Candy Apple Dump Cake {Fall Recipe}

This candy apple dump cake is perfect for last-minute desserts that bake while you’re eating dinner or for potlucks with friends and family.

Candy Apple Dump Cake

One of my favorite fall pastimes to do before Halloween is apple picking with the family. Something about the cool crisp air, the delicious juicy apples right off the tree, and the smiles on my kids faces when they pick that first apple off.

But it doesn’t end at the orchard! Then you get to go home and bake yummy goodies with all the apples you managed not to eat on the drive back home.

When deciding what to bake with the apples we picked in Boston on our trip back a few years ago I knew I wanted to incorporate Halloween and the fun of the season. Since I had just recently stopped by Smart and Final for our Halloween candy stash I decided to incorporate the delicious Nestle goodies I picked up in this Candy Apple Dump Cake.

Candy Apple Dump Cake Nestle Candy

Once I got home it was time to start baking. Now, this candy apple dump cake is literally what the name alludes to. Chopped up candy, apples, cake, and butter all dumped into the pan, stirred up, and baked! So simple yet so delicious.

Since I purchased a few extra bags of candy to bake with I decided to chop up my favorite Nestle crunch bars and Nestle chocolate bars to add to the mix. The combo of the apples and chocolate reminded me of our favorite candy apples.

And the kids had a great time unwrapping the chocolate (one for you, one for me…).

Candy Apple Dump Cake ingredients

Candy Apple Dump Cake

  • 3 apples, 2 diced & 1 grated
  • 1 cup Nestle chocolate, diced (I used Nestle Crunch and Nestle chocolate bars)
  • 1 tablespoon pumpkin pie spice
  • 1 package cake mix
  • 1 stick (1/2 cup) butter, melted

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

Add apples and chocolate to a 9×9 pan. Sprinkle with pumpkin pie spice. Pour cake mix over apples. Drizzle melted butter over mixture.

Stir ingredients in the pan and smooth top.

Bake in the oven for 35-40 minutes or until top is golden brown and toothpick comes out clean.

Let cool 5-10 minutes before serving.

Candy Apple Dump Cake baked

Add a big scoop of vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of melted Nestle Crunch bar for an added bonus!

How easy is that? Perfect for last-minute desserts that bake while you’re eating dinner or for potlucks with friends and family. And you can make this with just about any fruit! So depending on the season, pick out your favorite fruit and enjoy.

Candy Apple Dump Cake close up

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  1. That looks and sounds delicious!

  2. My mouth is literally watering right now. That looks so amazingly good.

  3. Oh my goodness. Now I am a huge fan of pretty much any dump cake because I love how easy they are to make. But Candy Apple Dump Cake? YES please! This is so happening at my house ASAP!

  4. Oh my goodness, looks very yummy! And love that you can order in bulk if you need to… Thanks for the post

  5. Oh my goodness. That looks absolutely delicious! almost makes me wish I ate dairy, and chocolate!

  6. This looks amazing! I’m definitely going to pin this for later!

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  8. That looks so yummy. I could eat that whole thing by myself and not feel guilty. HA!

  9. Looks delicious. I pinned so I can try my hand at this later.

  10. Wow, that looks easy AND delicious! Definitely a perfect Fall dessert! Thanks for sharing, I’ll definitely have to try this! #client

  11. It looks so delicious! I have been craving apple goodness of fall so I will have to try this out 🙂

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  13. Oh my gosh, this looks AMAZING!!! My mouth is watering right now.. 🙂

  14. You had me at “dump cake.”
    🙂 Looks delicious.

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  18. Looks so yummy and really easy to make!

  19. THIS is something I can actually make! I love dump cake – and so many fantastic variations! Love that yours incorporates some fresh apples and some delicious chocolate – I will be trying this out and I may not even tell the kids I made it J/K!

  20. That looks really delicious! Love your recipes!

  21. Hello, Danielle, I liked your blog. Candy apple dump cake is looking very yummy. I had never tried it so I will definitely love to try this at my home. Thanks

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