beverage is a nice cold beer. But this year I’m shaking things up with a Mexican theme and celebrating in style with this Skinny Margarita.

In an effort to bring lighter fare to the menu for our Super Bowl shindig and to cater to my Weight Watchers lifestyle, we’ve whipped up some delicious skinny margaritas that are sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Especially when paired with the street tacos I have planned.

With a simple ingredient list, easy directions, and a great taste, this is the perfect recipe to replace your cold one this Sunday.

partida skinny margarita tequila

From the gorgeous, sleek bottles, to the smooth taste, Partida Tequila is a delicious addition to any football party.

Now I’m no tequila connoisseur but living in San Diego I’ve had a shot or two south of the border and I have to say that Partida tequila is something that would be kept in my cupboards.

And now that I have this delicious, calorie friendly alternative to my favorite margarita, I may be seeing more of Partida in the near future. Responsibly, of course.

partida skinny margarita ingredients

The  Skinny Margarita recipe starts with 5 simple ingredients: tequila, Agave, lime, water, and salt.

partida skinny margarita lime on rim

If you like your margarita with salt, grab a slice of lime and rub it around the rim of your glass.

partida skinny margarita salt on rim

Then turn the cup over, rim down, into a plate of sea salt to coat the rim of the glass.

partida skinny margarita poured

Now it’s time to make your skinny margarita!

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Partida Skinny Margarita

This margarita is a perfect way to relax and enjoy the festivities without going over on your Weight Watcher points. Only 3pp+ for one margarita!


  • 1 ½ oz Partida Blanco Tequila
  • 1 oz Fresh squeezed lime juice
  • ¾ oz Agave Nectar
  • lime slice for garnish
  • sea salt
  • ¾ oz Water


  1. Take lime slice for garnish and run it along the edge of the Margarita glass. Then flip the glass over and dip rim into salt leaving a light layer of salt around the rim of the glass.
  2. Add all ingredients into a shaker with ice and shake to combine. Strain over fresh ice into a Margarita glass or Old-Fashioned glass.
  3. Taste for balance and adjust if necessary.


partida skinny margarita aerial

How do you enjoy your tequila?

Skinny Limits Juice Cleanse: Finding My Balance

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skinny limits juice cleanse - standard cleanse

It’s been almost a month since I rejoined Weight Watchers and have started again on my path to a healthier me. So after completing the 2 weeks on Simple Start I thought it’d be good to try a juice cleanse like the Skinny Limits juice cleanse before jumping in to my normal Weight Watchers lifestyle.

I had every intention of completing the juice cleanse as it was intended (juice only) however after my juice was delivered my body decided on something else. I came down with a sinus infection that left my body weak and drained.

Since the juice is completely natural and raw, made without pasteurization or processing, it needs to be consumed within four days of receiving it so I had to modify my plan a bit due to my illness. But luckily, with the help of the juices (in my opinion), I not only finished the cleanse but the worst of my sinus infection is now gone! [Read more…]

Green Monster Protein Smoothie {6 WW+}

Green Monster Protein SmoothieThere’s one thing I’ve been obsessed about for months. Something that’s healthy for me that I actually crave at times. And you’ll think I’m crazy, but they really are good. What am I talking about? This green monster protein smoothie.

No, seriously… this protein-packed green machine is something I blend up in the morning and enjoy sipping until the very end. I have to thank the frozen banana and teaspoon of PB2 for that.

Haven’t heard of PB2? Well it’s basically powdered peanut butter and is much more calorie friendly than your typical jar of Skippy or Jif. You can find it on Amazon or on select store shelves. You can also find another version from Just Great Stuff that tastes very similar. And? It also comes in chocolate peanut butter form too!

I’ve spotted the Just Great Stuff brand at Target and Whole Foods but there are specialty stores around town that carry PB2 as well. And the protein powder? I pick up the Whole Foods generic brand, 365. It was recommended by a few people and I enjoy the taste.

Oh, and this whole huge 24oz cup? 6 WW+ points! How awesome is that? Definitely a breakfast I can dig before a workout. Then, when I have more time at lunch, I enjoy some scrambled eggs after my workouts. [Read more…]

Enjoy Each Month with Cycle Ease Tea from Anna Naturals

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Cycle Ease Tea from Anna Naturals

One thing I absolutely hate about being a woman is that time of the month. I feel icky, bloated, crampy, and just overall out of sorts. But for the past two months I’ve been able to enjoy it a little more with the help of Cycle Ease tea from Anna Naturals.

