Revamping Old Kitchen Cabinets

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Revamping Old Kitchen Cabinets

The only drawback to the new house is the kitchen. We’ve added rooms, bathrooms, and storage everywhere else but our new kitchen kinda sucks.

Now this may be because I was slightly spoiled at our old house. I was able to design my dream kitchen and had plenty of space to store all of my gadgets, pans, and baking sheets.

Since we’re downsizing to smaller cabinets, less space, and an older kitchen I will be making a few changes to make it more appealing to our family. And the first thing I tackled was the shelf liner.

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Gifts for Mothers Day – A Little Something for Every Mom!

As Mother’s Day quickly approaches, the one thing on my husbands mind has been what to get me to celebrate this big day! I mean I did carry and birth his two beautiful children so he’s always willing to shower me with gifts for Mother’s Day.

Ok, that was a stretch. I’m totally kidding! But for the mom who’s looking for great ideas to hint at to her husband here are my top gifts for Mother’s Day (of which I’ve asked for and have received!).

Gifts for Mother’s Day Active Accessories Hair Bands gifts for mothers day

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31 Days to Organize Your Home: Organizing the Kitchen

31 days to organize your home

Day 1 -3: Organizing the Kitchen

I have to admit… this past week has been hard! Not only have I tackled the kitchen organization I’ve also taken the time to clean as I go so it’s been consuming more time than originally planned. But I managed to successfully organize the kitchen in three days.

As I outlined before, I started with the cupboards, worked my way around the countertops, and organized and cleaned out the fridge and the pantry. Not only did I get rid of things I didn’t need, I also made a pile of things to give away. Items we no longer use but were still functional or didn’t expire for a while.

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