Take Back Control of Your Living Room

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Take back control of your living room

Does your living room always look like the playroom spit up all over it? Step on legos whenever you turn the corner? No? Just me?

Living in a “lived in” home was always something that just came naturally to me but lately I’ve wanted to pull things together and actually create a presentable space to entertain when friends come over. And? I kinda want a living room that looks like adults live here too.

Sure the couch is a great place for the laundry to go while it’s waiting to get folded (so is my bed) but I want to walk into the door without staring at it and watching it taunt me.

laundry on the couch - take back your living room

By the way, if you take a photo of your piles of laundry on social media you may help your friend get a house cleaner. True story.

But, as I was saying, I want to move away from the constant mess, the disorganization, and I want to finally have a living room. A place that I feel proud of. So I’m taking advantage of Kmart’s Semi Annual Home Sale and finally figuring out just how I can do that.

With trends like ‘grey is the new beige’, ‘blue is in’ and ‘light wood finishes are back.’ Redecorating the home isn’t something I can do very often so I’m taking advantage of the awesome deals I can find at Kmart. And after watching this awesome video from Kmart, I’m starting to feel a bit better about my decision to take back my living room.

Because my living room looks like the one in the video (with the blanket fort) just about every night…

Kmart Semi Annual Home Sale

Now that spring is around the corner, it’s time for a change. Are you with me? At the Kmart Semi Annual Home Sale, I’ll be able to find major savings on decor and furniture for my bed, bath, kitchen, and more importantly my living room.

From bright colors to fresh finishes, I’ll save on everything I need to take my home from messy kid decor to stylish, grown up chic. And with the points I’ll earn on redecorating – Shop Your Way members Get $5 Back in Points on Every $30 spent in home – I’ll be able to redeem them on next season’s decorating trends (whatever they may be). Or I can tackle our master bath finally!

For more inspiration, follow Kmart on twitter at @Kmart.

What room are you tackling this spring?

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  1. My living room is the hub of our home not only is it the living room but it’s my home school and play area. Wish I had more room!

  2. I had to laugh when I saw this – my living room is always the least cluttered room in the house. My home office? Now that’s a different story!

  3. We finished our Master Bedroom last month and will begin working on my son’s room next month. I feel like our house is always a work in progress!

  4. I hate clutter but something I can get to everything!! I still need to unpack from my recent trip. lol

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