Cycle Ease is an herbal tea that combines a premium blend of herbs like red raspberry leaf, organic cramp bark, and juniper berries with hibiscus and strawberry to create a delicious, refreshing tea that helps alleviate menstrual cramps and other cyclical discomforts.

I was a bit skeptical at first but I have to say that I do feel better after drinking it. And not only when it’s that time of the month… it also helps with the cramping I get during ovulation too! Double score. What? You don’t cramp when you ovulate? Lucky you! [Read more…]

Uncork a Bottle of HandCraft Wines and Support HandCraft Heroes

This post is sponsored by HandCraft Wines.

Handcraft Wines uncorked

Have you heard of HandCraft Wines? If not, then you need to!

I received two bottles to try out: the Inspiration Red and the Inspiration White. And I have to say both were enjoyed by all who tasted them.

Now tasting the wine was fun. And getting my friends opinions on the wine was even more fun. But the best part about HandCraft Wines is the passion they have for fighting breast cancer through their HandCraft Heros campaign. [Read more…]

Juicing Recipes: Green Monster Juice

green monster juice benefits of juicingAbout a month or two ago I received a new toy for review. The NutriPro Juicer arrived at my doorstep all shiny and new and I couldn’t wait to bust it open and start using it.

The first juice I made with my juicer was a simple carrot juice. But I found that just because there was only one ingredient didn’t mean it’d be easy to get a full glass of juice! So I branched out into more complex juice recipes to find a green juice I love.

And this green monster juice hits the spot! There’s no need for any fruit other than the lime but if you’d like you can add 1/2 an apple. I chose not to so that I don’t have to figure out the calories, etc for my Nutrisystem program.

I’m using these juices as a way to get in more servings of veggies on top of the 4 I already get. And I’m having a lot of fun figuring out different variations with the veggies we have on hand!

[Read more…]

Enjoy Summer Fun by the Pool with Snapple Half and Half

I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their client.

Enjoy Summer Fun and Stay Refreshed with Snapple Half and Half Summertime for our family in one word: Craziness! From barbecues to parties to weekends at the beach we always seem to be on the go. And living in Southern California, the summer weather can be draining.

Having a tasty beverage to take with us when we’re on the go and enjoying our summer activities is important to my family. Snapple Half and Half not only goes with us, but it keeps us hydrated and gives me a tasty alternative to the water I normally carry around.

The best part? This lemonade iced tea drink is only 10 calories! Say what? [Read more…]

How to Make the Perfect Root Beer Float

How To Make The Perfect Root Beer Float

One of our favorite summertime treats is the classic root beer float. So after years and years of making them with friends and family I’ve finally mastered how to make the perfect root beer float.

Now I’m sure your thinking come on, how hard is a root beer float?! Well, it’s not! That’s what’s so awesome about them.

BUT by adding two more additional ingredients we’ve taken the classic root beer float and bumped it to the next level of awesome. And who doesn’t love the next level of awesome?

Now lets get to how to make the perfect root beer float!

[Read more…]

Green Monster Smoothies {Breakfast Recipe}

Green Monster Smoothie

One of my favorite new ways to get greens into my kids is by blending them up into smoothie form. And this smoothie started it all. Now this is just your basic Green Monster. There are so many different variations of this smoothie and my kids and I love to experiment with what we put in it when we make it.

For some awesome ways to shake up the original recipe check out my friend CB’s Green Monster journey over on her blog See Cupcake Run. Just search for “green monster” since I’m not sure how to link to one of her categories.

Green Monster Smoothie

  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 ripe, frozen banana, peeled
  • 3 handfuls organic spinach
  • 1 tablespoon ground flax
  • 1 tablespoon peanut butter (or PB2)
  • 4-5 ice cubes

Add 1 cup of milk to the blender.

Now add in the chia or flax (if using) and nut butter.

Next, add in the spinach followed by the banana on top.

Blend until smooth.

Add in your ice cubes and blend some more.

Serves 2 | 4 WW pp+ with PB2 (not including banana)

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