Boys Are Dirty: Why Raising Boys Is Messier Than Raising Girls

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Boys Are Dirty - Why Raising Boys Is Messier Than Raising Girls

Growing up I was always in awe of how dirty and messy my brother was. We always had to check the toilet to make sure he didn’t over aim, there was always a funk coming out of his room, and he could never seem to pick up behind him. So when I had a son I thought I was prepared for the messes to come. Boy was I wrong!

Now I’m not going to lie and say that my daughter doesn’t make messes. Because she does. And she LOVES getting dirty and playing in the mud with her brother when they explore and catch worms. But the level of mess? My son wins hands down. And I have to agree that raising boys is far messier than raising girls.

Here’s why:

Boys Are Dirty - School Soccer Game

Why Raising Boys Is Messier Than Raising Girls

1. Potty Problems

The biggest? They don’t sit down to pee and have absolutely zero interest in actually aiming into the toilet. It doesn’t take much, maybe the dog running by the bathroom door, a gust of wind coming through teh bathroom window, or the sound of a bird outside, to distract my son from the task at hand. That task being getting his urine INTO the toilet bowl. My daughter uses our bathroom instead of using the guest bathroom they share.

2. The Black Abyss In The Bedroom –

You know… the vortex that is a boy’s room. While my daughter has a very messy room filled with toys, clothes, and her empty water glasses from bedtime, in my son’s room I find nasty food under his bed, juice boxes hidden in the closet, filthy AND wet clothes piled in heaps on the floor (and, god forbid, under the bed or in the closet where they start to grow things), and random trash everywhere on top of the piles of sand that come out of his shoes when he throws them off his feet and into his bedroom.

3. Eating Like It’s His Last Meal –

Maybe it’s the age, maybe he’s just going through a crazy growth spurt. But my son is constantly scouraging the cabinets, pantry, fridge, and freezer for food. Whether it’s meal time or snack time, he’s hungry and acts like he hasn’t had a meal in days. Fruit juice coats his hands and shirt, crumbs are everywhere, and smears of random food parts are all over his arms and face after each meal. Because napkins don’t exist. And my daugther uses her utensils, a napkin when she needs it. I don’t get it. Personality difference?

4. School-Time Messes – 

Now most of this is because the field he plays on during recess, lunch, and PE is dirt, but every single day my son comes home with a disgusting shirt covered in dirt, his lunch, and whatnot. And to top it off, the before-mentioned shoes are also filled with dirt and sand. My son wears a uniform and about halfway into the school year we’ve bleached and cleaned his white shirts so much that they won’t take anymore and are perminantly dingy with no help to bring them back to life. My daughter comes home with a little paint on the front of her or glitter in her hair. No where near the craziness that my son comes home with.

5. Playing Sports – 

Now my daughter doesn’t play sports yet – we’re still discussing signing her up for ice skating – but seeing my son on the soccer field and seeing his female teammates, I can definitely tell a difference in the mess that comes after the game is done. And these girls are not afraid to get down and dirty while stealing a ball or kicking a goal. Just like my daugther is when we practice at home. But when my son comes running off the field at the end of a game I know I’ll be using a pre-treatment for the grass and mud stains, and he wears a dark colored uniform and socks! The girls, however, keep the dirt on the field somehow.

Boys Are Dirty - Soccer Game defender

Do you have a messy kid at home?

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Boys Are Dirty - Soccer Game taking the ball

So, are boys messier? Or does it depend on the individual?

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Jumping In Mud Puddles: The Joys of Raising a Boy

This post brought to you by Biz Stain & Odor Eliminator. All opinions are 100% mine.

Jumping In Mud Puddles The Joy of Raising a Boy

Now my son is all boy. What does that mean? Well… from a very young age he’s enjoyed dirt, destruction, and danger. This kid is all over the place but always has a huge grin on his face.

With his sense of adventure comes a constant need to be outdoors exploring. Whether it be going on hikes, heading to the beach, or simply playing in the yard, my son is able to create a fun world around him wherever he goes.

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Take Care of Your #DirtyLaundry with Biz Stain Fighter

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The worst part about keeping up with the house are the piles and piles of laundry. With 4 people under one roof this pile up happens fast.

I’ve never been great at cleaning nor have I ever enjoyed cleaning. And laundry is probably the least enjoyable cleaning task I have to do. Sorting, reading labels, making sure stains are properly treated, using the right amount of detergent. All of these things just mean more work for me.

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How to Remove Stains From Cloth Diapers: Sunning Diapers

Did you know that the sunning diapers can actually work like bleach and get stains out? We share how below!

Did you know that the sun can actually work like bleach and get stains out? We had no clue! I had to try it out because I did not believe it. I mean, I understood how it could work because every summer I get great highlights just by going outdoors so there must be some truth to it.

So I had my husband set up a clothesline in the back yard. Oh, The clothesline isn’t for our clothes… it’s for the cloth diapers 🙂 Baby poo stains like no other. And when diapers are white there are a lot of stains. And then you dry them in the sun and they magically disappear!

Where does the stain go?

How to Remove Stains From Cloth Diapers

  1. Wash your cloth diapers like you normally would. 
  2. When still wet from the wash, take them out to your clothesline in direct sunlight and pin onto the clothesline. 
  3. Let dry completely in the sun and watch the stains fade away!
  4. If you still have some staining on your diapers, dampen a bit and let dry again. 
  5. Pop the diapers in the dryer for 2-5 minutes to soften them up a bit before putting away. 

This also works on white clothing that baby spits up on as well! Or if you have an antique gown or outfit you want to remove the yellowing from. Such magic! 

While this won’t work for all stains, it does work for the ones baby creates (until they start eating food and playing in the dirt). 

What great laundry tricks do you use? 

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