Learn the ABCs with this Free Alphabet Worksheet for Preschoolers + Printables

Free Alphabet Worksheet for Preschoolers

My daughter is obsessed with letters and spelling right now. She might only be two but she’s constantly asking me how to spell names of people, places, and things. So I figured I’d start going through the alphabet with her and to make it fun I’ve made this Alphabet Worksheet for Preschoolers that we can work through as she asks about different letters.

Today we started with the letter A.

Each week we’ll go through each of the letters and depending on her interest in each letter we’ll do a different activity. I’ve listed a few great ideas on how to use these worksheets below. You can also click on the image below to save and print your own worksheet!

A is for - Alphabet Activity click to download

How to Use Alphabet Worksheet for Preschoolers

2-3 year olds

  • Cut out pictures of words that start with the letter. Paste or tape on the worksheet.
  • Look for the letter in the words of your child’s favorite book and point them out.
  • Draw pictures of the items they think of if they cannot already do it themselves.

4-5 year olds

  • Go around the house and pick out different objects that begin with the letter. Help your child write the words of what you find on the space provided below the letter. For the first few times you should be pointing out the word to your child. Then as they learn you can have them start pointing out letters.
  • Have your child think of words themselves and draw a picture of the word (Ant, Alligator, Apple for A, etc).

alphabet worksheet for preschoolers cutting out pictures

Make a Weekly Lesson

By incorporating the whole worksheet, or a page of the worksheet, into your week you can try and make different moments of your week teachable moments. Heading to the store to pick up some groceries and you’re on the letter B? Have your child find the different items on your list that start with B.

Incorporating the alphabet into your weekly routine shouldn’t be hard or take any extra time away. Simply think of how the letters of the alphabet play into our daily lives and go from there. Usually your child will start suggesting what to do next!

Another great idea is to use a laminator and laminate each sheet so that you can use each letter over and over again as your child learns.

alphabet worksheet for preschoolers finished project

How do you work on the ABC’s with your child?

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  1. Great idea! I am trying my hand at homeschooling this year, and I think these will work with both my almost five and three year olds. 🙂

  2. I love free printables. Thanks for sharing this. We did something similar for Jasmine when she was learning her ABCs. We put together each sheet and made her an alphabet book.

  3. I love using printables! Great ideas and kids love using dry erase markers and now crayons so these will be perfect!

  4. TWO? Michael just turned two and has zero- nadda- no interest in anything past drawing! LOL

    I pinned this so when the day finally comes I will be prepared. 🙂

  5. These are great! My kids would love these.

  6. Love this idea because it is great for a variety of ages! I would have loved using these in my special ed classroom and my first grade classroom! I think my son would love sticking stickers on them!

    • Yes! That’s the other thing I forgot. Stickers. I had some out but we completely forgot about them when I asked my daughter if she wanted to cut out objects from magazines.

  7. Amber Edwards says

    That is a fantastic printable sheet. Perfect activity for any preschooler learning about the alphabet.

  8. I love the way we are able to educate our young kids today. I would have used this a few years ago!

  9. Great ideas for learning the alphabet! Very nice printable, too! Thank you!

  10. Such fun! I hope to be able to do at-home preschool w my kids someday.


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