Bubble Gum Valentine Printable – Perfect for Preschoolers!

bubble gum valentine printable

Over the years we’ve gotten a bit creative with our valentines and this year is no different. I let the kids decide what they want to pass out (within reason) and then we start creating. So when my daughter said she wanted to pass out bubble gum, I knew this bubble gum valentine printable would come in handy.

Last year we made some cutie valentines and car valentines so this year I wanted to stick with the no-candy theme. My son will be making his dinosaur themed valentines this weekend so stay tuned for those!

Everything I used for these valentines were found at Target. The foam hearts were on an end cap in the party supplies section and the gum was in the snack aisle. And? These took like 10 minutes to put together!

bubble gum valentine printable supplies

Bubble Gum Valentines

What you’ll need:

  • Foam Hearts (Target $4.99 – optional)
  • Orbit for Kids sugarless gum (or any stick gum)
  • Bubble Gum Valentine Printable
  • Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Glue Dots
  • Markers (for your child to sign their name)

What you do:

1. Print Bubble Gum Valentine Printable out on card stock. Let your child cut out the circles.

2. Using glue dots, have your child secure the circles onto the foam hearts (if you’re using them).

bubble gum valentine printable stick gum on with glue dot

3. Add a glue dot to the gum and adhere to the valentine right under the saying. If needed, cover up the “from” at the bottom.

bubble gum valentine printable sugarfree gum

4. Let your child write their name on the side of the gum (if a larger box) or right next to the “from” if using stick gum.

bubble gum valentine printable I chews you

5. Repeat with the rest until you have as many as you need!

bubble gum valentine printable assembled

My daughter is super excited to pass these out to her classmates at preschool on Valentine’s Day. Especially her friend Ryan. Shh…. don’t tell her I told you!

Since she wanted to give her friends gum I made sure to clear it with her teacher first before going ahead and making these. Definitely a great alternative to the sugary variety we try to avoid but I didn’t want to bring in something that wasn’t allowed.

Who is your valentine this year?

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  1. That is a really cute idea, I may make these for the Kindergarten class! Thanks!

  2. Such a cute and easy idea! My boys would love making them.

  3. How can another holiday be nearing already? Although Valentines Day is just a sweet little one, not so crazy.

  4. How cute – I know my boys would love to get bubble gum for Valentine’s day! I love how easy these were to make too – sometimes cute ideas take a lot of effort.

  5. That is such an adorable idea! I love Orbit gum, it’s so tasty.

  6. My sweet husband of course! This is such a cute idea. I seriously want and need to get crafty this year. I say I will every year and I don’t. I need to this year. Thanks for sharing. I pinned for later.

  7. I love this idea! I think its more fun and meaningful than the generic Vday cards kids normally send.


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