Tips to Clear Out The Clutter with Close5

This post featuring tips to clear out the clutter is sponsored by Close5. All opinions are my own.

Tips to Clear Out The Clutter with Close5

If your house is anything like mine after the holidays then you’ll know why I’m at my wits end trying to get rid of the bomb that exploded Christmas day. While we didn’t go overboard for Christmas, the few things we did bring into the house are just enough to leave our house in a constant state of clutter.

So what’s a 36 week pregnant mom to do? Purge, purge, purge!! 

And with the help of a few tips I have, I’ve been able to do just that. Just in time to try and find out where we’re going to put all of this new baby stuff…

Tips to Clear Out The Clutter - sell items using Close5

Tips to Clear Out The Clutter

1. Come up with a game plan –

Whether you’re looking to downsize, or just find room for the stuff you already have, come up with a game plan and stick with it. Figure out what room to start with and what you’re looking to get rid of. For us, we always tackle the kids rooms first. We sort out the toys and clothes and find any that don’t fit or aren’t being played with. Then we move onto the larger items.

2. Sort into piles –

In each room we also sort items into three piles: give away, keep, and sell. This helps us to quickly bag up the giveaways and put them in the car before moving onto the next room. We then find places for the keeps and leave the sell pile where it is until we have everything in the house we want to sell all in one place.

Try and make a rule for what you’re willing to keep, giveaway, and sell. If we know that we want to keep something, that something has to have a place to go. It also has to have a use (or multiple). If it doesn’t fit in the room it’s in then it needs to fit in a clear plastic tub in the garage. And as I’m sure you’re well aware, garages fill up too! Make sure that item is worth it.

3. Sell!

I think this is one of my favorite things to do. And while it may seem weird, I do love how easy it is to do these days. With the help of my Close5 app (available in San Diego and San Jose) I’m able to quickly go through my sell pile and upload photos through the in-app camera of what I have to sell.

Since this app focuses on a 5 mile radius around where I live, I don’t deal with shipping and am more than likely going to be selling to a neighbor or friend in the area. Easy peasy!

Tips to Clear Out The Clutter - easy communication with Close5

With quick and easy messaging from buyer to seller with the in-app Chat feature, and the ability to comment on the items you’re interested, Close5 makes it easy to find the items you’re looking for (or looking to get out of your house). From home goods, fashion, and baby and kids items, there’s just about everything on this site.

You can sign up for the Close5 app on your mobile device. The app is available in the App store and through Google Play. Did I mention that it’s free? Yeah, so awesome!

Have you tackled the clutter in your house yet?

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  1. OOH nice app! And of course, LOVE that it is available in San Diego. I have a TON of stuff!

  2. Great! Thanks for sharing this! I’m also in SD!

  3. I haven’t, but after the holidays, it’s high time that I did … thanks for the reminder!

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