Baby Shower Gifts with Diapers: A Tutorial on How to Make Diaper Cupcakes

How to Make Diaper Cupcakes - a simple and easy tutorial for the perfect baby shower gift

Running a playgroup means that I know a lot of expecting mamas. Whether it’s their second, third, or fourth child, I always love to have a gift to give the expecting mama-to-be can use! Now usually I have a stock pile of handmade gifts ready to grab and go to include with something the mom has registered for to put a more personal touch on the gift.

With this pregnancy and the craziness of our lives lately I haven’t had a chance to make anything and my stockpile is dwindling. So I figured I’d do myself a favor and get started on an easy baby shower gift with diapers for one of my friends who’s expecting her third in November.

This diaper cupcake tutorial is not only easy but includes all of the essentials needed for a newborn… diapers, socks, and washcloths! Because once you get to the third child you need new socks and washcloths!

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How to Make Diaper Cupcakes - what you need

How to Make Diaper Cupcakes

What You’ll Need: 

What you do: 

How to Make Diaper Cupcakes - start with socks, diaper, and washcloth

1. Grab a pair of socks, a diaper, and a washcloth.

How to Make Diaper Cupcakes - roll sock

2. Roll the socks up from the toes to the heel.

How to Make Diaper Cupcakes - fold diaper in half lengthwiseHow to Make Diaper Cupcakes - wrap folded diaper around sock

3. Flatten the diaper and fold in half lengthwise. Wrap diaper over socks tightly.

How to Make Diaper Cupcakes - wrap with washcloth and cover with rubberband

4. Fold washcloth into thirds. Wrap washcloth over top of diaper and wrap with a rubber band on the bottom third of the cupcake.

How to Make Diaper Cupcakes - cupcakes in cake box

5. Place cupcake into a cupcake liner and put in cake box. Wrap cake box with festive ribbon and add a card for the recipient!

How to Make Diaper Cupcakes with Parent's Choice Diapers

Once you’re all done making these cute diaper cupcakes you can give the rest of the diapers to the expecting mama. I know how important it is to be well stocked on diapers when baby comes home!

What’s your favorite way to doctor up baby shower gifts?

This post was originally featured on September 8th, 2014.

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  1. You make this look SO easy and while I don’t think I have the patience to make them myself, I have friends that TOTALLY will. Going to pin it so they’ll all see this!

  2. This is so adorable. I’ve always wanted to make something like this but I could never figure out how. I have 2 baby showers this month and I’m totally making these!

  3. Those diaper cupcakes are absolutely precious! I need to remember this for any baby showers in my future. So sweet!

  4. You’re a genius. So so cute!

  5. So cute! What a neat idea for a baby shower!

  6. I like to have a stash of baby gifts too. Your cupcakes are adorable and would make any new mommy happy! Great job saving with Parent’s Choice diapers! #client

  7. What a cute idea! Every new mama needs diapers, wash cloths, and baby socks…lots of socks–the little tiny socks are even more difficult to keep track of than big people socks.

  8. This is so stinkin’ creative!

  9. What an adorable idea! Love this! Hope mine would turn out as cute as yours….but definitely something to try!

  10. Do you make and sell ?

  11. This is all kinds of cute!!

  12. Do you make them and sell them I’ve got 2 baby showers coming up please email me I would do it myself but have no use out of my left arm hand paralyzed from a strokeh

  13. Do you make and sell these I have 2 baby showers both girls please let me know how much if you do I’m paralyzed in my left arm/hand and can’t do neat things like this


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