What Bugs You Out? Learning About Bugs

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Insects. Bugs. Creepy, crawly creatures. Some people fear them, but my son loves them.

We know that every creature has its place on the planet — whether they harm people or property, or help the environment thrive. So when my son started to get interested in the bugs around us I had no choice but to suck it up and start learning more about our small, multi legged neighbors.

The only problem is that sometimes I’m just too bugged out to want to help find specimens for him to study. And one arachnid in particular makes me jump.

Black Widow Spider display Boston Museum of ScienceWhat Bugs You Out?

Now my aversion to the black widow is no irrational fear. We have black widows right in our front and back yard and they’re a constant threat to us. They live in my children’s toys, my garden, and have even found their way under my dog’s bed.

After seeing what a black widow bite did to my friend’s husband’s leg I’m more than ready to make sure we lessen the problem we have at our home.

And after reading an article of the top 10 bug phobias I know I’m not alone in my fear.

Hunting Bugs with Cousins

Catching bugs with his cousin on vacation

Now that doesn’t mean completely getting rid of all of the insects in our yard. My son would be devastated if he couldn’t explore and search for worms, beetles, caterpillars, and most recently a Jerusalem cricket! And he has all the gear to do just that, catch, explore, release.

But due to my fear of black widows I’ve been able to teach him to have respect for the bugs and critters he finds. He knows to tell the difference between the harmless spiders we love in our garden (who eat all those pesky insects eating our veggies!) and the poisonous variety.

Plus he’s also learned to love the bees that come and help our garden grow. And having a kid who doesn’t start swatting when a bee lands on him, even when he’s been stung before, is very reassuring. Well… to me at least! We love our bee friends.

bees resized

Do you have a little bug explorer at home too? The Orkin Ecologist site is a fantastic educational resource for both novice and experienced science lovers. It’s definitely a site we head to look up any bugs my son finds but can’t identify.

You can also find the Orkin Ecologist on Facebook and follow their Pinterest boards here.

Do you have a scary #BugOut moment?

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  1. My oldest? Terrified. Middle? Pretty sure she’ll do something with bugs or animals. She has no fear. I’m in the middle somewhere!

  2. I like bugs when they are OUTSIDE!!! NOT in my house!! that is no fun at all

  3. That first picture of the spider seriously made me hold my breath! I hate spiders! I do have a rule however. If they are in my house, I can kill them. It is my living space, not theirs. If they are outside, they can live because it’s their living space. I actually have two daddy long leg spiders that live up in the corner by my front door. The kids laugh because we say they’re our outdoor pets, but so long as they stay outside, they can stay!

  4. I actually have goosebumps just reading this post. When I was a kid nothing scared me – bugs, snakes, mice, whatever. Now… not so much! My #bugout moment was more of a #beeout moment – I stepped in an in-ground nest and ended up getting stung dozens of times on my face, stomach and arms. I was so freaked out!

  5. I can stand bugs and luckily my toddler isn’t into them yet. But like most kids, I’m sure she will be in a couple of years! I’m cringing at the thought! lol!

  6. no scary but moments, just petrified of roaches! We learned all about bugs last year in our homeschooling Science lessons.

  7. I don’t get scared of too much, but I don’t like spiders. Yuck.

  8. When I had my windows replaced at my house in South Carolina we uncovered a nest of black widows. Good times.

    • Gah! My friend’s husband was recently bit twice by a black widow (or two?) and the photos of the wounds alone made me cringe. Not to mention the agonizing pain he was left with.

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